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Music Monday Pick 3/19/12

This is my Music Monday Pick:

This is one of my favorite songs by Gavin DeGraw. The first time I heard it, I just fell in love with it. I hope you like it.


Why I watch the TV Show Chuck

Don?t worry I?m not going to do massive spoilers. I can?t do that to my friends on the West Coast or in Australia who haven?t seen it yet. Normally I don?t really blog about TV shows. I just say this is what I?m watching and leave it at that. But this time I wanted to do something. I know people have been wondering why Chuck and not say Law and Order or Heroes? Honestly I don?t know. What I do know is that I?m grateful to NBC for keeping the show alive (Pleeeaaassse give us a whole 22 episodes season, pleeeeaaassseee).

To be honest I didn’t watch in the beginning. Too many freakin shows on at the same for me to watch. But I became curious after reading my friend Chris/Crystal Green’s Chuck recaps (her show recaps rock!) on her blog. Then I saw one episode and was hooked. I had to see them all.?Chuck isn?t a show that many will get. It?s not as complicated as Lost or as flashy as 24. It didn?t get lost in its mythos like Heroes did. At the core of the show, at it?s heart, the show is about Chuck and those that Chuck loves. His family. He may not be an uber spy like Bryce Larkin (Dear God, Matt Boomer is gorgeous) nor is he as suave as James Bond. He does bumble and fumble but he means well. In his heart of hearts he is a good guy, a sweet guy. He may not be your first choice but he is the guy who will go over to your house with your fav ice cream and a playlist of all your favorite songs if you?ve had a hell of a day. He?s the guy who will be there for you no matter what.
Chuck is the type of guy who will do the right thing no matter how much it hurts him. He?s the guy who will sacrifice it all for those that he loves even if it means risking his life. He is all about family: Ellie, Awesome, Morgan, Sarah and Casey. Yes, even Big Mike and, um, well, Jeff and Lester. Yeah them too. And that?s what we love about him. He?s loyal to a fault, good hearted, well meaning and a sweetheart. And yeah he?ll dress up for Comic Con and drag you along but you?ll have a hell of time there. He?s a dork but he can laugh at himself and he can fix your computer, pretty snazzy, I know! LOL.

Chuck is neither hip nor the hot, happening, it show of the moment. It just is. Season 3 had its ups and downs and there were gripes but this finale shows us yet again why we love the show, the writers and actors. There was action, humor, moments that made our hearts melt and there was a pay off (those wicked, infuriating, clever, wonderful writers). Looking back I feel as if over the seasons it?s been a natural progression, very organic, never hurried. The writers took their time. Nothing felt crammed in or over the top to me. There didn?t seem to be a need to outdo last week. Although for a moment there, some episodes made me wonder if I was watching a season finale and they didn?t tell us. LOL.

I for one think 3 months or however long we?ll have to wait for the new season is too long. But it?s worth the wait. This TV show Chuck is a keeper. And I can?t wait to see where they take us. To me the finale didn?t feel like an ending, it felt like just the beginning of a new chapter. Sorta like Supernatural, a reboot of sorts. Okay enough of my blathering. I return you now to your regularly scheduled program whatever that may be.
I?m blogging at TRS Blue today. Stop by, leave a comment and be entered to win 5 Changeling Credits. Good luck! (Warning Adult Content)

Oh and watch White Collar on USA Network (or whatever channel it airs on where you are). How can you resist those gorgeous blue eyes of Matt Boomer’s? Seriously, he?s just gorgeous. I said that already didn?t I? Am I drooling? Sorry. *blush*


It’s Okay….

One of the biggest problems I have is being too stubborn sometimes. To not admit defeat and keep trying even when I know there is no solution. When I?m sick I push, trying to write even if I feel like crap because I feel guilty for needing the rest and wanting to get the word count up regardless of how I feel. I don?t tell myself it?s okay to stop and rest. I don?t give myself permission to relax and rest or even take a break. Pushing past your limits can be exhilarating, you feel like you?ve beat something, accomplished something but if the price is your health it?s not good, not at all. Sometimes we do have to stop and give ourselves permission to say, ?Okay, time to rest. You won?t do anyone any good if you keep pushing yourself.?

I tend to do this when I feel myself in the middle of the down episode. I?ll try to ignore the signs/triggers to push past it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn?t. But in the end it doesn?t help because I need the downtime, even if I hate it. A break, a bit or rest, even taking an hour to play for a bit helps. The same can be said about the way I sometimes approach things. I take on too much, don?t depend on anyone and then have myself to blame when things blow up. It?s okay to lean on your friends. If they leave you because you needed them, they weren?t your friends. But if they want to help let them. It?s okay to put down the burden for a bit and not be strong. It?s okay to take a rest and it?s okay lean on someone else for a change let someone else take care of you.

It?s a hard lesson, one we forget. It?s okay to not be Atlas all the time, our health depends on it. It?s also okay to be scared and it?s okay to change, to grow. I?ve been reading this book called Dance of Anger by Harriet Lerner and it?s been very enlightening to say the least. I?ve been examining my own actions and interactions, understanding myself. With those examinations, pokes and prods comes some harsh truths but in the end I?ve learned to accept it, take what I know and grow from it. The one lesson I?ve learned, is, and say it with me, it?s okay. LOL

I finished HH3. I just sent it off to be read and looked over before I send it in officially. I managed to get it up to 34k+ in word count. Now I?ve got one spin off series I?m contemplating, one story set in a sci-fi world that I?d love to write and a new series that began to form when I started writing Van?s story. Van is from Sex and Chocolate: Chocolate Bliss. The writer’s block is over. It feels good writing again. *Big Grin*

That Essential Romantic Story

One of my favorite movies is The Princess Bride. I could sit there and watch it ten times in a row and never tire of it. It has everything I could ever want romance, action, adventure, comedy all rolled into one. To me it is the perfect comfort or date movie. Plus, Cary Elwes (Wesley) my first ever movie star crush is in it. Just adored him and who wouldn’t want a hero like Weslely? I know I would, loyal to a fault and when he came back to Buttercup (Robin Wright) there was some bad ass mixed in there. *Grin*

So my question is what is your Essential Romantic story? What is that one book, movie or song that to you just screams ROMANCE!

NaNoWriMo update:

I managed to do 17k this week. *Big Grin* Just a little bit more and I can make the 50k goal I aimed for.

The song that’s currently driving me at the moment:

I’m planning on a week of Guest Blogs about television shows that some of my fabu author friends are addicted to. Look for posts about Chuck, Supernatural, Sanctuary and many more.

I’ll also be?announcing?some new contract news soon. Hopefully sometime this week.

Okay, laters guys. I’m off the treat myself for getting 5k in wordage done by reading some yummy ebooks.


NaNo is Stealing My Brain Cells

Hi Everyone!

So far my version of NaNo (National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo or NaNo for short, which takes place in November) ?has been going well. I’ve managed to write over 20,000 words in almost two weeks. A huge improvement over the last few months where I struggled to get at least 5,000 words in a week. Things really got a kick in the butt when the fabu Cat Marsters posted this video on the Changeling Loop during my Chat corner yesterday:

Now I can’t stop playing it. Thanks Cat. 😆

A few updates:

Lonely No More is now available at:

As is Dravian’s Seer:

As well as When You Wish Upon a Pixie:

Even though AAD is several months away I’m thinking about what I’d like to give away as well as what I’d like to do as promo.

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

If it’s other, please let me know in the comments section what you’d like to see as promo.

Okay, back to writing. Later guys.


Blogging, New Release and Stuff!

Hi Everyone!

This will be a three part blog. First part will be about my new release Snowfire: Party Favors and other books. The second will be about Comic Con and kicking myself and the third part will be asking for opinions and stuff. Ready? Okay, here we go.


Snowfire: Party Favors

Nevada has been working so hard she?s exhausted. Lucian is determined to get her to rest — even if he has to kidnap her and tie her to the bed to do it.
*Author Note: This book contains characters from the Vampiropolis World*
Buy Link:

Snowfire: Party Favors
Selena Illyria
All rights reserved.
Copyright ?2009 Selena Illyria

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.
?Luc, stop, I can?t get up yet. I?m exhausted.? Nevada scrunched up into a ball and reached out blindly for the covers. ?Luc!?

?Rise and shine, oraia, it?s time to get up. You only have two hours to prepare for the party. Come on, get up,? Lucian Sandros urged.

?Luc, I?m tired. My feet hurt. I can?t possibly attend the party. I?m sorry, I just can?t.? She pulled a pillow over her head hoping he would take that as a sign to leave her alone. It didn?t work. He grabbed an ankle and pulled her down the length of the bed. She squeaked and sat up, reaching down to bat at his hands. ?Luc, let go.?

He didn?t stop until her butt hit the end of the mattress. He raised her leg in the air, sliding his hands up over her calf until he was holding her foot. Slowly, he began to move his thumb over the sole, using just the right amount of pressure, neither too hard nor too soft. She moaned as the aches of the day began to melt away under his touch. He didn?t stop there. His hands moved down her leg, massaging her aching muscles.

Heat slowly began to build up through her body. She relaxed and let him attend to her.

?How about this? I tell my mom you?re not feeling well. The Gazette has been working you pretty hard lately. I?m sure she?ll understand. Then you and I go somewhere, anywhere, just the two us, to relax. We haven?t done that in awhile. What do you think??

?Can?t, one of the reporters is sick. They need me to fill in and cover the Winter Festival, Valentine?s Day ball over at the mayor?s mansion, and judge the Magickal Communities? Snowstorm in a Bottle competition.? Lucian growled in frustration and she felt bad. ?I know, I know, I should have said no, but we?re all working overtime at the paper. It?s chaos, and I can?t just leave them.?

?Nevada, you?re working yourself into the ground. I don?t want to see you get sick — or worse — because of this. I?ve tried to bite my tongue but no more. This is the third time you?ve fallen asleep at dinner. The third time. Don?t get me started on how you can barely make it to bed some nights, and others you don?t come home at all. I can?t stand by while you work yourself to death. I refuse to. You?re taking a break and your boss can kiss my ass,? Lucian growled.

*Author Note: I mention characters from the first three books in the Vampiropolis series. If you want to be caught up, please read the books. You can find them here:*

I really loved writing this book. At first this book started off as a Christmas story then it changed to a New Year story and then it became a Valentine’s Day story. I have to say I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day or Singles Awareness Day as I’ve come to call it but as you can see from my latest releases, I’ve written three books with V-Day themes.

Blood Claim: Prelude also started off as a Christmas story and then changed to a Valentine’s Day story. I was too late for Christmas so V-Day it is. *Grin*

As for Catering to Hayley that was supposed to be a V-Day story. LOL. Of course I’d also planned on doing 5k instead it turned into a 6k story. LOL

Here’s hoping the 7th incarnation of White Russian will behave. So far I’m off to good start.


Comic Con (Finally right?)

Lessons I learned at Comic Con: Plan, plan, plan, otherwise you’re standing there overwhelmed by everything.

Two: Wear comfortable shoes otherwise you’ll land on your ass (or knee in this case) after wearing 3 1/2 inch platform boots for two days straight going on your third. My poor feet and knee. I got a cool rip in my jeans though, at the knee. LOL. So, I’m a bit fashionable, now. LMAO!

Three: Bring a HUGE bag, Free stuff + Plastic goodie bags= rippage and the possibility of your stuff spilling. Luckily mine didn’t rip until I got home.

Four: Don’t go for one day, Comic Con should be experienced for the whole three days. I missed so much! *sob*

Five: My mind went blank, so there really isn’t a five.

I missed the Torchwood panel on Saturday and the Dollhouse premiere, I had to leave early, so by the time I was on my way home it was time for the panel. *sob* I also missed the Chuck panel *sob* and the Amelia Atwater Rhodes signing on Saturday I think and the Svetlana Chmakova along with Melissa DeJesus (I had my copy of Sokora Refugees 2 and a Sharpie all ready).

After getting through a lovely fast moving line to check in we had to head down and then walk across a massive room to head up into the Con. I know it makes no frakking sense cause if you walked just a few feet to the right, there was the Con. All you had to do was walk a little ways over. It made no sense unless the just wanted to herd people into a massive room to give them goodie bags. I still want the big red one I kept seeing. Argh. It was huge and would have held all the freebies perfectly.

Anyway, as I was walking through what I will now call the mile walk (think of the maze line in the bank only with metal poles as dividers and big ass room), I mentioned to my friend that was with me that I wished Flash (aka fabu write Stephanie Burke) had been there. I saw so many cutie kids dressed up and Cosplayers, I couldn’t help but think of Flash. Her costumes are amazing!

Flash's Faery Costume

Once on the floor it was overload city. Soooo much to see. You started out into Video Game heaven and then moved onto books, Comics, Graphic Novels and Manga! Squeeeeee!



50% Off! I’m kicking myself. I could have gotten a copy of Watchmen which I have yet to read for 50%. Argh! We did get loads of freebies which I will be giving away. When I’m not sure.

I spotted the Sherrilyn Kenyon booth and we made a beeline for it. Such nice people! The person who was tearing out the new posters of the poster book told us to take as many freebie as we wanted. Enabler! I would have taken the whole poster book with me if I could but I didn’t I behaved and grabbed a few posters. And some pictures include one of the big ass Sherrilyn Kenyon banner in the lobby/rest area.


(Part of the booth)


(Banner above the booth)



(Banner in the rest area/lobby, I had to do it in two parts because it was so long and I didn’t have enough room to back up in to get the whole thing.)

This is the view from across the lobby.


Now among the comic book stalls, artist areas and other things were little pockets of venders who sold amazing things. I saw a cute kilt booth with the cutest mini leather kilt (I want it!) and then I saw another booth of handmade leather goods. OMG! Amazing. I asked for a business card but the woman who stood out the booth had run out. Here’s an example of the work.


I saw some great cuffs, purses, bags, etc. I’m wondering how much it would cost to have fingerless black leather gloves made with corset style lace up on the back. (Did that make sense to you? Me neither, I can picture it though. LOL). I’m crossing my fingers that the woman contacts me with a website.

One of the things about the Con was that there are so many people. We, my friend and I were looking for Stella Price and Bianca D’Arc, needle in a haystack. We were supposed to meet them but I think we were too late. I’m hoping they’ll be willing to go in Oct. *fingers crossed* I want to go in Oct along with Anime Fest in Sept. I think Flash said she’d be going to Comic Con in Oct or Anime Fest in Sept. Either way I want to got.

Anyway, those are my craptastic piccies. LOL. Sorry so few. It was a juggle. I had my bags with me. After the Con I immediately leaving to go back to Jersey. Better to have them all with me then make the trek back to get them. My feet were already killing me and I was tired. Next time I’ll try and get more.

I’ll be putting together a list of the freebies I’m going to be giving away. It will be a Scavenger Hunt of sorts. I’ll also take a piccie of my badge and post it.

On a personal note. I’m? hoping to get my first tattoo done. I know what I want too. Just gotta get it all designed. *Big Grin*


So I was talking to my friend Chris/Crystal Marie Green. How Heroes hasn’t been the greatest as of late. There has been some focuse and as far as I can see the only thing worth watching on the show is Sylar and his new sidekick. Does this mean Heroes is doomed? Should it be canceld and come back in a simplier format with less actors? The show has potential, always did but now I’m not even sure Bryan Fuller can steer this ship back on course.

Mondays use to be about Heroes. Now it’s a Chuck lovefest. Don’t get me wrong. Chuck is not some horrible alternative to Heroes in fact its an absolute gem. It’s like one of those chocolate liquer candies. Bittersweet chocolate with a liquer center. You bit into it and get this lovely smooth, lucious chocolate and the warmth and surprise of liquer. You feel so happy, you laugh and then there are the bittersweet moment, but you still love it.? I highly recommend getting Chuck the 1st season and watching it and then getting Chuck the 2nd season when it comes it. You won’t be disappointed.

As far as Heroes is concerned, I’m honestly just watching out a boredom. That is bad. The show itself could solve so many problem Lost style (the first season where you never knew who was going to die on the island). I know I can hear you groaning but it’s the only way. The show is too cast heavy. There doesn’t seem to be a backburner anywhere in sight and some characters serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever. I could bitch and grip and tell you what I think, but I’d love to hear what you think about Heroes and the conundrum that is. What do you think should be done? Should the show be cancelled? Should it pull a 24 and be off air for a year? What?

Also, would you love a column with guest authors who talk about their stories and give you a recipe to boot? I’m thinking of starting one. What do you think?

Okay, I’m running out of steam. I’ll be updating my website later but most of my energy is ebbing away. Laters.


P.S. With His Mind comes out tomorrow at Changeling Press! Don’t forget to use the Coupon Code PRESENTS09 at Changeling Press to get 5% off your order. Hugs.