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Menage Week: M?nage or Knot? by Camille Anthony

Since the explosion of the erotic romance market, a lot of trends are in the ascendancy. To name a few, M?nages, Slash (same sex pairings) and BDSM stories are mega popular right now. Of the three I’ve mentioned, I must admit the first: M?nage situations, are the ones that most hold my interest.

Don’t get me wrong… I can enjoy a good Slash or BDSM if well written, but I speak only for myself when I say there is something darkly illicit about the idea of two (or more!) men totally focused on ME and my pleasure. Why? Well, because I don’t have that and in real life, and don’t expect to ever encounter the situation (personally).

An embarrassment of riches, perhaps, but I think I could survive the dagger looks of jealous women to be escorted on both arms by hunky, handsome men proud to lend me their elbows. And yes, I said elbows. What attracts me more is not the hidden, taboo aspect of that type of relationship, but the possibilities that are available to exploit.

What would the families of the triad members think? How would they react? Who marries whom? And once married, do they become adulterers? How would the three persons deal with jealousy? Is sex between two members okay or prohibited? A good story would deal with all these issues and speaking again, only for myself, a good story must also be about more than the sexual gymnastics.

Done right, it can be hot as fire, smoldering in the reader’s mind long after the file is shut down or the covers closed, but equally important to me is the banked embers of genuine commitment and loyalty to a relationship that makes a fellowship of three.

Which leads to the question of can it really be done? Can three cleave as tightly as two or will the love knot eventually turn into a tangled weave of explosive emotions? Who knows, but sometimes, I like to envision walking that fine edge of passion and adventure! LOL

Some of my characters have certainly done so. My changeling book AOEM (Agency of Extraordinary Mates): Dinner for 3, has two brothers looking for their perfect woman. Jonathon and Jason Corelli is really one person, magically split in two, so perhaps this is not a true triad, but Michelle (chosen before we had a first lady by the same name) enjoys the dichotomy, believe me! You can check out the ebook here: or the print book is available by order at any Barnes & Noble or

In Melting Snowflake, Princess Snowflake is a woman blessed (or cursed) with three…count them! Three men vying for her attention; hot, steamy fiery men intent on melting her down to a puddle of satisfied woman. But make no mistake, she is definitely the one in charge. Whoohoo…. Is it hot in here, or is it just me? LOL Find out for yourself. The book is here:

Anyway you slice the pie, in half or multiple pieces, it tastes as sweet. So why not throw a party and invite more than one friend? At least, in your mind’s playground, where there’s no cover charge and no need for condoms!


Camille Anthony


Synopsis for Dinner for 3

Jonathan is a vampire who can walk in daylight and Jason is a wolf during the day and a man at sunset. What better place for the twin chefs to pursue their mutual pleasure for creating succulent meals than on Chimera Island, the resort that caters to unsuspecting human guests.

The twins enjoy sampling the pleasures of the human women who flock to the island in search of fun and games, but watching their friends find their forever mate (or mates) becomes depressing when the two brothers are left alone time after time. Their internal clocks might be immortal, but they can hear them ticking.? And then SHE arrives, and all of a sudden, both men find their appetites whetted by the juicy, plump chocolate confection named Michelle Rios.

When Michelle, an overworked vice president for a major software company, collapses at work and is rushed to the hospital, she is warned by her doctor to ease up or risk a fatal heart attack. Finding this out, her co-owners and friends demand she take some time off.

Coerced into going on a two-week get-away to Chimera Island, Chelle is prepared to hate every minute of her enforced vacation. But she is looking forward to meeting the two men whose careers she’d followed since they first burst upon the culinary scene and rose to the top of the food chain with blinding feats of epicurean genius before disappearing from public view.

Chelle is about to find out the house special on Chimera is a very unusual, highly spiced concoction of sexual delights, personally served by two hot chefs who like to sample the menu, themselves! What’s better than having your own private chef? Why, having two, of course!

Ding! Ding!

The dinner bell is ringing and three appetites are about to be fed.

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Snowbound: Melting Snowflake

Author: Camille Anthony

Winter’s throne awaits her. Snowflake’s three consorts must burn hot enough to melt her haughtiness. Watch Fire and Ice steam!

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Menage Week: Making a Connection in Menage by Sedonia Guillone

By far, the most popular genre of erotic romance these days is the M/F/M. Let’s face it, a woman with two hot, loving guys who are more than eager to share her? The ultimate fantasy! Over the years, I’ve spoken with women who confessed to having made love with two men at once. I didn’t hear one of them say anything bad about it! lol. One woman said, in fact, that if she’d realized how much she’d miss it, she wouldn’t have gotten married. <G>

However, it would seem to me that the numbers of women who could regularly have two men available for a menage might be lower than we’d all like, and so, reading erotic romances with this configuration is a safe, fun and pleasurable way to live out a fantasy.

The biggest challenge in writing an M/F/M menage is the believability factor. Human beings naturally experience a certain amount of jealousy and possessiveness that would prohibit the free expression of such a delicious combination.?So, the storylines must lead the characters into a natural progression of a menage.


For example, in Manwich, the two heroes are brothers with an unbelievable strong bond between them. Their relationship is such that sharing a woman is something they actually enjoy as well as for the older brother, a way to keep his younger, more emotionally vulnerable brother, close to home, so to speak.

Thankfully, it seems that the menage scenarios I’ve written have managed to be natural enough that readers don’t feel anything is forced between the characters. I certainly have enjoyed writing them and hope to write more in the future. In the meantime, please visit my website at for more!


Excerpt from Kiss of the Werewolves (Now available at Ellora’s Cave!):

Jie remained quiet, sipped his tea while Shao devoured most of the food on the cart. As soon as Shao finished one bowl of food, he’d look up at Jie or Meg, a pleading look in his eyes. One of them would refill the bowl and the food would rapidly disappear once again.

Finally, there was nothing left and Shao sat quietly, looking down, the empty bowl and chopsticks in his hands.

Jie watched him, not moving. He couldn’t help his own need to procrastinate. He didn’t feel quite ready for the next step.

Meg moved first. The way she inched closer to Shao caught Jie’s eye. He glanced up in time to see her hand smooth back Shao’s long hair.

The streak of jealousy heated Jie’s middle again and he looked at Meg’s face, unexpectedly trapped by the sympathetic way she looked at Shao.

“It’s all right, Shao.” Her soft voice was gentle enough to soothe the most agitated being, even Jie’s jealous monster. “No one will hurt you again. I promise.” Her hand left his hair and she gently retrieved the bowl and chopsticks from Shao, setting the items on the cart.

She picked up a cloth napkin and leaned in to Shao. “Let me just clean you off,” she said softly and wiped Shao’s lips and beard as if he were a child rather than a grown man.

Her touch caused Shao’s eyes to darken again and Jie sensed the coiled tension of desire in the lang ren. Jie knew that Shao wanted to spring at her, launch his body onto hers, push her back and take her. Even if Shao had not been Jie’s other half, Jie would have known this because it’s what he, himself, wanted to do to Meg, just about all the time.

Jie stood. His movement made Shao look up. Without speaking, Jie set his teacup on the cart and pushed it away before returning to the seating area. With both Shao and Meg watching him intently, he sank down on the sofa next to Meg.

Shao turned slowly, his gaze now riveted on Jie’s. To Jie’s surprise, there was far less fear now in the lang ren’s eyes. The look in them swirled with caution, desire, need and a touch of challenge.

Shao shifted position. He folded his legs underneath him and then rose up on his knees.

Jie watched, tension coiled in his chest, for what Shao would do next.

To Jie’s surprise, Shao reached out, passed over Meg and grasped Jie’s wrist.

Jie pulled back but Shao fingers tightened. Shao trapped Jie’s gaze in his and he stared back at the lang ren, his own heart pounding again. Jie had an impulse to struggle, to free himself from Shao’s grasp but as the moments passed, he felt his body relax, acquiesce, as if the same pulsing desires had passed through Shao’s hand into Jie’s body.

Jie surrendered. His arm relaxed in Shao’s hold. What would happen in the next moment he didn’t know. Life had shown him that anything was possible. “What are you doing?” he whispered to Shao.

Shao didn’t answer, not even a grunt and Jie glanced at Meg. She’d sunk back against the cushions, watching Shao. Her full breasts rose and fell with deep breaths and the scent of her arousal suddenly churned the air, heady and tangy.

In spite of his tension, Jie responded. His dragon came to life with hunger. The bulge grew, pushed against the front of his jeans. The arousal was so intense, his balls practically throbbed with swirling life. The life force he needed to return to Shao.

At first, Jie tried to fight his churning lust. His breath rasped tightly with the effort of struggle and his arm tensed again under Shao’s commanding pull. Jie’s cock ached now and he could feel the head poking from its sheath to press with a demand of its own against his trousers. His body demanded Meg’s. The yinsoaked cavern between her thighs made him ache to bury his dragon deep inside her.

Shao drew Jie’s hand up and held it just above Meg’s breasts. Jie glanced at Shao. Shao narrowed his eyes and grunted softly. In the next second, Shao pushed down on Jie’s hand. One of Meg’s lush breasts filled Jie’s palm.

Shao grunted again and made Jie’s fingers close around the soft swell over Meg’s silk blouse.

Meg released a deep sigh and the scent of her yin rain surged, strong and hot as if someone were burning Meg-scented incense in the room. “Jie,” she whispered.

Jie stared down at her. Her pale skin was flushed, her soft lips parted, her eyelids heavy. Her soft look of aroused surrender reminded him of the first time he’d ever kissed her, the taste of her supple skin as he’d trailed his tongue up her arm, over her shoulder, onto her neck and then…

Shao’s hand closed over Jie’s, urged Jie to squeeze Meg’s breast in slow, tight circles. Shao’s own breathing rasped heavily, blended with Meg’s and Jie’s. If Jie had been concerned about the process of restoring Shao’s qi to him, he needn’t have.

The lang ren seemed to know exactly how to get his qi back.

-End of Excerpt-

For more of Sedonia’s Menages:


Violette Poole, engaged to a man she hates, flees her father?s home the night of her engagement party. When her father asks family friend Captain Ethan Carrick to look for her, Ethan finds her. However, Violette refuses to go anywhere with him until he makes love to her, ruining her in the eyes of her fianc?.

An afternoon of passionate lovemaking leads to a deeper bond between them and Ethan refuses to return Violette to a man she doesn?t love, especially the man he holds responsible for his brother Charles? ruin. However, Richard Graves, the fianc?, is a fiercer opponent than they expected.

It falls to both Charlie and Ethan to find new and wicked ways to ?ruin? Violette! And when they do, she doesn?t want to live without either of them!

Publisher Note: This book has previously been published elsewhere.

Between Two Captains



Darelle was brought across by the world’s oldest vampire, yet she retained her soul.

Terrified by her sire’s obsession with her, she escapes him and is rescued by two gorgeous Roman warriors. Not only do they rescue her, but Kane and Gareth claim to be her guardians, fellow vampires of her breed, sworn to pleasure, love and protect her for eternity.

True to their word, they shower her with erotic pleasures beyond imagining, their union strengthening them against the forces they must face. For an evil far greater than her sire’s lust awaits them all?

Darelle’s Trinity

Menage Week: Let Your Characters Lead the Way by Lacey Savage

I have a confession to make. I normally don’t set out to write m?nages. Not because I don’t like them–quite the opposite, in fact–but because my story ideas are usually rather straightforward. One man, one woman, engaged in something exciting, with a heavy dose of hot-and-steamy action. See? Simple, right? On occasion, I start out with a story idea that just begs to be written with two male heroes, but again, I stop there. Two men, hot for each other, are forced to overcome some extreme obstacle to find their happy-ever-after.

So how did I end up with nine published m?nage stories? Simple. The characters refused to be involved in anything but a m?nage.

Oh, I tried talking them out of it. I plotted their story a certain way, wrote comprehensive character sheets and in-depth outlines and created entire scene summaries that clearly detailed a one-on-one relationship.

And then my characters laughed at me. Once I sat down and started writing, they had their own ideas about who they were going to love, and who they were going to make love to. Often, it was the characters I least expected to have a starring role that ended up being a major part of the story.

In DIRTY LOVE, a futuristic m?nage, the second hero was supposed to be–wait for it–the villain. So much for that, right? I started writing, and I realized the heroine really, really liked this man. And he wasn’t just pulling the wool over her eyes like I originally thought. No, he was a genuinely nice guy. Then as I later found out, the two heroes had a relationship that went back a long time. So I scrapped all my well-laid plans and let my characters lead the way.

How about a couple of excerpts to illustrate what I mean?

These are from DIRTY LOVE. This first excerpt is taken right out of the scene when I realized that the villain wasn’t going to work as a villain, and that in fact he had a much more important role to play.


Isy had never been a risk taker. She couldn’t chance being turned in for pursuing a relationship with Connor, but giving in to Trevor wouldn’t be much better. The law was too strict to circumvent. At best, she’d lose her clinic. At worst, her freedom.

Isy ground her teeth, then forced herself to relax her jaw. Not for the first time, she wished she’d been born a century earlier. Life must have been so much simpler in the 1980s.

Damn. Connor was sinful, but Trevor was no less tempting. He was thoughtful, intelligent, attractive. Very attractive, if she had to be honest.

Chiseled cheekbones and a sharp, angular jaw dominated a classically handsome face. Light eyebrows nearly blended into his tanned skin. Blue-gray eyes, faded in contrast to Connor’s blazing sapphire, could make any woman melt under their scrutiny.

He kept his hair trimmed short, only about a quarter of an inch above his smooth scalp. The military style appeared to age some men. Not Trevor. Clean-shaven, he looked a decade younger than his forty-five years. His trim build and the effortless way his loose jeans hugged his lean hips added to the allure.

It would have been so easy to give in to his smooth seduction, yet she’d resisted. For weeks, she’d been pushing him away, coming up with excuse after excuse not to invite him inside. Not to be alone with him.

At the time, she’d convinced herself she was simply done with men. That ship had sailed, as her mother used to say. Society demanded she play the role of celibate spinster the day she turned forty, and she’d been happy enough to act the part.

Hadn’t she?

Apparently not, judging by the way she’d practically thrown herself at Connor just minutes earlier.

Every muscle in Isy’s body tensed as she prepared to push Trevor away again. “I’m sorry, I really am. Maybe some other time.” She forced a smile, but she could feel her lower lip quiver. It wouldn’t take a genius to figure out she was nervous, so she dropped the act. “I’m tired, and I still have testing to conduct tonight.”

“I see.” Trevor made no effort to hide the open interest that lit up his eyes. “Anyone promising?”

She chalked it up to professional curiosity. “Perhaps. I’ll let you know.”

He looked like he wanted to argue, but nodded instead. “Well, why don’t you keep the food and flowers anyway? Think of me while you’re eating.” He winked. “I’ll think of eating you.”

But the real kicker came at the end of the next chapter. Read on… you’ll see what I mean:

Connor pressed the tips of two fingers against her clit and rubbed slowly in small circles. His gaze pinned hers. “Good?”

She said something incomprehensible. A cry and a moan and his name, all rolled into a sigh of breathless wonder.

He grinned, and the sight of that genuine smile made Isy’s heart do a summersault.


Like he had to ask. She licked her lips. “Please.”

So polite. Her voice so damn steady, despite the fact she felt as though she was coming apart at the seams from the inside. The urge to clamp her thighs around Connor’s handsome face and grind her pussy against his mouth knocked the air from her lungs. She fought for control, each breath coming in a harsh, ragged gasp as potent need clamped down on her belly and twisted.

Lust knifed her, and still, Connor went slowly. Maddeningly slowly.

He placed sweet, soft kisses to the inside of her thigh. His warm lips caressed her skin and the tip of his tongue left a wet trail in his wake. Each brush of his mouth felt like a sensual embrace, engulfing her flesh, driving deep inside her where the taut need and the silly girlish fantasies had been lying dormant for so long.

The progress of his mouth wasn’t even a kiss any longer. It was a getting-to-know you exploration, each erotic lick branding her, claiming her.

When he finally reached her pussy, he hovered there, his lips tantalizingly close to her aching center. She felt his breath, every puff stoking flames of raw need, making her quiver while her emotions spiked and spiraled out of control.

One more second. She only had to hold on for one more second and he’d give her what she craved. He’d cover the remainder of the distance and clamp his mouth to her pussy in a soul-shattering, mind-numbing intimate kiss.

She ground her teeth together so hard her jaw hurt. Her fingernails dug into her palms. Her breath jerked in tiny little spasms that held her on the edge of climax. One touch of his lips, one fleeting dab of his tongue, and she’d come so hard and so fast that she’d howl with the endless pleasure of it.

Lightning-fast, before she could even fathom the cruelty of it, Connor rose to his full height. His chin grazed her cheek when he leaned in again to whisper in her ear. “I can do this for hours, Isabel. Hours. And then, just when you think you can’t take any more, you’ll beg me to fuck you. You’ll be so hungry for my cock that you’ll plead with me to shove it inside you and take you, again and again and again.”

“No.” A croak of denial, but she meant it. She couldn’t succumb to the maddening sexual urges. No matter how agonizing they were, or how tantalizing Connor was. She wouldn’t give in.


Not Connor. Another voice. A man, somehow familiar.

Isy struggled to make sense of what she was hearing, but her body betrayed her, quaking and making it impossible to think past the agony in her clit and the throbbing heat inside her clenched cunt.

“No,” she repeated. Too dangerous. Too easy to fall, too hard to let go.

Her hands flew to the acute twinge between her legs. She knew her body. One touch would relieve the temporary madness, but she couldn’t do it without her fingers, or Connor’s fingers, or his tongue, or–

Connor was faster. He grabbed her wrists, pushed them together and yanked her hands over her head, holding them there.

Pleasure and pain mingled inside her. She tried to twist out of his grasp and shift on the now-warm surface of the counter. Her pussy left a slick trail of cream along the glossy finish.

“Well, then…”

That voice again. The other one.

“If you won’t take Connor’s cock, have mine.”

You guessed it. That other voice is Trevor’s, and I guarantee Isy wasn’t half as surprised as I was!

The moral of the story? Let your characters lead the way. They always know best.

And if you want to learn more about Isy, Connor and Trevor, pick up DIRTY LOVE at Amber Heat.

Menage Week: Triangle of Love by Jet Mykles

1, 2, 3… menages, mmmmmm. What’s not to love? One girl getting special lovin’ from two guys, or one guy getting lovin’ from a girl and a guy. Yum. Okay, you can go the other way with two girls and a guy and I know for some that’d be the bomb, but I happen to prefer dreaming about the former.

For you see, I’m a romantic. Those who’ve read my books probably won’t find that at all surprising. I’m all for finding that one special person that’s the one for you and living happily ever after. In real life, I’m very much a realist and don’t expect such things to happen, but in my fiction, oh yeah. At least in my romantic fiction. So, while I’m fantasizing, why not go all the way? I like the idea of two men in a romantic relationship, but I also happen to be a woman and I certainly appreciate the wonders of sex between a man and a woman. With a menage, I’ve got it all. Besides, doesn’t it seem fair? You’ve got two guys who happen to like sex with men, why can’t they like and enjoy sex with women too? Men who like men want to have children too, they may want to share intimacies with women, they may like the variety. And a woman has so many varied orifices to play with (yes, I did say that), why not play with two men? You think I’ve given this some thought?

I will also be the first to point out that menages can’t always work. I’ve read plenty of menage stories that don’t ring true for me, and that ruins the sexiness. If I get the feeling that two of the players are more into each other and the one is a third wheel, I’ll tune out of the menage part of the story and hope that it ends up with the pair on their own. If it’s one of those deals where he likes him but he likes her and she likes the first guy, well, I guess that could work but it just seems like years of therapy or mental abuse in the making. No thanks. So what kind of menage works for me? A proper triad. A triangle doesn’t work without all three sides and a menage should be the same. There has to be a reason that the possible pairings just won’t work, but then you add the third to give the pair what they need and it works. I’ll use my own menages as examples.


  • In my Leashed series, Michael and Rudy are a pair before they ever meet Meg. They have a history and they shared a dark time in their life, so there’s a love based on shared experience. Plus, Rudy’s something of a submissive and Michael has definite dominant tendencies. Together, they work. But Michael is sometimes too much for Rudy and Rudy doesn’t always give Michael the fight or, rather, resistence he craves. So here comes Meg. She’s not really dominant but she’s not exactly submissive. She stands up for herself but she stays out of the way. She often needs a good, hard shove to get her to move forward and even once she gets going, she needs a safe haven to retreat to. Perfect. Michael is more than up to challenging Meg and Rudy is happy to provide the haven. In addition, Meg’s got abilities that make her perfect for Michael. Can’t go into detail about those because it would spoil the series.


  • The one serious menage from my Dark Elves series happened in the third book, Salvation. Like Michael and Rudy, Radin and Savous have a past. They’ve been friends and more than friends for centuries (the elves live for several hundred years). Radin is a full-fledged sorcerer and Savous is his apprentice. They have a firmly established, happy relationship, but neither thought they were a happily-ever-after type of pair. They were with each other mainly because of friendship and would relinquish once one or the other truemated. To be honest, both knew that once a truematch happened, the other would be more than welcome into threesomes, but neither forsaw any lasting triad. But then comes Irin. They both have a hand in raising her (again, they’re long lived and she’s human) and have come to care about her. By the time she reaches sexual maturity, there’s no question in either of their minds that one of them would be her first. But the unexpected happens (of course). Irin turns out to be much more than even they thought she could be and, in striving to protect her, they fall deeper in love. In this case, Irin loves both men for similar but somewhat different reasons, mainly because they have different personalities. But it’s well into the book before she’s forced to show a preference. Again, I’ll stop lest I give away the book’s story.
  • My latest menage has yet to be released. It’ll be another book in my Heaven Sent series. I guess, technically, it’s book six but since it’s not about any of the band members, I kind of view it as an off shoot. Revelations takes place a few months after Genesis and it’s about Gretchen, the band’s long-time manager. This menage is different than the previous two in that none of the players really know each other well before hand. Owen works for Gretchen and is secretly in love with her and she admired him but thinks he’s too young for her. Then she meets Archer. Archer is, I have to say it, a pushy bastard, but in a good way (at least I think so). He doesn’t see the sense in not going for what he wants. First he wants Gretchen. Then, when he meets Owen and detects the feelings between them, he finds that unbearably exciting. Like in my Leashed trio, the girl and one of the guys are very dominant and the other guy just isn’t. The girl and the guy have the constant push and pull that they need, but they also have the other guy to look out for.

A triangle. It has to be a triangle or it’s just going to fall apart.

My Leashed, Dark Elves and Heaven Sent stories are all available in ebook at Loose Id and many of them are also available in print.

To find out more about Jet Mykles visit her website at:

Menage Week: Book Spotlight Sex With Strangers by Evangeline Anderson

sexwithstrangers_msrSex with Strangers by Evangeline Anderson

Blurb and a Naughty Excerpt

Sex with Strangers-Evangeline Anderson

Lissa Walker is an unwilling porn star. In order to pay off her uncle’s gambling debt she’s forced to perform on loan shark, Normal Scudder’s, X-rated webcasts. Touching herself for an Internet audience is awful but what Lissa really fears is her two best friends, Luke and Cal, seeing Scudder’s site.

Luke and Cal are two ordinary guys-for werewolves anyway. They’ve been a bonded pair for five years now and Lissa is the only female who can make their Triad complete. But how can they reveal their true nature without scaring her off forever?

Matters come to a head on Valentine’s Day when Scudder offers Lissa a deal-pose for his other website, Bound and Forced and he will consider her uncle’s debt paid. The last thing Lissa wants to do is have sex with strangers but she’s so desperate she agrees. What she doesn’t know is that the two men she’ll be having sex with aren’t strangers. They are Luke and Cal and this Valentine’s night just happens to be a full moon.


“Remember one thing, Lissa. No matter what happens, Cal and I will protect you. You just have to trust us, no matter what.”

“I trust you.” Lissa hoped the tremble in his voice wasn’t noticeable. Suddenly she wanted to do something bold, something to show them both how she really felt.

Pressing closer to Luke, she rubbing her bare breasts and hard nipples against his chest. At the same time she arched her back to rub the soft curve of her ass against Cal’s thick shaft. “Kiss me,” she whispered to both of them. “Don’t wait for Scudder to come over and point the gun at us again. Let’s just try to forget about him.”

“He’s already forgotten,” Cal breathed in her ear. “God, Lissa, you feel so good between us!”

“You don’t know how long we’ve wanted you like this,” Luke murmured in agreement before bending to take her mouth in a breathless kiss.

Dimly Lissa was aware of Scudder saying something about them starting before the camera was ready but she put it out of her mind and focused on the feeling of being held between the two hard, masculine bodies in back and front of her. As Luke kissed her mouth and Cal reached around to cup her breasts, she couldn’t help remembering the conversation they’d had when they thought she was asleep. About all the things they wanted to do to her. Would they do those things now?

As if in answer to her question she felt Cal trailing kisses down her back. His mouth moved in a slow, hot pattern, making her moan softly into Luke’s mouth. Luke growled in approval and kissed her harder, sucking her tongue possessively. She could feel the hot, hard length of his cock branding her belly and suddenly she wanted it inside her no matter what the circumstances were. But before she could break the kiss and let him know, she felt Cal’s mouth travel even lower.

He’d already licked and sucked a tingling trail over her lower back and the rounded curve of her ass but somehow Lissa was still taken by surprise when she felt his large warm hands spreading her legs from behind. She stiffened against Luke, unsure what to think. Where exactly was Cal planning on kissing her next?

Sensing her anxiety, Luke broke their kiss and whispered softly in her ear. “It’s all right, Lissa. Just let Cal in.”

“But what…why…?” Lissa felt tongue-tied and uncertain but Luke seemed to understand what she needed to know.

“Cal’s the Beta in our pair,” he murmured into her ear. “It’s his job to get you ready to have my cock inside you. So you need to open up for him and let him taste you, let him make you wet and hot enough to take me deep in your pussy.”

Lissa bit her lip, trying not to feel embarrassed. Trying to remember that they were only doing this until they could put Cal’s plan into action. Surely she could open herself enough to go with the flow until then, couldn’t she? “I’ll try,” she whispered to Luke. “But…can you help me?”

“Of course, honey.” He kissed her softly again and then she felt his big, warm hands traveling down her body to cup the rounded curves of her buttocks. Lifting gently he spread her open, supporting some of her weight so she was free to arch her back and give Cal access to the area between her thighs.

She heard Cal murmur approvingly and then he was opening her even wider and pressing his face against her cleft. He spread the puffy lips of her pussy with his fingers and Lissa gasped and moaned when she felt him sucking gently at the swollen bud of her clit.

“God, Lissa, you’re so beautiful when you moan like that,” Luke murmured, his golden eyes half-lidded with lust. “Tell me what he’s doing right now that’s getting you all hot and bothered.”

“He’s…” Lissa pressed her mouth to his ear, ashamed to say it out loud. “He’s licking me…sucking my pussy…my clit. It feels…oh, God, it feels so good.”

“Of course it does,” Luke growled approvingly. “Tell me, Lissa, do you like it when Cal licks your pussy? Is he making you wet?”

Lissa felt the heat of a blush climbing her cheeks but she couldn’t deny the truth. “I…yes. Yes, he is,” she admitted. “His mouth on me feels so good…so right.”

“That’s because it is right,” Luke assured her, kissing the side of her neck. “This is where you need to be, between Cal and me, naked and open for both of us.”

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Menage Week: In The Middle–Being the F in the middle of a M/F/M m?nage lifestyle by Lena Austin

Please don’t envy me. By the time I’m finished with this post, some of you may wish to send me chocolate or offer to go out for a “girl day.”

I live in a polyamorous household with two men. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Two men, ready, willing, and able to fulfill every woman’s sexual fantasy gets the imagination going. Sure gets mine off to a lovely start.

However, let’s remember that we three can’t spend our lives in bed. There’s work to be done, chores, and –at one point– children to care for. So, let’s have a reality check first before we get to the good stuff.

Work is an interesting proposition. Until recently, Randy and Dante worked at the same factory. They carpooled, of course, but worked in separate areas. Even that was almost too much togetherness. Randy’s our Alpha Male (Yes, one of the males will be dominant) and a right royal grump in the morning. Dante, OTOH, awakens cheerful and talkative. This doesn’t make for a pleasant ride to work in the morning for either of them. It got worse when Dante got a promotion in his department to a supervisory position.

You see, all this Alpha Male/Beta Male stuff is mostly a myth. Males are all Alphas, and they will butt heads like stags in rut ALL THE TIME. Unlike deer, we humans are always in season, and males of all species have a competition thing going. Both want to win, even the male who chooses to be the Beta. One male must choose to be the Beta, or there will be an endless round of conflict.

Dante chose to be the Beta in our relationship. He lets Randy be the dominant, even when it costs him a bit of pride. Let’s give a round of applause to Dante, ladies. Who’s the stronger male? IMHO, Dante wins hands down.

In chores, we operate on a roommate relationship for the most part. However, let’s be realistic, shall we? Who’s the female living with two men? Me. Dante may do his own laundry and clean his own room, but who does the cooking and the cleaning of the main portion of the house? Honey, it’s not the tooth fairy. (Grin)? I do get out of doing the evening dishes, most of the time. The guys do those, mainly because we don’t have a dishwasher in our beloved 50-year-old home. I think they know there’d be a feminine rebellion at that point.

Finances should be better. Well, yes and no. Remember that three adults are just that–three adults. Adults incur debts like car payments and credit cards. We all three have different hobbies, and the necessary expenses caused by those hobbies. The only savings are the same as roommates -food and shelter. Like any other household in America, budget expenses equal the amount of income brought in. We just have the hedge that there’s three of us bringing in the income, so if one loses their job, the other three can cover for him or her long enough to (hopefully) find a new job. It can get ugly, and some luxury services like cable TV can go the way of the dodo, but we do manage to hang on a bit longer.

Okay, let’s get to the good stuff. You want to know about the sex, right? When it’s hot, it’s smoking hot, but we’re back to the Alpha-Beta problem again. Yep, it even invades the bedroom.

I can hear the collective sighs out there. How many of you just envisioned two Alpha Males fighting it out for dominance while the naked female waits in the bed for the winner? Get real. This is the 21st century. I wait for no man darlings, and neither would you. Do you really want the bloodied up winner, all pumped up with testosterone-laced adrenaline, falling on you like a barbarian? Okay, so some of you might. LOL!

Dominance Wars do not make for a harmonious home, girls. It’s only sexy the first time. After that, arguments and competition ruin the mood because they’re snarling at each other and not paying attention to you. They also don’t remember this is about sex, not testosterone.

So what’s a girl to do if she wants two men in her bed and paying attention to her needs? Why honey, you do more diplomatic dancing than Ginger Rogers ever managed with Fred Astaire! You lead, tease, and cajole until both agree to put aside their differences in exchange for some happy sex where everyone gets off at least once, and preferably more than once. Are we talking a lot of work? Yep.

Is it worth it? Oh, hell yeah! Would three very dominant personalities like Dante, Randy and I all manage to stay together nearly twenty years without the rewards being greater than the problems?

Girls, it’s worth it when I do manage to manipulate them both so perfectly that they eagerly come to bed and we romp until we all three fall asleep exhausted in the king sized bed. Hint: get one of the outside positions or that morning piddle is a screaming emergency by the time you can crawl out of bed without waking them both up. Unless you can levitate, you’d better be acrobatic. And they wonder how I stay in shape as I approach my fiftieth birthday…

Happy imaginings! Oh, wait. You don’t have to. Just read my books. Every m?nage has a kernel of memory inside. See if you can guess what actually happened.

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Menage Week: A,B,C?EASY AS 1,2,3? by Belinda McBride

So you want to write m?nage….

A few years back, I was still in scribbling phase of self-expression, not really planning on sending anything in for submission.? In fact, I’d never even read or heard of erotic romance.? I was just busy writing away on a fantasy about a pair of spies named Mouse and Diego.? Well, at some point in their story, they are separated; Diego vanishes on a mysterious mission, and Mouse is imprisoned and given over to the pleasure of another captive named Damiano.

Well, Damiano charmed her completely, and before long, Mouse began to fall for this man.? She still missed her lover Diego, but life is life. Right?? Then the curve ball came over the plate. Damiano and Diego were formerly lovers, and are still the best and closest of friends. When Diego shows up to rescue Dami, he finds Mouse in his best friend’s bed.

What was meant to be a heart-rending triangle suddenly took a strange turn. Mouse looked at one man, then the other, and said, “I don’t see a problem.”? Diego and Dami look at each other and shrug. They love her, they loved one another. Problem solved.

My goodness…when I saw what I’d written, I thought I was a freak. A woman with two men?? Sheesh! I mean, m?nage wasn’t even something I thought about, in spite of the fact that it had cropped up in my family more than once.

Aha!? You see, from the time I was a kid, I knew that my great-grandfather had 8 wives, which wasn’t unusual within his culture. (He was a Comanche leader)? But…his daughter had two husbands. Now that was odd within the culture. An English relative had a household with his wife and her sister, having children with both. But again, my family treated it normally.? Then there was my oh-so-strange Aunt Gloria, her husband and their “extras.”? (But we won’t go there….she truly wasn’t normal. LOL!)? Suffice it to say, that as a tiny kid, when I saw “Paint Your Wagon” and the heroine married both men, I didn’t see a problem with it.

After realizing what I’d written in that early m?nage, I went on a hunt for books about m?nage, and ran across Emma Holly’s Strange Attraction.? Whoa Nellie!? I read some Lora Leigh, I wasn’t crazy about everything she wrote, but the m?nage aspect still intrigued me.? Obviously, I wasn’t the only woman out there who liked that sort of thing.? That’s when it occurred to me that there might be a market for the type of writing that I was creating.

So nowadays, I really have to think about a story before sitting down to write, because I love m?nage!? Even stories that start off with a couple tend to wind up with three lovers in the picture.? Three separate love interests create so many potential conflicts and possibilities!? It’s a little tricky to write a m?nage in a novella, as that means three separate characters and relationships to develop.? It’s very easy to fall into the trap of glossing over one or more characters.

The genre of m?nage is hugely popular these days, even crossing over into NY mainstream with writers like Laurell K. Hamilton.? Now bear in mind, I’m talking m?nage, not threesomes or other variations of multiple partners.? As you read in an earlier post, m?nage translates to ‘household’ and implies a familial relationship. (At least to me.) I want a relationship between the three, not a third or fourth person visiting the bed for a one night stand.

So here are a few of my personal m?nage rules. These are Belinda’s Rules, and not written in stone.? Nor are they for everyone. It’s just what keeps me on track.

  • As in real life, a m?nage in fiction has to give equal treatment to all characters.? All members of the relationship are important, and all characters should have separate relationships with one another.? See why it’s tricky to develop a m?nage in a novella?? In Imperative: Missing You, the developing relationship between three characters is the plot and the conflict of the story.? There are no villains, no evil outside forces keeping the lovers apart.? In Soul Keeper, the romance is between Dorian and Phaedre, but later in the book Dorian’s twin Kaine joins them in a temporary marriage. While he doesn’t stay with them permanently, and he isn’t the dominant male in the threesome, Kaine develops a completely separate relationship with Phaedre.? His relationship with his brother is changed as well. Which brings me to…
  • Pay attention to blood relationships in a m?nage. I get very leery of writing relatives in a m?nage. Brothers, twins, cousins…I’ve used them but it’s a little squeachy for me.? A little too close to incest, and some readers are justifiably sensitive to that. In the Belle Starr universe, there is an alien race called Somians.? They are always born in same sex pairs that remain together for life. They always marry twins.? Somians have a very close link to their twin, even sharing sexual arousal and sensation.? But they don’t touch. They are not lovers. “But Belinda…aren’t Kaine and Dorian twins?” Yes, but those scenes were written very carefully, as Kaine himself is an abuse victim.? Dorian might “navigate” the sex, but he doesn’t touch.? Personally, I tend to write bisexual m?nage more than heterosexual, simply because with three people in a bed, those men are going to be touching bits of one another.? Its kind of fun to have a straight guy bumping bits with the other guy who is less inhibited that way!
  • Who is the anchor of a love scene? This can be a POV character, or the character that the other lovers are focusing on.? Again…in Missing You, when I finally got the three of them in bed, most of their love scenes focused on Duncan.? Why?? Because both Marina and Con are dominant personalities, and bickered over who was doing what to whom.? It was fun seeing it through Duncan’s eyes.? Plus, they tended to tie Duncan to the bed and have leg wrestling contests to decide who got first crack at him!? An anchor character also helps you to keep track of all the arms and legs in the bed.
  • Why a m?nage in the first place? Frankly, some stories just don’t want to be m?nages.? For example, in Imperative: Saving You, Jase should have ended up mated to Neil and Mari.? But doing that undermined the fragile and beautiful relationship that developed between the primary couple.??? It was one of the few times that I intended to write a m?nage, but dropped the third side of the romance.? Believe me, you darn well better have a good reason for putting three or more people together.? In Soul Keeper, Kaine was a messed up, tormented character who was unable to function sexually without the security of his brother’s presence.? That was the real reason he came to their bedroom. To appease Equis culture, Dorian and Phaedre invoked an ancient tradition that allowed a female to take a second husband in times of danger. Of course, Kaine knew they did it to begin him on the road to recovery, yet they allowed him to hang onto his pride.
  • Beware of gimmicks. My personal pet peeve?? Bringing a threesome together by magic or some other mystical means.? And of course, since I hate that gimmick so much, I used it in the Imperative series.? O course, I did it my way.? Just because the couples/threesomes are bound by outside forces doesn’t mean that it’s all happily-ever-after. I really like to think that falling in love creates enough magic that my lovers don’t need some mystical binding to hold them together. They love, they hurt, they work and eventually prevail.? They earn their happily-ever-after. Another gimmick I’ve used is the tri-mating.? In Belle Starr, to ensure the likelihood that sex will lead to pregnancy, a second male penetrates the primary male, leading to a tie.? It was really an excuse to get Thorn Greywolf into bed with the primary couple.? It was also a way to inject some humor into the scene when the threesome goes awry.? From the way its going, Thorn’s going to be in their bed for quite some time…But back to gimmicks…why bother?? Just…
  • Create your own reality. If you don’t want to write about a real culture or society that practices polyamory, or don’t feel that you can fit a m?nage into a contemporary story, then think outside the box.? You can create your own mythos where alternate sexuality is normal and accepted, or even encouraged.? You can write sci fi or fantasy, or an alternate version of the here and now.? You can even create a fictional subculture in your own town.? I have a great time making up my rules.? For example, in Soul Keeper, the Equis rarely take a mate, but when they do, it’s a life-long commitment, and they are fiercely possessive of their mate.? I have a great time breaking my rules as well.? Dorian remembers that in the far past, during times of danger, an extra husband often entered the marriage to protect the female and her children. That allowed me to insert Kaine into the relationship.? In Belle Starr, males always form a deep, life-long friendship with another male who will eventually service him during the tri-mating.? That ritual binds the second male to the children that he ushers into existence.? He’s more than a godfather or an uncle.? Thorn Greywolf is very possessive of Armand’s children.? To a degree, he perceives of them as being his own.? Among the AmWere culture, homosexuality really doesn’t exist, but the tri-mating knocks down that taboo, and Thorn is suddenly Armand’s lover as well as beta.
  • Have fun! Don’t do it if you can’t connect to the genre.? Don’t do it if it makes you uncomfortable. Don’t do it just because of the market. If it’s one of your favorite fantasies, if you read it a lot, then give it a shot!? I have to tell you, I am a prude.? Really.? But in my family, polyamory wasn’t considered odd, so it’s a comfortable genre for me to write.? I have an impossible time writing about casual sex or cheating.? But multiple, committed lovers going at it like bunnies?? Bring it on!

bmb_bellestar_coverinComing soon to Loose Id: BELLE STARR!

Marshal Annabelle “Cowgirl” Oakley is the best law enforcement officer in Interstellar Coalition Enforcement.? With her wolf Tucker at her side, Belle is clearly the best man for the job.? Unfortunately, the job comes with hazards, and one of those hazards comes in the shape of tall, mysterious Armand.

Armand de le Croix is a werewolf with amnesia.?? He has no idea how he came to be living in Coalition space, he doesn’t know where his people are, or why his inky black hair is now snowy white.? He just knows that the tall, dangerous redhead is all that he wants, and he means to have her.

When they meet, it’s magic.? When they part, its mayhem.


Belle was the first freed from the extended tie; she flopped gracelessly off her mate, making a feeble attempt to escape to the bathroom.? Armand grabbed her wrist and held her fast.? Long minutes later, Thorn slipped free of Armand’s body, both men cursed and moaned as they separated, Thorn splayed out prone on top of his Alpha.

“God, I’m sorry, Armand.? I swear, I didn’t see that happening…”? He rolled to the side, his long hair spread over his face.? “I can’t move.? My hair is in my face, and I swear, I can’t move.”? Belle giggled again, tugging weakly at Armand’s hand.? He released her suddenly, and she slipped off the bed with a thud.

“I’m okay.”

Her muffled voice floated up from somewhere on the floor.? He thought maybe she’d landed face down.

Armand rolled his eyes.

“What exactly did she do to you?”

Thorn dragged a heavy hand over his face, clearing a bit of hair from his eyes.

“Just as I was about to come, she uh…”

“She put a finger up your ass.”

“Mmmmhmmm.? Sorry, Mon Ami.”

He lay there quietly for a moment.? “By God, Armand, I hope you two decide to have lots of children.? Dozens would be good.”

“Fuck you, Thorn.”

“Oh, please….”

All three broke into giddy laughter.

“Belle, this was supposed to be a solemn, meaningful moment.”

Armand saw her hand reach up to the bedside table, fishing around till she found the tissue box.? The tri-mating was a messy business.

“Well, it’s still a profound moment.? It’s….”? Her head come up, followed by her weary body.? “It was the sacred covenant between the Alpha and his second-in-command.”

Armand’s big hand came down over her head, pushing her back to the floor, and she started giggling again.? “God, Armand, I wish I could have seen your face when he knotted you!”

Thorn pushed himself wearily to his elbow.? “I did, it wasn’t pretty.? His eyes rolled up into his head.”

“That good, huh?”

Armand grimaced.? “I thought I had a bowling ball up my ass.”

She was crawling back onto the bed, this time into welcoming arms.

“You loved it.? Admit it, Armand.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever come so fucking hard in my life.”? His grin was reluctant.

Thorn scooted up to the pillows, laying back, arms behind his head.

“Obviously, I’d have wished my first tie to be with a woman, but god.? Maybe I should take those chocolates back, Belle.? Maybe I need to look more seriously for a mate.”

“Well, you need to find someone like me then.”

“God forbid.”

She smacked Armand’s ribs at that.

“Someone who’ll do that for fun.? Lordie, what a waste to only do that for breeding!”? She stretched languorously.? “It’s worth not being able to move afterwards.”

She glanced over at Armand; his eyelids were half-mast and dropping.? Thorn had an arm resting over his face, he was a goner.

She sighed, groaned a bit as she rose and headed for the shower.? Inside, she let the hot water pelt the sweat and the semen from her body; she soaped well and repeated, letting the heat melt her aches away.

She returned quietly to the bed, gently washed both men with warm cloths, smiling as they moaned; their normally active cocks were flaccid and quiet.? She tossed the cloths into a sanitizer, grimaced slightly at the soiled sheets and pulled them off the bed, pushing and pulling around the heavily sleeping men.? Belle found a clean duvet and tossed it over their bodies, and then climbed into the big bed, opting to sleep in the middle.? If there were any blanket wars, she figured she’d be on the winning side.

She tucked her head into Armand’s side, smiling as his arm automatically pulled her closer.? The smile stayed long after she fell asleep.

Other Menages by Belinda McBride:


In the future, we don’t choose our mates; Nature chooses for us. Nature doesn’t make mistakes. And if you don’t pay attention to Nature’s Imperative, you suffer.

Aquamarine Davis has an exciting future. The up and coming young choreographer is leaving town for a new job when she feels the unwelcome call of the Imperative. Hounded by an intense, biological compulsion to find her mate, Marina reluctantly attends the local mating assembly.

Artist Con Montgomery is thrilled that the Imperative finally called! At 32, he believed his time had passed. For years, he’s been haunted by visions of blue which he knew symbolized his mate. The Imperative leads him to Duncan Sinclair, and Con immediately recognizes his future in the smiling blue eyes of this man.

When Con and Duncan walk out of the Assembly together, they leave something behind: Marina. Their mate.

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He was the most beautiful creature she’d ever seen.

Prompted by visions of her late husband, Phaedre Goode seeks out the elusive Soul Keeper Dorian Blue. The haunted Equis shelters the soul of Steven Goode, and with it, Phaedre’s hopes for a child with her late husband.

The mysterious woman mesmerizes Dorian. How did she know to find him? How can she so clearly read his pain? With just a smile, she rouses his passion and wakes his dead heart.

Phaedre must convince the centaur to leave the forest and accompany her on a journey that will change his very existence.

Because Phaedre is keeping a secret. And Phaedre’s secret will rock the world.

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Menage Week: Menage and the Alpha Male by Delilah Devlin

While I’ve had monogamous couples including other people in their sexual explorations, I’m relatively late at delivering stories with true m?nage relationships. Jane’s Wild Weekend was my first. Saddled my second. It took me a while to find that emotional spark that I needed to feel to believe it was possible.

I generally write what I know. And since I’ve never been in love with two men at the same time, I had to wrap my head around it. Part of that process was going back in memory to the men I’ve known who could have been amenable to sharing. I write Alpha guys. Alpha guys are territorial. It would take a fiercely loving alpha to be willing to open his heart to the possibility that he couldn’t fulfill every one of his woman’s needs. Sure he might be willing to bring a buddy in on the fun and games if he had a lesson or test he wanted to put to the woman. Or if he wanted to break down every one of her walls and be there in the end (alone) to offer her comfort and love.

So, when I decided to accept the challenge, I dug deep. JWW and Saddled share a couple of similarities-men who’ve been friends a long, long time. Men who’ve caroused and shared women in a casual way before. Was this lazy of me? It was certainly safe. I could believe it. I hoped readers would too. When the female who interested them both enters the picture, she’s walking into their shared territory. They think it’s fun and games, but a spark catches fire. Suddenly, the dynamics of the relationship between the men is challenged. Jealousy rears its ugly head, and that’s just one of the conflicts that threaten their friendship and their new feelings for the woman.

My first two experiments were so much fun, I’m ready to delve deeper.

janeswildweekend_msrExcerpt for Jane’s Wild Weekend:

Jane wants Bruno…Bruno wants Cord…Cord wants Jane…but can everyone get what they really want?

Jane, fresh from a breakup, decides to seduce Bruno, one of the firemen next door, to restore her shattered confidence. But the trap she sets is sprung instead by his best friend, Cord. After she flees in embarrassment, Bruno makes a proposition too wicked for any good girl to consider, but how can she refuse the chance at not one, but two strapping firemen?

Bruno’s shared women with Cord before, but decides to use Cord’s attraction to Jane to break down his defenses for the ultimate threesome. Cord thinks he knows how this little tryst will go down, but he’s seduced into allowing Bruno intimacies this hetero guy has never before considered.


Cord nearly groaned he was so relieved he hadn’t somehow blown it. Sliding deep into Jane’s sexy body had become an obsession. He braced his hands on either side of her shoulders, lifted his torso off hers, and slowly settled his knees between her thighs. “Put me inside you,” he whispered.

A soft, thin moan sifted between her lips and she slowly slipped a hand between their bodies, her fingers gliding between their quivering bellies to wrap around his cock. With their gazes tangling, she pushed him between her folds, pausing to rub the tip against her slick clit then pressed him downward until he prodded her opening.

Cord groaned and rocked his hips forward, shoving into her silky slit and driving deep.

Jane’s breath rushed out. Her mouth opened, but no sound escaped. Her knees rose on either side of him and she tilted her pelvis, giving him a straight shot, giving him permission to stroke deep and hard.

Cord gritted his teeth, wanting to savor the feel of her wet walls closing around him, wanted to wallow in the gentle convulsions sucking at his cock, pulling him inside. He wanted to be gentle, to get it right, but her hot, wet heat was doing a number on his self-control and he flexed and stroked deep and sure, his buttocks quickly picking up momentum.

He held himself above her, the muscles in his arms and backs thickening, defining, as a primal satisfaction, a need to mark and prove ownership, was fulfilled with each steady stroke. Sweat broke on his face and chest, and he dipped down to rub it on her breasts, growling when her nipples stabbed and she pressed closer.

Slipping one hand beneath her ass, he gathered her up. He crawled closer on his knees to gain leverage and power then shortened his strokes, banging against the open, soaked cradle of her thighs. The bed creaked, the headboard thudded. The sound only added to his growing excitement.

God, Cord, harder…” Jane gritted out, her face flushing a deeper rose, perspiration beading on her upper lip. Her arms swept around him, her hands clutched his back, her fingernails digging into his skin.

Cord grunted, shifted his knees again and pounded, setting the bed rocking forward and back. He didn’t care if he knocked out chunks of drywall, he wasn’t stopping now, couldn’t slow down, couldn’t hold back.

Her pussy squeezed around him, long, rhythmic caresses that slid along his shaft, buttery cream churned up by the motion of his hips and the steady, quickening thrusts of his cock.

The bed dipped beside them and Cord stiffened, pausing mid-stroke to aim a killing glare at Bruno, who smiled and lifted a tube of gel, a short braided leather flogger and a blindfold.

Jane’s desperate gaze swung toward Bruno and a soft, pained laugh gusted from her thinned lips. “Your timing sucks.” Her hands tightened on Cord’s back for a moment, and then she lay back and let them fall to the mattress beside her as she drew deep, shattered breaths.

Cord pulled away, angry, frustrated, wanting to curse and throw Bruno out of the room, but his arousal pulsed-a current of sensual curiosity and heightening tension sweeping through him.

He didn’t like that Bruno’s return sparked his interest. But he wasn’t going to fight it. Jane lay pliant, sweating, her breath rasping. Bruno’s hot gaze swept her body, lingering on her spiked nipples, then clung to the sight of her pussy-wet, open, white streaks of her honeyed arousal glistening on her parted folds.

“Really think she needs the blindfold?” Cord growled.

Bruno’s lips twisted. “No, but you do, buddy.”

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Excerpt for Saddled:

Slippery when naked…

When Bobby Blackhawk and Cale Yancey see a car slide off the highway and into an icy creek, they’ve got only minutes to get the beautiful driver out alive. And only one way to save her from hypothermia: take her to their isolated cabin, get naked…and hope like hell that when she wakes up, she doesn’t scream the place down.

Katherine Duvall opens her eyes in a strange bed, and the tingles flooding her body aren’t entirely due to restored circulation. She’s snuggled between two handsome men, one a gruff, gentle giant, the other a sexy, playful Native American. Having just left her fianc? romping with another woman, she’s not quite as shocked as she might have been.

In fact, these two lonesome cowboys could be the perfect bookends to satisfy her hunger for revenge and bolster her dented self esteem. It’s not long before their raging hormones are melting the snow on the cabin roof.

To their surprise, they find something else is melting, too. Their hearts…

Katherine Duvall awoke as sensation flooded her feet and hands-sharp prickling pinches that made her moan.

“Yeah, it’s gonna hurt. But it’s a good sign sweetheart,” a man whispered against her hair. “And there’s no frostbite. I checked.”

He’d checked? One fact penetrated her pain-filled fog. He’d done a lot more than checked. She was naked. And his bare-naked body was pressed up against her back, a penis nudging her bottom.

“Where are my clothes?” she gasped, choking on outrage and fear.

“Had to shuck ’em. They were soaked.”

She remembered the car sliding into the water. But why wasn’t she in a hospital? “Where am I?”

“In my cabin. Couldn’t chance taking you back to Wellesley. Snow’s comin’ down too hard.”

Her fingers stung, and she pulled her hands from under the covers to peer at them in the inky darkness. “How long have I been here?”

“Maybe an hour. Was worried about you two. You both passed out.”


“Bobby went into the creek after you. He’s not in much better shape.”

She edged carefully away from his body, instantly missing the warmth and rolled onto her back to get her first view of her “rescuer”. What she saw didn’t do a whole lot to alleviate her fears.

The man lying beside her was enormous-a broad-shouldered shadow. Her heartbeat thudded against her chest as her alarm grew, and she wondered what else he might have done while she’d been out.

“Let me get the lamp. You sound like you’re about to freak out.”

About to?

He leaned away. A light flickered on from a bedside table, and she got her first clear glimpse of the stranger in the bed beside her. He leaned on his elbows, his expression taut as she stared back. Shaggy, brown hair, thick dark brows over deep-set eyes. His skin was deeply tanned, his chest and abdomen a study in light and shadow as muscles rippled as he breathed. The thick fur covering his chest glinted with red and gold where the light struck it.

Then she caught a glimpse of another body outlined beneath the covers on his opposite side. “Just what the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“It’s not what it looks like,” he said softly, a smile turning up the tips of his mouth. “Swear. I had to get you both warm.”

She pulled the edge of the blanket higher over her chest and scooted away from him, caught by a hard shiver.

“You’re still chilled. The electric blanket’s set low. Didn’t want to damage tissue as I heated you both up.”

A groan sounded beyond the bear-like man. “Goddamn, would you both shut up? Fuck, everything hurts.”

“Bobby, you need to wake up. We got a problem here.”

The figure huddled under the blanket stirred and rolled toward them with a moan. When he came up on an elbow, air hissed through Kate’s teeth. The man was even more attractive than the first, and she was wondering if she’d woken up on the wrong side of heaven. This one wasn’t as large but was every bit as ripped. And his wide chest was hairless, his face austere, scraped clean over high cheekbones and a jutting jaw. An Indian by his bronze skin, even without seeing the long black hair that filtered around his shoulders.

Still, they were both naked. And sharing a bed with her. And she didn’t know if she was safe or about to be molested. After all she’d felt an erection prodding her bottom.

She took a quick, silent inventory. The parts of her that weren’t busy thawing didn’t feel any different. She’d know, wouldn’t she, if he’d already taken advantage of her?

“We’re not going to hurt you, lady,” Bobby said. “We saved your life. Get back under the covers and snuggle close. You’ll warm up faster. Can’t have you getting sick, seeing as how you’ll be stuck here for a while.”

Her heart stuttered, then began to race. “What? I can’t stay here.”

“Don’t know if you noticed,” Bobby replied, “but there’s a storm outside. The roads are closed. No one’s getting in or out.”

She opened her mouth to make another protest, but she shivered again and moaned as the pain intensified in her fingertips.

“You’re gonna have to trust us,” the big guy said. “If something comes up between us, you’ll just have to ignore it. My body’s warmer than yours even though I’ve been stuck between two blocks of ice for an hour.”

Color filled her cheeks. She shivered for another few moments and then gave in to the offer of warmth.

Facing away, she settled on her side and held her breath as he snuggled close again. When his arm came over her waist, she jumped but calmed as he shushed her gently.

The embarrassment and fear was a small price to pay for the heat his body generated.

“Just go to sleep,” he muttered. “This is as close as I’m gonna get.”

It was close enough. Again, his cock was upright and poking at her bottom.

“Don’t know how it’s staying hard,” he whispered. “Your ass is cold.”

A gust of laughter surprised her. “Serves you right. Should have kept your underwear on.”

“Lady, you always this grumpy?” came Bobby’s slurred whisper.

“No. I’m just not used to waking up in bed beside strangers.”

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Saddled – Available now from Samhain!
Seduced by Darkness – Nominated for Best Paranormal Erotic Romance Novel for 2008 by Romantic Times Magazine!

Menage Week: Why we love the idea of multiple partners? by Devyn Quinn

When you hear the word “m?nage a trios” the first thoughts you think might be naughty. After all, even though the definition of can be as simple as “human beings considered as a group or in indefinite numbers” (according to my dictionary), in most circles those three little words imply a sexual meaning, a triangle consisting of you, a lover and, ah, a second lover. Having sex. Whether that third person (or even more) is male or female makes no difference. What makes it exciting is that, for most pople, it’s forbidden. Taboo. A fantasy element you might daydream about, but never try in real life.

Are you blushing yet?

Even if you are, you might think in the back of your mind: why is the idea of adding another person to the sexual relationship between committed partners so appealing? Excitement? Sensation? That doubling the pleasure is doubling the fun?

As a writer who has written m?nage scenes in my books and novellas, I find the idea of more than one lover at a time appealing. There’s an extra added excitement to the notion that my hero or heroine is going to be exposed to a full range of sensations that I, as the writer, have never — and probably will never — experience.

That last sentence might cause of few readers to shake their heads.

What? Devyn Quinn writes m?nages, but has never had one?

Yes, that’s right. I frequently write scenes about multiple partners for my characters, yet it is something I haven’t personally indulged in. But just because I’ve never had that sort of experience doesn’t mean I can’t effectively portray it on paper and enjoy the experience through the eyes and emotions of my characters. After all, I’ve never shifted into an animal or slipped into an alternate dimension. But my characters have. In their world(s), they are fully capable of the acts I imagine for them. Therefore, when I add multiple people to their bedroom antics, they are fully capable of taking advantage of, and enjoying, the experience.

What about you, readers? How appealing do you find the idea of sexual m?nages? Are you vanilla, or into a variety of flavors. Even if it’s only fantasy, we want to hear your deepest, darkest thoughts on the subject.

Devyn’s Books With Menage Scenes in Them:


Personal Possessions by Devyn Quinn
A bad girl on the run meets a master of domination in a mysterious town called Helle?and Nikki Malone is about to be introduced to the most exquisite sensations by a man like no other. Jackson Sullivan meets her more than halfway?.

Also includes Captive Heat by Jodi Lynn Copeland and Rapture Bound by Anya Howard

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midnightlargeEmbracing Midnight by Devyn Quinn

Sex as a weapon? That was something undercover agent Callie Whitten never thought she?d use, until Iollan Drake crossed her path. A brooding outlaw with smoky hair and copper eyes, his exotic accent and heated touch promise a lot of pleasure.

Dangerous secrets loom as Callie discovers that her not-so-typical investigation into a sex trafficking ring has some perilous twists. One of the Bureau?s most wanted, Drake?s a man with a dark secret?something that could get them both killed once Callie stumbles onto the truth. A truth that not only puts her life in jeopardy but also threatens the security of the free world?

The A51-ASD, a top-secret division of the Bureau, has proof of aliens among the civilian population. Iollan Drake is a ?living? vampire, part of a subculture of humans who have merged with an alien species called the Niviane Idesha. Restructured through a genetic mutation, the vampires are gifted with enhanced speed, incredible stamina and the ability to shift energy, and the government has become increasingly terrified of their growing legion. Those hosting the alien symbiont are treated as outcasts, subjected to terrifying tests and put into quarantine.

When Drake breaks the shell of secrecy around his people and tells Callie about his secret life, her world is spun terrifyingly sideways: She discovers a nefarious plan involving the creations of yet a third species: alien-human hybrids with all the strengths of the aliens and none of their weaknesses. Events turn more harrowing when Callie discovers she may be pregnant. As one of the few sires able to reproduce, Iollan?s life is in danger, and Callie is in a fight for her own life, and that of her unborn child.

Forced to rely on each other to stay alive, neither Callie nor Drake can resist the passion sizzling between them. When Drake is captured and almost killed, Callie becomes a rogue warrior bent on protecting her new lover?seeking her revenge on the agency that betrayed them both.

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Sins of the Flesh by Devyn Quinn
Closing up her small bookstore is the end of a dream for Rachel Marks. But while personal failure is hard enough to handle, making rent is even harder. Before she knows it, Rachel is waitressing at the hottest club in town?and her boss is the mysterious and devastatingly sexy Devon Carnavorn.

Dark, decadent, and deliriously loud, Mystique is a goth club?in every sense of the word. Sexual frenzy pulses in time with the throbbing music, and before long Rachel?s blood runs hot for Devon. He?s a masterful, creative lover, wakening her to physical pleasures she never imagined?and desires so dark and dangerous, her heart races every time they touch. But there?s a price for each shattering climax, and soon Devon will demand that she pay in full?

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Sins of the Night by Devyn Quinn
Once, Adrien Roth was a Shadow Stalker?a hunter of vampires called the Kynn. Captured, he was forced to pay a devastating price, to become the very thing he despised. Over a century has passed since that time and Adrien?s revenge against the creatures who tainted him is almost complete.

Little does he know that his thirst for justice will turn on him.

Foiling an attempted rape, Adrien is stunned by his attraction to the would-be victim. Cassie Wilson is a vibrant woman, obsessed with living for every moment. Though he knows better, Adrien begins to fall in love with her. But Cassie hides a terrible secret: her cancer is incurable.

When he and Cassie are captured by his enemies, Adrien is given a choice. Should he choose death for himself, or life for Cassie by making her one of the clan he?s shunned for too long?
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To find out more about Devyn Quinn visit her website:

Menage Week: To M?nage or Not by Tilly Greene

This woman was his heart and soul. To see her being filled and fulfilled by their good friends brought him such incredible joy. He felt his love for her swell as she allowed the passion he controlled to overcome her and take over her mind and body. [Ride ’em by Tilly Greene]

M?nage, orgy, polyamory, multiple partners, whatever you call it, reading a sex scene in an erotic romance with more than two people involved can be exciting and very heated, but it only works if it’s for the right reason and involves the right characters.

Let me be upfront, any type of character can be happy in a polyamorous relationship but, like real people, not everyone is the same.? Take the alpha male, tough, full of power and physical strength, successful and always handsome, fabulous, but he can be controlling and share his lover by being the one in charge of how the sex plays out or he can be the one who says no way, what’s mine is only mine.? The author needs to set out what makes each character unique by showing the reader what is going on inside them that helps shape their attitudes and decisions.? Once a reader knows who the characters are, they’re eager to follow their path toward love and happiness.

It’s all systems GO – well, almost.

No matter what sort of physical love-bond is being used, vanilla or BDSM, there are still no-no’s in getting characters engaged.? Violence and force have their place in romances, but not between the sheets or to join someone up with multiple people.? There shouldn’t be bribery or any other pushing/pulling a character into sex they don’t want and expect it to work itself out for a reader because it won’t.? Oh, and the least believable type of m?nage and therefore a big no-no is the kind added to ramp up the heat level.

Okay, there are a few no-no’s, now it’s time for a m?nage!

The characters are primed for a multiple partner scenario, so when do these scenes actually work best?? Is it when they take place under odd circumstances or faraway places, removing them from our Earth-like beliefs?? Or is it when there are more than three people involved?? Kinkier sex antics?? What about toys?? No, no, no and no.? I think a good group sex scene happens when an author has built up to a situation where a m?nage, expected or a surprise, takes place and the reader understands why it’s happening.? This takes place through the plot and character development, while the sex itself adds more accelerant to the flames within the story.

As an author, I write romances in a variety of genres, sub-genres, themes and heat levels, and those include m?nages.? For me, there are three types of multiple partner scenarios and I’ve labeled them to help me keep straight what their job is to do in a story.? One is called viewing and that is when the main characters in the story aren’t involved in the sex, but are watching a multiple partner scene take place and it leads to them having a response that furthers the plot.? Limited is the next level up in multiple partner scenes.? M?nages assigned this label have sex scenes with more than two people but the sex is restricted in the number of occurrences.? This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re one off events, just that those involved are doing it together for sexual purposes and character development.? The final type is relationship and that is exactly what it is:? more than two lovers en route to becoming a cohesive and committed polyamorous group.? The m?nage sex scene is this groups love scene and like any other romance, each intimate scene shows how the characters are growing closer together.

Of the three, viewing and relationship are easier for a reader to buy into the m?nage because there is a predetermined end point for these scenes and the characters themselves.? One ends as soon as the characters attention is turned and the other ends with the group connected heart, body and soul.? However, limited is the more difficult situation while still ensuring the reader believes it needs to happen to further the plot or character growth.

Oddly enough, I don’t think the timing of a m?nage matters as much as the characters themselves.? If the hero(es) and heroine have shown they are able or comfortable sharing a lover with another by the time they come together as a group, then their having sex is like candy, a red hot candy.

There you go, to m?nage or not, they are seriously hot love stories but not for everyone, both character and reader alike.

Now it’s your turn, when don’t m?nages work for you?

Tilly Greene

WARNING!? Red hot romances ahead!


Little Scorching Excerpts from Tilly Greene’s M?nage Bibliography

An Invitation to the World: New Zealand

Contemporary Erotic Romance w/ M?nage a Trois

Kiri heard their sharp intake as they uncovered her, finding her naked underneath. She felt their appreciative gazes heat as they flowed from her silky white blonde hair down over her satin smooth light brown skin. Standing between these two strong beasts, her above average height melted away, allowing her to feel small and fragile. However, there was nothing small or average about her figure. Her breasts, larger than a handful, fit well in Timu’s hands and complimented her bodacious ass and hips, which had Luke’s attention.

Incredibly, she held power over these men. She could feel it as they worshipped her. She wallowed in breathless supremacy, shamelessly flaunting her body. Kiri enjoyed every second that the control was in her hands, because it would be short lived.

“You will always be naked for us,” Timu demanded, pulling his t-shirt over his head.

“Hmmm, maybe.” She was not playing coy, but found the idea intriguing.

Stripping his shorts off, Luke asked with a tap to her ass, “Walk ahead of us, baby girl, let us enjoy the beautiful sight of your ass calling us into the bedroom.”

She took one step, then another, and on the fourth step she turned and looked at her two mates. Each was naked; Timu with his dick in hand and Luke with his hands on his hips, both watching her with lust clearly written across their features.

“These bells are beautiful, but also kind of kinky.”

“Maybe, but at least we will always know where you are.” Luke’s comment sounded so solemn, it made her sad. Would they ever accept she would be here for them always?

“Besides, lover, there is nothing wrong with kinky,” Timu added, lightening the mood. He took a step toward her, growling.

With a shriek of laughter, she took off running, knowing they followed close behind her.


Buy eBook from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid []


Extreme Speed, Total Control

Contemporary Erotic Romance w/M?nage a Trois

A smile danced across her exhausted features. She rubbed her face against Kirk’s shirt covered tightly muscled stomach and allowed herself to think through what had just happened. The first thought to her mind was they had broken Kirk’s steely control, if only just by seconds. It was still a victory she would acknowledge and gladly share with Boyd.

After giving it serious thought, she had accepted the idea of being taken by another man with Kirk looking on, manipulating it. She had thought it would feel weird, not right, like cheating, but the actual event had been so much more. Being taken by someone other than her lover should have disturbed her, but Boyd had made it seem so natural. Now, it would seem odd to be taken like this by a stranger. No, it was so much more intimate and meaningful than she had been expecting. There would be no trivializing this evening by adding other people. Lia made a mental note to let Kirk know her decision.

There was also a feeling of having been accepted by Boyd, and for some unknown reason Lia was sure it was not something he did easily. Lia felt soothed by having that security from him and gladly offered him everything she possessed in return. Once her brain came back from orbit, they would all have to talk.


Buy eBook from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid []


Hephaestus Lays Down the Law

Paranormal Erotic Romance w/Bondage

“Do you see that, Heph?? Do you see what they’re doing?? I’d say her moans are showing how much pleasure she’s getting from their undivided attention.”

Truth was, while he didn’t consider himself a prude, he didn’t think he could ever participate in group sex, especially not with his wife.? Despite it not being his thing to do, it was apparently not true when it came to watching others.

“Did you hear that?”? Aphrodite whispered, but never looked away from the pile of naked bodies.? “Someone in that writhing pile of naked bodies sounds like an immortal that was denied ambrosia for a long time.? They sound hungry and desperate for something.? My, oh my, this is an incredible fucking session.”

“I don’t know about you, darling, but watching this is seriously turning me on.”

“I’m in the same position, although it may be a little more serious than the one you’re in.? You see, you had me climbing the ladder to climax from this naughty faux rod.? And, I know you said no more demands, so I’m not going to make any on you.? However, you should know that unless you do something about it, watching them go at it will tip me over the edge without any further help from you.”


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Ride ’em

Contemporary [Light Western] Erotic Romance w/Bondage, D/s and M?nage

“I can tell you’re enjoying all this, aren’t you, my sweet?”

“Ohhh, yes, Court, I am, but I still want more.”

“Greedy little thing. That’s fine because there’s more to come.”

Matt moved away from her clit and unwrapped her clinging legs from his shoulders. Maintaining a hold on her ankles, he lay on his back on the hay-covered pad. After Court moved away and released the winch, he helped Ted lower his precious cargo so she straddled his brother’s lap. His condom-covered cock looked ready to drill straight through her slit.

While the two men worked on getting her settled with both cocks lodged inside her, he helped her find her balance with her bound arms braced against Matt’s chest. When everyone was in place, he stepped back to watch as his two friends took his woman to new heights.

His hand moved down and squeezed his own hard-on through his jeans. Soon he’d join them, but right now he wanted to watch and enjoy all the many pleasures that swamped him as Sunny was embraced by real desire.

This woman was his heart and soul. To see her being filled and fulfilled by their good friends brought him such incredible joy. He felt his love for her swell as she allowed the passion he controlled to overcome her and take over her mind and body.


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Taming Marie Antoinette

Contemporary Erotic Romance w/Bondage, D/s and M?nage a Trois

“Please!? Please!? I’m begging, oh, oh!”

Hard and fast.? James upped the pace to faster strokes.? He used his hands on her hips to move her between the two hard cocks.? The men both grunted, deep and from the gut, she knew they’d come soon.? Their rods, slamming inside her, seemed to have grown bigger, but she still moved over them easily, like they were built to fill her up.

The bell in her wig continuously rang and it matched and harmonized with all their moans and bodies slapping together.? It was music to live by, passion at its height.

Through her half mask, she opened her eyes and looked directly into Thornton’s as he worked over her tender tip, and teetered on the edge of climax again.? The pleasure she felt was mirrored back at her, finally she’d found her mate.? It didn’t matter to her there were two of them because they were hers.? The admission was the final weight to send her body tumbling into a climatic whirlpool.


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Tilly Greene

WARNING!? Red hot romances ahead!