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The Rights to the Vampiropolis books have been returned to me and will be revised and re-released later on.


Thank you for your support!




Happy October!

Several things happening right now. First up my new release:











Halloween Heat II
An Anthology of Erotic Paranormal Ménage

Three stories of blazing paranormal ménage. Hot dragons, sexy wolf shifters, and scorching threesomes to make an unforgettable Halloween night.

“Master Me” by Rachel Firasek
“Dragons at Samhain” by Selena Illyria
“Witchvine Seduction” by Dawn Montgomery

For now it’s only available at ARe, but will be available at other eStores by Monday, Tuesday at the latest. 🙂

My contribution to the antho is a story that takes place in the Dragon New Year world. It’s an offshoot of Dragon Ugly, as the fulfillment of a fantasy mentioned in that story. I’m really honored to be part of such a sexy antho and I get to be in it with my bestie Dawn Montgomery! How cool is that?

I’ve turned in copy edits on Seven Sins Inn: Pietro & Callisto and I’ll let you know when we’re ready to rock and roll on that story. I’m working on edits for Dragon Ugly right now and will let you know more when more info is ready. Also, I finished my second book in the Draven’s Crossing world that will finish off the serial killer storyline. I’m so sorry it took so long. Right now it’s in pre-edits with Cynnara Tregarth before I sub it officially to Purple Sworld. The story is darker than what I usually write and it took on an interesting dimension. I need time to really think things out, a break from the darkness. This story’s relationship revolves around Torger (werewolf Chief of Police) and Isadora Jones (DC News Reporter).

I’m also working on the first story for the Bachelor Auction series and plotting out a new series with some of my author friends, more mischief and mayhem and steaminess I assure.

As to the Offerings group, I’m putting together a Gluten Free, Healthy Recipe and of course Dessert exchange. Interested, let me know in the comments.

I also want to let you know that I’ve taken back my rights on the story Last Call: Chocolate Shock, which for now, will be known as Chocolate Shock. I’m trying to decide whether to slot it into my Shadow Bay world or my Seven Sins World, it’d work for each setting. I do plan on expanding the series to include more on Eros, how the fairies became his servants and more on Garrison and his brother.

So I have lots on my plate including finishing a shifter kitty story that could spawn a new series. All right, that’s all the news fit to print.


Another Small Update

Another small update. I’ve requested and received the rights back to my books Hades Helmet Crew: Carnevale and Mating Fever. The latter book was part of the charity antho Firestorm. I’ll be looking over Mating Fever and deciding if I want to lengthen it or re-releasing it as is.

Please bear with me during this process and thank you for all your support. More news to come.

Also, I’ve just signed a contract with Etopia Press for a Halloween Quickie set in the Dragon New Year World. The story is called Dragons at Samhain. I’m so excited.



Small Update

Here I am again with another update. I’ve requested and been granted my Rights back for Hades Helmet Crew 1: At Drogan’s Command and for Dawg Town: Homecoming.

Also, the wonderful Dawn Montgomery, has agreed to do a workshop on the Offerings Loop for How to Use Scrivner for World Building.

Until next time!


A Small Update

First I’m almost done with Dragon Ugly which is about to hit the 60k mark. Now for another update, I’ve requested and been granted the rights back to my book Family Heirlooms: With His Mind. I plan on expanding and deepening the book. I’ll have more updates for you next month. Thank you for your patience as well as your support of that book. 🙂