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13 Days of Halloween: Missy Welsh


Hot Seat with Missy Welsh

13 Days of Halloween Edition

Today’s Hot seat is with the lovely Missy Welsh. Today we’ll be discussing werewolves, trying to redefine words, phrases and objects and what she has in store for us in the future. I have the Cabana Men from the pool sector lead her in and settle her down with some wonderful pumpkin brownies and a carafe and mug of hot chocolate. Let the Interview begin!


1) Thank You for wanting to do this Hot Seat Interview. Tell us about your upcoming release?

MW: Thanks so much for having me here today!

So ISHERWOOD is about Cas Maine and Finnegan Webb. They’re both searching for several things missing from their lives, like security, stability, connection and love. Interwoven into their romance is Finn’s nephew’s traumatic past, his sister’s broken heart, their small town’s dying economy putting pressure on everyone, something mystical forcing werewolves into their shifted form, and lots of secrets that will shake up everything.

SI: Sounds like a wonderful multi-layered story.


2) What about werewolves screamed “write me” to you?

MW: I had the idea, “What if something forced a wolf to shift and THEN he found his mate?” So Cas wanders into a small town called Isherwood, is forced to shift, and he’s a “dog” when he meets Finn, his mate. How does Cas get out of his dog suit to get his man? What made Cas shift? And answering those questions led to new questions and complications that, I think, created a really interesting story where being a werewolf was only part of what’s going on.

SI: You’re making me really want this story to be out now. 🙂

3) Tell us about the characters. What do we need to know about Isherwood?

MW: Cas is half-human and gay. Those are things that have been historically difficult for wolf society to accept (in this story world). While it is getting better, Cas has only known the prejudice, so he’s cautious whenever he finds himself on a new pack’s territory. In the beginning, he’s really just trudging through life and trying to find a place he can call home.

Finn feels incomplete and helpless in a lot of ways. His last boyfriend walked out on him for a younger model, his nephew has issues, his sister has some too, their little construction company is failing… He’s not on solid ground and he’s struggling every day. When a little dog enters his life, it’s like Finn gets a spark back in his life.

The town of Isherwood has the biggest secret, so I won’t give that away, but it’s a place that saw better days not too long ago and the key to reviving it lies with Cas and especially Finn. Pretty much everyone’s life in this story would be improved if Isherwood was restored.

SI: Sounds like I’m going to be reaching for a tissues. Can’t wait to read it.

4) Would you do more werewolf stories? I know you have another one, that I loved but would you love to dive back into the werewolf world?

MW: I have this 4- or 5-book monstrosity that I’ve been tinkering with for a couple years now that introduces all the VIPs in my werewolf/vampire universe. Technically, the first 3 or so would be prequels to ISHERWOOD and YOURS FOREVER. I think I also have a Buffy-like spinoff story I could explore afterward, but it’s all just fun right now. I won’t move on publishing any part until they are all completed, but oh yeah, there are weres in my future.



5) I was lucky enough to get to read a sneak peek and I adore Cas. You create such wonderful well rounded, beautiful characters. What makes you say yes, I need to write you? What makes a hero Missy worthy?

MW: Oh, that’s a tough one. With most of my characters, I think I start out with one thing that makes me want to dig deeper. For Cas here, I wanted to see him handle the insta-love mates thing when there wasn’t anything insta about it. For Finn, well, he has some secrets he doesn’t even know about that impact his entire family, so rooting those out and discovering the hero in him kept me going.

SI: Sounds like a lot of secrets are going to be spilled. *grins*

6) A little birdie told me, okay, you told me, there were several subplots in this story. Would you say Isherwood is your most complicated story to date?

MW: YES! Lordy, there were THREADS and SUBPLOTS and TWISTS in this thing. As a short story writer from way back, I’m used to writing about 1 to 2 people and their issues in a limited timeframe so watch the clutter, right? Then I get into ISHERWOOD and suddenly I’m diagramming and making lists and waking up out of a dead sleep with thoughts about missing something. Most people will probably read this story and be like, “THIS is complicated? She’s delusional.” But for me, this was epic.

SI: Nope, nope, you’re not alone. It’s part of being an author.

7) Now you know that I’ve accused you of redefining words and phrases, candy cane and docking comes to mind. When writing do you think okay people aren’t going to think of this item/phrase the same way again or are you so into it that you don’t notice?

MW: It really tickles me whenever someone thinks I’m shocking. I’m so not IRL. George’s candy cane cock from AN ANGEL GETS HIS WINGS came from a photo of some young man’s erection that had a definite hook to its profile. Wicked Welsh – because Missy is sweet and would NEVER – wondered what that sort of shape might feel like for his partner…and decided it would be grand! And then Mal cock-docking with Wes in THE DOOR INTO SPRING, well, why not play with a foreskin if you have one? (That was out of “research documentaries” of course.) Honestly, I didn’t think either would make anyone gasp which just goes to show how corrupted I am by this Welsh woman.

SI: Oh sure, blame it on Wicked Welsh, uh huh. I see how this goes. I suppose you’re going to claim that Missy is an angel too?

8) Okay, I’ve gotten that off my chest. Now you know I love your stories, you make me cry, laugh and fall in love with your characters. What story would you say says this is me as an author, this is who I am and this story should be the one you read first?

MW: MY SUMMER OF WES because Mal is me. Not completely me, obviously, but a lot of me went into making him. I’ve experienced bullying, parental apathy, social isolation, and the fear of reaching out because what if no one’s there. By giving Mal everything he’s ever wanted and needed through Wes, I gave myself a Prince Charming and a Happily Ever After. It’s not a perfect story, but my heart went into making it. If you want to know me and my work, read MY SUMMER OF WES.

SI: I heart that story so much.

9) What do you have coming up that we must get our greedy little hands on?

SI: For 2014, I’ve committed to AQP for a ghost story, a May-December, a dragon shifter, and – if I can swing it – I’d like to do a couple sequels for Loose Id. And now that I think of it, some of those are probably going to have you looking differently at spirit possession, twist ties, and baseball bats. Brace yourself, Se!

SI: So much yumminss on the way, can’t wait!

10) Please tell the readers where they can find you on the internet (Website, FB, Twitter, etc.)


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Thank you so much for sitting in the Hot Seat. I signal the Cabana Men to lead Missy out to relax by the pool.

Thanks for having me!

Two years ago, the small Southern Ohio town of Isherwood seemed to change overnight. Businesses were abandoned or sold and townsfolk just up and moved away. Those who were left behind are trying to keep their lives afloat on the hope that things will improve someday.
Finn Webb is one of those people. His construction and remodeling company he runs with his sister is one of the largest employers left in town. He’s felt his world teetering on the edge of failure for so long, that saving an injured dog is a bright spark of life he’s happy to hold onto.
Cas Maine has come to Isherwood because that’s where the road lead. He’s tired, hungry and desperate for the acceptance and safety he had once in his birth pack. But crossing into town sees him shifting into his wolf form and unable to shift back. Then he’s hit by a car only to be rescued by his one true mate.
What follows is a series of events where a job outside of town lets Cas and Finn grow closer while also leading to the uncovering of numerous secrets held by several inhabitants of Isherwood. Everyone has a stake in this. And the stakes are high.
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Coming Soon

Finn’s internal alarm had him waking up at almost six o’clock on the dot, as usual. What was very much not typical was the fact he was wrapped around a naked man. Cas… Finn smiled and cuddled closer, nuzzling into that soft, red hair when he felt it on his nose. He smelled like a spice—cinnamon maybe—but also like a lot of sweaty sex.

The heart-pounding need, that feeling from last night that drove him to plunder and claim, wasn’t there anymore. Finn sighed and held Cas and just knew… He’s mine.

Never before had he fallen so fast for someone. He couldn’t stop thinking that this was crazy and maybe reckless and possibly detrimental to his heart, but… Comfortable, familiar, and…fulfilling too. Finding puzzle pieces or Mister Right—the clichés were real.

Hopefully, Cas felt the same. Please.

Cas made a snuffling-snorting noise and rolled over. Finn lifted his head, watching as Cas fit himself tight against Finn’s chest. Cas’s arms were between them, his hands tucked up under his chin, and his head bowed. When he curled up one leg, Finn raised his up and let Cas have the space between his thighs while Finn’s leg rested on the outside of Cas’s leg. Cas took a deep breath and sighed it out like everything was now perfectly right with his world.

Finn smiled and sighed too, wrapping his arms back around Cas’s head and shoulders. In looking down to kiss Cas’s ear, Finn paused.

At the base of Cas’s neck, right near his shoulder, was a football-shaped bruise. Damn. There were darker points in the bruise from his teeth. Will Cas be pissed? He’d been into it when it happened, asked for it even, but maybe he hadn’t meant for Finn to mark him so deeply. Or publicly since it would be easy to see above the neck of the T-shirts Cas usually wore.

Since Finn was supposed to leave early because of the welcome party—or whatever it was—which had been his compromise for getting to sleep over, he decided to wake Cas up now. Much as he didn’t want to leave at all, well, they had a couple things to work out.

Didn’t mean he couldn’t play a little, of course.

“Cas?” he whispered. Louder, he said, “Oh Cassie.” Nothing. Finn palmed Cas’s butt and gave him some deep squeezes. “Cassie-pie, wake up.”

Cas chuckled, then blinked sleepily at him. “Cassie-pie?”

“Yep. And we’re keeping it because you answered to it.” Finn winked at him.

“Ugh. Bedroom only,” he said with a one-eyed glare.


Finn kissed those puffy, pink lips softly. Cas hummed and his hand roamed Finn’s back, down over his ass, and along his thigh. Keeping the kisses sweet, Finn used his calf to pull Cas closer. Cas made more happy noises and rocked into Finn, their groins rubbing, cocks firming up. Want to wake up every morning just like this.

Finn looked at Cas, his strong, masculine face worry-free and so young like this. But then Cas frowned and sighed.

“You need to go, Finn. Remember?”

Since he’d promised to leave before sunrise and it was well passed that, he took advantage of the time until Cas might notice how light the room was. What could it hurt?

“Just give me a minute or two.” He switched their legs around, so Cas’s was over Finn’s hip, then he massaged that amazing, little ass. “Then I’ll go.”

“A minute or two?” Cas chuckled, but he pressed into Finn’s hand encouragingly.

Finn smiled and nibbled on the pale pink earlobe in front of him. “Want to see how fast I can make you come?”

“Oh fuck.” Cas moaned, now rubbing his thickening cock into Finn’s belly.

Taking that for consent, Finn pressed a finger into him and rubbed back as Cas moaned and seemed to open right up for him. He slid his finger deep and played around in there, loving that soft tightness.

“Finn, hurry.”

Nope, he didn’t want to. He rolled them over so he was on top and pushed Cas’s knee up onto his shoulder. It had Cas undulating his cock and balls against Finn’s abs while Finn had plenty of room to play with Cas’s hole.

He was sticky with lube and moist from sleeping squished against Finn all night. “Can’t seem to get enough of you,” Finn said before mouthing Cas’s chest, heading for a tight, pink nipple.

Cas said, “Oh God,” but then he went still. His abs contracted against Finn, and now Cas said, “Shit.No.”

Finn looked up and saw Cas’s eyes wide open, something like shock on his face.


“Off,” Cas sort of grunted, shoving at him. “Oh fuck. Get off me, Finn!”

He moved back, his heart rate kicking up. “What’s wrong?”

“No.” Cas clutched at his stomach and rolled to his side. “Not yet.”

“Cas, what’s wrong? Are you in pain? Did I—” Oh Jesus. If I hurt him

“Finn,” he said, shaking now. “Sorry. So s-sorry.” There was agony in those bright blue eyes before he squeezed them shut.

“Come on, baby,” he begged and touched Cas’s shoulder. “Tell me what’s wrong. Let me help. Please.”

Cas opened his mouth and a sound like a groan came out, but then it went deeper, a growl, as he squeezed his eyes shut and something awful started happening. His skin erupted with red-gold hairs, hisbones moved underneath that, and suddenly, his face elongated, giving him a snout like…

“Oh, Jesus Christ!”

…like a dog. A little, red dog with blue eyes.

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The Next Big Thing…!

So I’ve been tagged my the ebil Missy Welsh person and the ebil Andy Slade person to do this. So here goes.

1. What is the working title of your book?

SI: Bachelor Auction: Mate Not Wanted

2. Where did the idea come from for the book?

SI: It came to me over a year ago, I think, I wanted to do a spin on the Bachelor Auction theme but this time with a paranormal element.

3. What is the genre of the book?

SI: Paranormal, Interracial.

4. Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

SI: I know one actor, he inspired the Pierce character, David Dayan Fisher. He played agent Agent Trent Kort on NCIS. Piccie:

I’m not sure about who would play Madison, though.


5. What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

SI: What happens when a tiger claims to be the mate of a lioness who wants nothing to do with him?


6. Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency/publisher?

SI: Publisher, Etopia Press.


7. How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

SI: I’m still writing it, lol. I’ve gotten sick and then had computer issues but I’m almost done, I swear!


8. What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

SI: I’d say two books that’s are close is Seven Year Witch and Getting Familiar with Your Demon by the wonderful Jodi Redford.


9. Who or what inspired you to write this book?

SI: Bachelor Auctions and the crazy things that can happen.


10. What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

SI: Menage action, bondage and great verbal foreplay and interplay.


Now I get to tag other people. Hmmm, who should I tag? I know!

I tag: Qwillia Rain, Willa Okati, Renee George, Keith Melton and Savannah Chase.

Here’s how it works, copy the questions, answer them and post them three weeks from when you are tagged and then tag 5 more people. Mwhahahaha!


Quickie Book Review- Your Biggest Fan by Missy Welsh

I finished this book Sunday night and LOVED it.

Your Biggest Fan is a beautiful story about Love, Acceptance of yourself and recognizing that you sometimes need to look up and see that life is better than you thought it was.

This may be an M/M story but I really did relate to the absolutely adorable Truman “Tru”. Up until a few years ago I had the hardest time accepting my depression or the fact that I had indeed made friends and that life was better than I thought it was. It took a lot of knocks before I finally got the message. I may still be skittish when it comes to certain things and open up but I know now that I have friends who love me and speak “Selena” even when I make no sense whatsoever.

The themes of this book transcends simply a GLBTQ story and is truly a human story that can help anyone who needs someone to relate to about accepting one’s self and accepting the gift of love.

A truly wonderful read that you will leave you wanting more of this new series from the talented Ms. Welsh.

Buy Links for Your Biggest Fan:




And she will write more of this series, right Missy?

Don’t make me break out the Kitten of Guilt.


“No Pouting Party” @ Selena Illyria’s Offerings Yahoo Group

(Stolen from the uber fab Missy Welsh’s Blog)


Can’t attend GRL in Albuquerque this year? Yeah, me neither. I’m determined not to pout about that, though, and Selena Illyria (Etopia Press) has volunteered to help keep us smiling by donating time on her Yahoo Group. Authors will share deleted scenes, character interviews, book soundtracks, artwork and more while also conducting giveaways in the loop or on their blogs. It’s a chance for those of us stuck at home to still have some fun with our readers and favorite/new authors of LGBT fiction.

Thursday, October 18 – Sunday, October 21, 2012

Anna Lee (MLR Press), Andrea Speed (Dreamspinner Press), Christiane France (Amber Quill Press), Tinnean (Dreamspinner Press), Grace R. Duncan (Dreamspinner Press), Shawn Lane (Amber Quill Press), Michael Barnette (Dreamspinner Press), M. C. Hana (Loose Id), Adriana Kraft (Ecstasy Books), M. L. Rhodes (Amber Quill Press), Andy Dunn (Musa Publishing)…

PLUS ANY AUTHORS READING THIS WHO ALSO CAN’T ATTEND GLR12! You don’t need an invitation or permission to join us and have a little fun.

The group is just shy of 100 members, but they’re a talkative bunch, and readers of all genres are welcome any time.


Selena Illyria’s Offerings Yahoo Group

So stop on by for an hour, a day, or the whole event to chat and read and win prizes. Hope to see you there! 🙂