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Del Fantasma: Chocolate Snake Bites Out Now!

Out Now at Aspen Mountain Press Chocolate Snake Bites: Blurb: Every relationship has problems and for months now all Dale and Val have been doing is fighting. He wants it to stop. So drastic times call for drastic measures. Dale takes the Love?s Bane potion hoping that Val will be too busy lusting after him to fight with him, but sex can?t solve every problem. Val doesn?t want part of her lover. She wants all of him, even the dark aspects of his sexual desire. She yearns for his brand but every time she brings up the subject he shuts her down. How can they communicate when he won?t open up? Will the arrival of his brothers and a trip to the Demonic Snake court help their relationship or hurt it? Buy Link: Excerpt: ?Don’t do it,? Cody warned. Dale looked up into Cody’s hard sea blue gaze and nearly reconsidered his actions. His thoughts turned to Val and the last few weeks. He shook his head, path resolved. ?I have to do it. There is no other way.? Cody shook his head. ?This kind of magick isn’t something you just pickup. It’s not something you mess around with. Do you even know what’s in this so-called ‘aphrodisiac.’? Dale winced. ?No. Look, it comes from a reliable person. I trust my source.? ?What does Pietro, say about this? After all, that kind of potion is restricted for demons.? Cody picked up a glass and started cleaning up. His eyes focused on Dale making him squirm from the intensity. ?He doesn’t know?? Dale’s voice trailed off as guilt surfaced for the umpteenth time. Ever since the thought had entered his mind about gaining a small sample of the Love’s Bane, he’d felt guilty. Pietro, King of the Demons was one of his best friends. If he found out what Dale was up to, Pietro would have his balls. ?Let me remind you of why it’s banned. Love’s Bane is an aphrodisiac that is highly addictive. Taken in high qualities it could poison you. It there hadn’t been a pact between demons and warlocks the magickal beings would still be trying to destroy your asses with it. So, I don’t care how bad your relationship problems are. Don’t. Do. It.? Cody emphasized the last few words in short clipped tones. With a sigh Dale looked away from Cody. ?Look, I’m at my wit’s end. I don’t know what to do about Val. She and I have been fighting lately, a lot. I mean we’re a passionate couple but it’s just too much lately. I’m starting to worry that she’ll want to break it off with me.? He loathed feeling so vulnerable. ?I’m Dale Thornston, heir to the Serpentine Throne, the fourth most powerful house in all of Demon world and I’m here, sulking in a bar, drowning my troubles in some drink called Chocolate Snake Bites and talking to you about things I would never tell another soul, not even my best friends or brothers. It’s pathetic. I should be at home fucking the daylights out of my mate, not here. If she hadn’t had to work late again?? he stopped talking and dragged a hand over his face. ?I’m tired of being alone at home.? He would have felt a lot better if he didn’t feel she was avoiding him because of their last fight, which started off over with if there was coffee left in the pot and escalated to not spending enough time together. Dale didn’t know what they were talking about anymore, it was all shouting and crying lately. He didn’t want to lose her and he would do anything just to know that she still wanted to be with him. ?Then why don’t you ask her about her feelings instead of doing something stupid?? Cody asked. ?Such a simple question. Don’t you think I’ve tried that? We either getting interrupted or in a fight and I always end up sticking my foot in my mouth. It just feels like we’re never going to stop fighting. It doesn’t help that there’s a new guy in her office and it’s very clear that bastard wants what’s mine.? His stomach roiled and raged. Anger boiled in his veins as an image of Val’s new co-worker and boss, the werewolf Alexander Hughes rose in his mind. The bastard had made it clear that he wanted Val and would play dirty to get her. ?That son of bitch,? he growled. ?He’s scheduled a week long business trip to Italy with Val. She loves Italy. How the hell can I compete with that? I don’t have time to go to Italy. No one in the garage is responsible enough to be left in charge. Why the fuck did I hire so many morons?? Dale rested his head on his forearm and groaned. If Pietro could see him now he would be kicking his ass. With a heavy sigh he threw back the rest of his drink and looked up at Cody. ?Look, you love her. That should be enough. Show her you still care. Fights come and go but love?? Cody shook his head. Dale nodded and slid off the bar, throwing down a few dollars and a tip. ?Thanks, man. Um, question. Why the hell did you give me a Chocolate Snake Bites? That’s not my usual.? Cody shrugged and then a smile curled his lips. ?Thought you’d get my humor, you are after all a Snake shifter demon and your bite well, I’ve heard things.?