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Sneak Peek Saturday: Making Demons Purr

I’m pleased to announce that the second book in my Halloween Trilogy, Making Demons Purr, has been contracted by Etopia Press and is scheduled for October.

This is the second book in my Halloween Trilogy. (Dead Man’s Hands is the first book in the series.)

This is an unedited Sneak Peek.

“You’re a far way from safety, Seraphena.” Carver St. James’ deep voice rumbled from the darkened doorway. Goose bumps rippled over her skin as her temperature spiked. Her heart beat began to race as her feline counterpart became more alert. Tension sang along her legs and arms as she fisted her hands. The magic that flowed unhindered during this time of year skittered along her bare flesh cause her tremble. Damn witches, letting their control go. Something else moved down her limbs, like raw silk kissed with heat.


Happy Saturday!


Kink and BDSM- is there a difference? by Mistress Cyn

Kink and BDSM- is there a difference?

By: Mistress Cyn

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First and foremost, I want to take the time to thank Selena for allowing me, Mistress Cyn, the opportunity to play on her blog. I know her time and blog space is valuable. Her time especially, since I know I call her often enough with my crankiness when characters say they’re kinky and I want to write a BDSM story. In many people’s eyes—BDSM and kinkiness are one and the same. They do go hand-in-hand, but that doesn’t mean they are interchangeable, though many people use them in that way. So is there really a difference between kink and BDSM? Should there be one? Or is it in all in our heads because we want to make ourselves look less or more sexed out than we really are?
Sex is as sex does. That’s a truth I’ve learned over the years and from talking to many people who are in the BDSM lifestyle and from those who just love sex in any shape and form. Whether you like your sex plain, swirled or all out freaky—there is something for everyone out there. Kink is where and how you find it. Maybe you enjoy having some restraint during sex—it’s what turns you on the most. Perhaps your lover wants you to wear heels during sex—it’s what gives his sex drive a boost. That’s kink. It’s not always necessary to have—but having it allows you to have a greater thrill and enjoyment than what you would have otherwise.
Those within the BDSM lifestyle—whether they are lifestylers, casually acquainted or who have been part of it on and off for years quietly—they will tell you that for them, that without the kink—they don’t feel complete. That they need to be flogged, to wear furry costumes, to become subservient, to dominate, to endure a certain level of pain to allow them to enjoy sexual release as well as physical release. Yes, many of them can have normal sex, but honestly, many have done without because it just wasn’t worth it if they couldn’t have their sex with the necessary accoutrements to make their lives more vivid, more worthwhile.

This isn’t saying that everyone will always go that route. That’s not true at all.
Sometimes a good fuck is a good fuck. Sometimes you need slow, loving sex like nothing else. Other times, you need to have your lover use toys on you to bring you to orgasm because it’s the only way you can come. Sometimes, the only release where you feel like you’ve completely let go is where you’ve role-played a scene where he’s the pirate and you’re the serving wench that he’s caught for the night. (This is really popular for both sexes. And let me tell you—sometimes it’s the women as the pirates—just saying!) Kink can help elevate a normal sex act into something special. It can make a ho hum, same old into something where you brag to your friends about how he made you orgasm X number of times because he did this new thing that just turned you on. Kink is your fantasy made reality in small bursts. It’s controllable and it’s done in such a way that you always control it, it doesn’t always control you.

BDSM walks a fine edge of danger. You often hear of people who live the lifestyle talk about SSC or RACK. They acknowledge that no matter how prepared you are- you can be hurt when you engage in some aspects of extreme kink aspects of that world. You can only prepare, be knowledgeable and know yourself. You rely on your partner to be aware and in the moment so you both know when it’s time to stop, reevaluate and more.
When friends and I talk about kink, BDSM and fetish—we often put it like this. We are not fetishists—who venerate objects sexually to get off. We love kink and use kink in our lifestyle because we are into BDSM. BDSM is the highest levels of kink within its description—if you think on it. It’s bondage, submission, domination, sadism, masochism. It’s being taunted, teased, dominated, submitting—all in a sexual manner—forcing you to acknowledge that part of yourself that you hide sexually.
You might admit you like sex against a wall. It’s kinky, you say. A person in BDSM might say, “Sex against a wall really makes me feel great because the pressure of the wall is a restraint where I can’t go anywhere—and I have to let the other person direct what is going on.” Notice the subtle difference? You might like the kink of having your hands held while having sex. For someone in BDSM—they would like their hands to be cuffed behind their back or stretched to where they’re holding heavy objects so their mind is focused on something other than whatever is going on in their mind. To them, the act of restraint frees them up mentally for their sexual release. It allows them to let go emotionally and sexually.
For many people, they’ll say that kink is one thing, BDSM is another. That kink is baby stuff and BDSM is the real thing. In many ways, they’re right. BDSM is a higher level of kink—but it’s still kink. It is a degree of kink that takes a higher amount of effort to bring about the desired effect on the person but it also does more emotionally as well. Good sex makes you feel good physically and emotionally. You feel more open, you feel relaxed, and you feel able to handle things that normally might bother you. BDSM does that and for many—helps them deal with their fears, sometimes their traumas of their pasts, and it can help them deal with stresses that often wear them down. People hear about corporate bigwigs who go to Dommes to boss them around—yeah, there’s a reason for that—they’re tired of being the one in charge for billions of dollars and many peoples’ lives. For once, they’re handing over the reins and letting someone boss them around to bring them some peace and release that they can’t find any other way.
Kink and BDSM, they’re cousins. They’re not exact matches and though many people interchange them, and in some instances it’s not completely inappropriate, they are different creatures. Kink ranges from the light, occasional splurges to those who might engage in what people might call baby BDSM. It’s light bondage or light role play. It’s not all the time in the bedroom, but it’s between a couple who trusts each other and has talked out what they want and need from each other. They want to bring each other great fulfillment and know that they enjoy more than just what’s considered vanilla sex. Then there’s the next step itself—BDSM. It encompasses the aspects that can seem a bit darker, deeper, and perhaps a bit scarier to people. The kink aspect is still there, but it becomes more necessary to have on a regular basis. It defines part of how they see themselves sexually. Those who are kinky don’t necessarily define them by their kink alone.
And I think that’s the big difference. Kinksters aren’t defined by their kink alone, not like those in BDSM. Kinksters often feel free to go try many things, see what they like and vary it up a bit. Those in BDSM will often explore but go back to that which really works for them time and again. It’s their main trigger and it’s how they really see themselves sexually—a dominant, a submissive, a switch, etc.
So the question is this—how do you view yourself in the world of sex—normal, kinky, or something more—like BDSM?


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