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Six Ways to Bring Back the Spice


After awhile it becomes kind of hard to keep your sex life interesting. It doesn’t matter that you can still get your feet behind your head or that you can support yourself while hanging upside down, eventually it will feel like you and your partner have hit a wall. The sex rut sinks in and you’re suddenly bored. It’s just the natural progression of most relationships. It doesn’t mean you love each other less, that you don’t enjoy having sex with your partner anymore or that your sex life is doomed. It just means it’s time to take action and get your sex life back on track. Try one of these (or all of them) six tips to bring the spice back and watch as your sex life goes from dull to exciting again.

1. Visit a Strip Club Together, then Reenact It.

If you’re both confident enough, try visiting a local strip club in your area together. It can be a major turn on to watch others shed their clothes. Surprise your partner and get them a lap dance, then just sit back and enjoy. There’s something hot about the idea of someone else showering your partner with attention when you know it won’t lead anywhere. Head home afterwards and give them their own personal strip show and lap dance. Let go of your inhibitions and just have fun.

iStock_000006954328XSmall2. Get Reacquainted with Each Other’s Fantasies:

Sure, maybe you guys shared fantasies awhile ago, but they constantly change and evolve. Touch base with each other on what they think and fantasize about. Then pick a few to try out. Dedicate one to each day of the week. You may find that you’re into their fantasy, too, or discover that you’re into things like role playing or bondage. This will be exciting for the one who’s having their fantasy acted out and bring the two of you closer together.

3. Have Phone Sex:

You don’t have to live apart or travel a lot to engage in phone sex. You just need separate rooms. Take your cell phones and put as much of your house in between the two of you. Then dial them and start telling them what you want to do to them. Read a few pages of your favorite erotic romance novel to them if you need a little inspiration or are a little apprehensive about talking dirty. Do not hang up or give up until both of you are dying to get your hands on one another.

4. Incorporate New Toys:

Over the years, I’m sure you have tried using a vibrator or cock ring together, but have you ever used a sex swing or sex furniture? Throw out your preconceived notions of toys and head out together to your nearest sex toy store or visit your favorite online retailer like Adam & Eve. Find something that you both haven’t used before and are excited to incorporate. It could be something as small as a blindfold and whip or as extensive as the sex swing.

5. Bring Back the Quickies:

Quickies seem to be one of those things that happen far more often in the beginning of the relationship. That insatiable, “I need you now” feeling takes over and you don’t care where you are or what you need to be doing. Bring back that rushed sense of excitement by dabbling in a quickie here and there, whether you’re in the bathroom at a party, in kitchen before the kids come home, or on your lunchbreak. Get it going by sending a few sexy texts to your partner so that you’re both primed for the situation and won’t require a lot of foreplay to get going.

6. Take a Tantric Sex Class:

Tantric sex is a really great way to explore every realm of your sexual pleasure. It’s all about the connection, pleasure and breath that’s involved in sex. It can make you feel closer to one another, help you discover new ways to get your partner off and even lengthen your love making sessions. Look for local classes or begin reading about it online.