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Ai Press Week: Fallon’s Jewel by Sedonia Guillone

Fallon’s Jewel

M/M; Sci-fi; Adventure
Length: Novel
Release Date: May 29, 2010
ISBN13: 978-1453602454
Price ebook: 5.49
Trade paperback: 8.49

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Kenji doesn’t know who he is or where he came from, only that he woke up one day, naked and alone on Terran A, possessing nothing in the world but a golden statue. All he knows is his survival, serving drink to roughnecks in Spike’s bar for a living. The one bright spot in his life is Jake Fallon, a cop with Interstellar Patrol. Though Fallon is only another customer, Kenji senses something different about him, something that inspires Kenji to trust Fallon with his body and his life. When Kenji is attacked and pursued by a vicious bounty hunter one night, Fallon also becomes his only hope.

Fallon’s passion for Kenji mixes with his desire to rescue the beautiful man from danger. He’s already more than half in love with Kenji and falling deeper as the bounty hunter’s pursuit takes them from galaxy to galaxy. For the first time since his first partner was killed, Fallon dares to surrender his heart again. However, as their race for survival uncovers Kenji’s true origins, Fallon may have to let Kenji go in order for Kenji to fulfill the very purpose of his existence…

A gust of cooler air breezed through, pulling Kenji from a fantasy. He looked in the direction of the door, which had just opened, closing in the wake of yet another brawny patron.

Kenji’s heart beat a little harder.

The man—a stranger to him–checked his weapon.

Tall. Broad shoulders. Muscular chest straining against a white T-shirt. Dark, close-cropped hair, nice sideburns.

This one was different. Kenji’s mouth went dry.

This one was hot.

By his clean-cut appearance Kenji guessed he was a cop. That was nothing unusual in this place. But there was something about the way he moved—deliberate—smooth, relaxed yet tightly wound, like he could spring in a second, that kept Kenji’s attention riveted.
At that second, the guy looked up. His eyes made a brief yet slow survey of the crowded room.

And then they landed on Kenji.
Kenji couldn’t tell what color they were from this distance, but he could feel them. They seemed to burn down into his very soul. They seemed to know who he was even when Kenji himself didn’t know.

Everything in the roomful of rowdy tattooed, leather-clad space junkies, space cowboys and bounty hunters receded. He was more captured than he was during one of his visions.

And then he began to walk toward Kenji, his eyes never leaving Kenji’s, his brawny torso flexing with each step.

Was it a few seconds or minutes before the guy stood before him, so close to his barstool that Kenji could see the dark stubble covering the strong line of his chin and jaw? So close that he caught a whiff of something spicy? Cologne that made Kenji’s groin tingle.

The man pointed to the empty stool. “Is this seat taken?” He had a nice smile and incredible eyes, the color of the blue through which Kenji was falling in his recurring vision. Yet in those eyes was a touch of sadness the grin didn’t dispel.

Kenji blinked. The stool next to him had been vacated within the last few seconds by the hustler sitting there. He must have gotten a hit and taken his customer to the back rooms. “I was saving it for you,” he heard himself say. And froze. What had possessed him? He’d never spoken like that to anyone.

A throaty chuckle. “That so “Well, this is my lucky night, isn’t it?” He seated himself and held out a hand. “Jake Fallon, Intergalactic Space Patrol.”
So he was a cop. Kenji accepted the offer of handshake. Warm. Strong. Nice. “Kenji.”

“Pleased to meet you, Kenji,” Jake Fallon said. “What are you drinking?”

Nice accent too. From England. On Earth. A bunch of the guys who came here were from England. Though they had a variety of accents, Kenji had heard this one before with its lightly rolled “r’s.”

“Just fizzy water,” he answered finally. He raised his glass, now wishing he’d gotten something stronger. Fizzy water was so…not cool. “It’s not…loaded.”

Jake Fallon looked at him a moment. A tiny grin flashed across his nicely curved lips. “I see. Well, I’ll have that too then.” He signaled the bartender, causing the muscles in his back to strain against his T-shirt. Dan came and took his order, leaving Fallon free to turn back to him.
Kenji swallowed hard and stared down into the clear, bubbling water in his glass. His heart pounded and he wiped his palms off on his pants. “I’ve…never seen you here before,” he said. And almost slapped his forehead. How lame was that?

Sadness flitted through the other man’s blue eyes. “I haven’t been here in a long time.” He sighed just as Dan placed his order in front of him. Fallon lifted his glass, his sad look replaced with a grin. “As we say back in Manchester, cheers,” he said, and clinked it against Kenji’s glass.
Kenji watched Fallon take a drink, his head tilted back enough that Kenji could watch the muscles in his throat work as he swallowed. Shifting on his barstool, he hoped the other man couldn’t see the tightening in his cock, which started to push against his trousers. “You’re from Manchester?”

“Yeah, originally. But I’ve been flying through space for so long now I feel more alien than anything else.” He chuckled. “What about you?”

Kenji stiffened. Good question. Where was he from? He shrugged. “Around here.”
Fallon paused. Then a look slipped into his face, something that said, I understand, you can’t tell me. Lots of fugitives stalked the Terran outposts, secretive about their origins. They provided much lucrative fodder for the bounty hunters who’d proliferated with humankind’s reach into space. “No worries, Kenji. It doesn’t matter.”

Kenji remained silent and filled the moment with sipping his drink.

“In answer to your comment about not having seen me here before,” Fallon said, “I lost my partner a couple of years ago. A fire at ISP headquarters. This was a place we used to come on our nights off when we were in this sector.” He sighed and took another large sip. “I figured it’s about time to be getting on with things.”

That must be the sadness he’d seen in Fallon’s eyes. Whoever the dead man was, Fallon must have really loved him to have stayed away for so long. His fingers tightened on his own glass.
“I’m sorry,” he said finally.

Fallon nodded. “Thanks, Kenji.” He sipped his drink, eyeing Kenji with a thoughtful expression. “May I ask you a personal question?”

Kenji’s heart thumped, but he shrugged, trying to appear casual. He didn’t know what else to do in his first real conversation with someone he was attracted to. “Sure.”

The other man tilted his head. “You seem…different from the usual patrons here. You’re more, um, refined. Are you…” he gestured toward one of the hustlers on the other side of the bar, a guy named Pieter.

Kenji blinked. “You mean a…hustler?”

Fallon grimaced. “Sorry. That was rude of me. I’m so out of practice.”

He smiled. No insult there. The hustlers were more refined looking for the most part. It was the contrast between them and their roughneck clients that got them paid. “No. I’m a bartender here. For the last few months.” He glanced down into his drink before continuing. “I usually leave after my shift, but I tonight I…was in the mood to hang around.”

Fallon leaned a bit closer, bringing that great scent with him. The energy of his maleness so close sent shivers through Kenji’s body, all the way to his toes. “I’m glad you waited, Kenji. I wouldn’t have met you, had you left.”

Kenji looked up. Again, Fallon was so close, their lips were mere inches away. Kenji caught himself tilting in closer.

“Jake Fallon, hey!”

Kenji jerked away. Bud had returned from the back room and now stood right behind Fallon, thumping him on the back in a rough greeting.

“Hi, Bud. Long time.” Fallon swiveled on his stool and offered the other man his hand.

Bud pumped Fallon’s hand and gripped his shoulder with his other hand. “Good to see you, man! Where ya been?” Before Fallon could answer, Bud turned a bemused look to Kenji then back. “You lucky fuckin’ dog, Fallon! Kenji here doesn’t let anyone within three feet of his fine little body.” He winked in Kenji’s direction. “I should know. I been trying to get him into bed ever since he showed up in this place. He resists me like the plague.”

Kenji frowned at him, his cheeks burning. “Behave, Bud.”

Bud grinned. “No hard feelings, Kenji. I know you been waiting for the right guy to come along.” He winked at Fallon. “He doesn’t come out and say that. It’s just obvious.” With a final shake of his head, he added, “You are in for a treat. Mm…mmm.”

How humiliating. Unbearably so. What would Fallon think of him now? He didn’t want to know. Best to get away. With a quick glance at Fallon, he mumbled, “Well, I gotta go.”

Without giving Fallon a chance to react, Kenji slid off the barstool and started to jostle his way through the press of smelly male bodies. But before he got more than two steps away, a large hand closed gently on his shoulder, ushering him around to press lightly up against Fallon’s broad front.

The corner of Fallon’s lips turned up in a sexy way. “Slow down, laddie.” His blue eyes searched Kenji’s, as if trying to read his thoughts. “What is it? What Bud said?” His large hand squeezed his shoulder. “The guy is a bit of a wanker but he means well.”

Kenji swallowed, finding it hard to speak for a second. He shook his head, trying to convey his agreement.

“Hey, don’t be embarrassed. I can’t think of any bloke who’d want to take him to bed.”
Kenji had to chuckle and Fallon’s answering grin made the remaining tension in Kenji’s body relax.
The next second Fallon’s grin evaporated and his eyes took on a serious look. “But, uh, if there’s any truth in what Bud said, then I’m flattered.” He squeezed Kenji’s shoulder again, the touch like a warm brand passing right through his thin white shirt and onto his skin.

Kenji’s good eyelid fluttered a bit as heat invaded his body.

Fallon’s hand moved from Kenji’s shoulder to his chin, chucking it. “So, do you like me enough to get out of here together?”

Ai Press Week: Meant For Each Other by D.H. Starr

Meant For Each Other
by D. H. Starr

Buy Link:


Sometimes your first love is the one that was meant to be.

Craig Harper and Jeremy Finn were best friends growing up. They attended the same school, spent all of their time together, and hung out with the same group of people. It wasn?t until the day before Jeremy and his family moved across the country that they discovered their attraction to one another.

Fifteen years later, they reunite by chance in New York City. Both are in relationships and have established a routine in their lives. But routines and relationships are shaken as they begin to spend time together once again. Old feelings and connections are still strong and the passion that pulls them together is a powerful, soul-searing call neither man can deny.

As each deals with the issues in their own relationships, they begin to question whether the comfort of what they know is more powerful than the pull of what they could have been?and what they might become. Struggling to find the answer, only their hearts can reveal if they are meant for each other.

Craig spent the rest of the day walking around the room, helping kids with their work. Finally, at dismissal, when the last kid had been picked up, Jeremy took Craig back inside. “You have a natural way with the kids. They adore you.”

Happiness flooded Craig at the compliment. “Well, they’re kind of hard not to love. They’re so cute and damn if they aren’t smart as hell too.” I can’t believe how a simple compliment from him causes my heart to race. “So, we have a couple of hours to kill before we’re supposed to meet the boys downtown at The Bulls and Bears.”

Jeremy walked over to the far corner of the room and stood in front of a bulletin board covered with student work. Craig followed him. “Are these the stories your kids wrote?”

“Yeah. I’ve left spaces next to each one for their pictures.” Jeremy kept his eyes focused on the board as he spoke. “I’ve never had anyone take an interest in my class before. No one. I mean my parents ask about school and Andrew listens to my stories, but you really care about the kids.”

Craig watched Jeremy as he continued to inspect the wall, surprised to find the flush had moved from his neck to his cheeks. When Jeremy turned to face him, two smoldering eyes caught him in a lust-filled gaze. Before he had a chance to speak, Jeremy grabbed him and gave him a fierce kiss. Unable to resist, not wanting to, Craig wrapped his arms around Jeremy and kissed him back, opening his mouth to Jeremy’s invading tongue.

They remained together for several minutes, gripping each other as the intensity of their kiss increased and their straining erections pressed against each other through the fabric of their pants.

The wall connected with Craig’s back and Jeremy leaned his body even tighter, to create more pressure and friction. Craig allowed him to take charge, his own hands carelessly running along lateral muscles and resting on Jeremy’s waist.

Jeremy’s hands were far from gentle. He wrapped one hand behind Craig’s neck and pulled him close, sealing their lips together in a fervent kiss. His other hand worked its way inside Craig’s shirt, lightly pinching the sensitive nipple, rolling the nub of flesh between his thumb and forefinger and leaving Craig helpless to do anything but enjoy.

When Jeremy ended the kiss, they both stood panting for a moment, simply staring at each other.

Craig was the first to speak. “Jesus, Jeremy. What if someone saw us?”

Jeremy laughed. “They couldn’t. See, the door is on this wall and we’re standing in the corner here. They would have to come into the room to catch us and no one ever comes in once school lets out.”


“I know. I’m sorry. I just can’t help myself when I’m around you. And watching you interact with my kids and the way you understand me and what I do…it’s a huge turn on. You have no idea how good it makes me feel to know you appreciate what I do.” Jeremy’s lips were red and swollen from their kisses, making them appear even more pouty and kissable. Since it was obvious that his cock was tenting his pants, Craig didn’t bother hiding as he reached into the front and readjusted himself. Jeremy laughed and did the same.

“Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy kissing you, but you’re with Andrew and I’m with Robert.”
Jeremy finished tucking his shirt back into his pants, his skin returning to a normal pallor. “I know. We’re going to have to work harder at controlling ourselves. Let’s say we’re even. You pulled me into a kiss the other day. I initiated this one.”

Craig had to work to suppress a laugh, the thought of them competing to see who could trap the other in the most compromising kiss caused all his work at readjusting himself to be undone. “This isn’t a competition, Jeremy.”

Jeremy shuffled from foot to foot. “I like kissing you.”

Four words, four very dangerous words which could make the difference between a lasting friendship, or losing one forever. Craig held Jeremy’s gaze. “Maybe we should grab a bite to eat before meeting the guys.”
Jeremy nodded, grabbed his things, and led Craig outside. The fresh air helped to dissipate the heat between them and made regular conversation easier. “Do you like Thai food?” Jeremy’s voice had returned to its normal cheerful tone.

Breathless Press Week: Perfect Christmas by DC Juris

Hi folks! ::waves:: I’m DC Juris, and today I’ll be blogging about my newest release from Breathless Press, ?Perfect Christmas.?

First, a hearty thanks to the wonderful Selena for having me! Second, for those who don’t know me, I’m an out and proud bisexual transgender male, and I live in Upstate NY with my husband, three cats, and four dogs. I write contemporary and fantasy romance across the whole spectrum of pairings, but I have a soft spot for m/m and transgender m/m.

My latest story, ?Perfect Christmas? is a sexy little m/m/m number featuring three hot new characters. Here’s the blurb:

Depressed and lonely, Evan has nothing to look forward to on Christmas but his TV dinner and store-bought cookies, while his lover, Drake, spends the holiday traveling for business. But a special delivery changes everything, and Evan finds himself in the middle of a perfect Christmas. Worn out from his stocking stuffer, Evan’s not sure how he’s going to handle his present, but when Drake reveals that Evan’s gift is a threesome with none other than their hunky friend Mike, Evan summons the energy!

Sounds like a perfect Christmas for just about anyone, right? LOL

Evan and Drake presented themselves to me on a last minute whim, and boy, was I surprised when they mentioned Mike! I’ve only written one other m/m/m, and that one was planned from the start. But I always let my characters dictate the story, so I had to go with it. (Oh, poor me, slaving away over a steamy sex scene with three hunks. The sacrifices I make for my craft!)

I have to say, my holidays aren’t nearly as racy!! I grew up in an abusive household, which didn’t leave much to look forward to in the way of holiday cheer. Once I was grown and on my own, however, I was able to embrace my inner elf. Nowadays, I spend Christmas with my husband, my cats, and my dogs, and I’m thrilled with it!

We exhange gifts in the morning, then have a light lunch. For dinner, there’s usually a restaurant open in our area on Christmas Day, so that’s where you’ll find us (because I hate to cook), and we end the day watching old zombie movies or playing on the computer. In essence, we try to keep the holiday as laid back and relaxed as we possibly can.

Evan, Drake, and Mike would be bored to tears at my house!

You can find more of my work at

And purchase ?Perfect Christmas? at

But wait!! Don’t click that link just yet!! Leave a comment below, and I’ll pick one lucky winner to receive a free pdf copy of ?Perfect Christmas!?

Here’s an excerpt for your reading pleasure (and it will be a pleasure, trust me!)

Evan waited in line at Pierce’s, the only store open on Christmas Day in the sleepy, coastal town of Ormond Bay, absorbing the chaos as people hurried up and down aisles in search of forgotten holiday necessities. Across the store, a lady frantically called for help from a clerk, begging him to tell her they hadn’t sold the last of the cranberries, and wailing about how she couldn’t make the perfect meal without them. In front of Evan, a man dressed in a suit and tie tossed down a fifty, told the cashier to keep the change, and ran out the door with two frozen pies.

Evan emptied the contents of his basket?a motley assortment of store-brand frozen dinners, cookies, soups, and canned fruit?and frowned, feeling rather frumpy in the mix of brightly dressed people and festive, almost garish, decorations of the store. He ran a hand absent-mindedly through his hair, remembering only just then he’d neglected to gel and spike it this morning. Not to mention that he also hadn’t bothered to get the red tips recolored. Above his dark roots, the tips looked more gray than anything else. Fabulous. It didn?t help that he was probably the only person walking around without a tan.

“That’ll be seventeen fifty.”

He dug into the pocket of his sweatpants and pulled forth his wallet, handed over a crisp twenty-dollar bill with a sigh. Even his money was snazzier than him.

“Merry Christmas, Mister Connor!” The bubbly cashier beamed up at him from under her picture perfect, curly blonde bangs, but Evan just scowled as he grabbed up bag of groceries and walked away to trudge out the door and back down the street for home. Outside, even the bright Florida sun couldn’t dispel his dreary mood.

Christmas, huh? Bah! Humbug! What did he have to be cheerful about, anyhow? Watching reruns of stupid movies over his microwaved TV dinner of Salisbury steak again? Dodging phone calls from his mother and other assorted supposedly well-meaning relatives whose main questions seemed to be where was his lover, Drake, and when was Evan going to stop putting up with that man’s schedule and find someone who appreciated him? Spending yet another Christmas alone, while Drake jetted around the state with the annoying millionaire boss?

Evan sighed. Trouble was, Drake did appreciate him; Drake only worked so hard so that he didn’t have to, so he could pursue his artwork. And he knew Drake felt just as bad as he did about missing out on holidays, but Drake’s boss had made it quite clear in the initial interview that she expected her men, as she called them, to be at her beck and call, regardless of the time of day or night. Or year. But the money? The money was very, very good. And they were young now, only in their twenties. They had the rest of their lives to spend holidays together, didn’t they?