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My Calendar Men “There can be more than 12”

My Calendar Men “There can be more than 12”

By Dahlia Rose

The Calendar Men what can I say about this series of shorts that took on a life of its own? Let’s just say these guy did what they wanted and I was just along for the ride, they deviated from the plot, one guy brought in two of his friends and Mr. June decided that sex on a boat or humvee was simply awesome! I’ll let you read the book and see which he picked. Either way, it was a helluva ride with these guys and the girls of their choice because building their world in less then ten thousand words was a monumental task. I wanted to give them all these scenarios that would have probably made each book at least a good novella. But alas, if I did that the rest of my deadlines would have suffered. Hence publishers would have been at my door with pitchforks and torches demanded their work be written. The series was my personal little baby so I crafted them in between my normal schedule.


I was able to give some of my character their own little HEA like some of the guys from Army Beasts. My publisher did not want the entire series, only Zane and Zander’s Story (Army Beast 1 and 2) So in the calendar men, Kale was in April’s Fool, Camden in When September Ends and Malachi my big loveable bear shifter found the love of his life in Together in November. Ah my boys… this Army Beast series still has the fire lit under my readers so some new books will be coming out in the fall. I’d have to say one of my two favorites of the twelve men of the year was Marines of May and Mr. June.  The short novelette, Marines of May was my very first attempt at writing three men one woman. Hot, Hot, Hot you say? I won’t even tell you about writing it, lets just say I have a mini fridge in my office for a reason. Cold drinks were needed.


Mr. June Donovan Chase was such an alpha male dominant character that in a way he reminded me of my husband. RAWR!! So I didn’t mind so much when he chose a humvee or a boat to get down with the loving. I was just very jealous that my heroine Sandi was on the receiving end and not me.  Instead of calling her a tramp I let her have her fun. I do have my own Mr. January to December at home and could not be greedy in the least. Sandi and her mini grill fiasco on a boat led her into the arms of a very sexy guy on a Coast Guard Boat. How many of us have seen those guys with the big rippling arms and lean hips in the summer time? We look and just feel the sexual energy ripple through us and muse, if a riptide wouldn’t kill me I’d be out there just for a rescue from Mr. Hunky man on a boat? Well we can’t have that so how about you read Mr. June and imagine that you’re in Sandi’s place (wink). Ssssh I did too.


Below is an excerpt of Mr. June and Donovan Chase in all his glory. And when you’re done with that you can win a copy of the entire calendar men series. I’ll let the amazing hostess of this blog pick how she gives it away. I hope you’ll go get your copies of my Calendar Men and make them yours. I’m an author who is willing to share so make these heroes your own. Hugs and Cheesecake my dahlins!




I’ll share yours.” He plucked it from her hand and took a sip. “It’s good, a bold flavor. I like it. I can still taste the flavor of your lips on the rim. I like that best.” He pulled the bottle that she’d stuck in the sand from its place, filled the glass, and handed it back to her. “You can taste mine if you want.”


“Your lips from the glass?” she asked, and heard the tremor in her voice.


He laughed. “No, in person. You can kiss me.”


“Here I was thinking you were a man who would take the kiss,” she replied boldly.


“I am, but like in any battle, I am giving you the first shot,” Donovan replied.


“So this is a battle?”


“Sandi, love is always a battle and the winner gets the spoils.”


“Which are?”


“The heart you are fighting for. And the lucky thing is, the other heart is quite happy with that arrangement,” Donovan explained.


“Am I to take it that you want my heart?” Sandi asked.


He gave her a look that was filled with intensity. “Baby, I want all of you, so go ahead, you get first taste. But you can’t stop me when I taste all of you.”


His offer was too appealing to resist. He was so shameless and bold, so unlike any other man she had ever met. Sandi leaned in and kissed him. His mouth opened under hers and dared her to enter. She hesitated from a moment, her tongue poised on the tip of their lips moving together. She dipped her tongue inside his mouth just past his teeth before pulling back.


He pulled away from her and pinned her with a stare. “Take more.”


She grabbed his face and pressed her lips against his, burying her tongue into his mouth. Sandi moaned into his mouth, surprised by his taste and how much it excited her. He let her play willingly and she opened her eyes to see him watching her as they kissed. Green eyes so dark with desire that it made her breathless.


Sandi pulled away suddenly. “I’m sorry.”


“Don’t be. I liked it very much,” Donovan replied his voice rumbled and she shivered. “Now it’s my turn.”


He cupped his hand around her neck and brought her hard against his mouth. Her kiss was tame compared to what his mouth did to her senses. With every fierce lick of his tongue past her teeth, the way he pulled her closer until her breasts were pressed up against him, Donovan made her want and her body pulse with desire that was so palpable it was in her every breath.



All you have to do to win is comment. Contest ends on June 11th.

Good Luck!