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Cougar Challenge Week: Ciana Stone

Hi. My name’s Cam. Actually Camille Stockton, but Cam to my friends. This has been a banner year for me on so many levels. First, I attended my first writer/reader convention – RomantiCon. What fun! I sat in on panels, took part in discussions, met some of my favorite writers and went to all the parties. And I met a group of women who quickly became my soul sisters, my BFF’s.

When the convention was over my new friends and I set up a blog “Tempt the Cougar”. Yeah, we all like the idea of younger men. Maybe because none of us had men in our lives and we spent four days looking at cover models. Whatever the case, our blog became the way we’d communicate and share ideas, gripes, whines and questions.

Until Monica took it a step further and issued a challenge – get out there an find ourselves a younger man. Gulp! It was fine to talk about, dream and fantasize about. But doing it is a whole other ball of twine! I wasn’t sure I had what it takes and truth be told I was the caboose of this train. All the other gals took up the challenge. One by one I watched and read and listened as they found men. Not all of it was a piece of cake but in the end they all found something that made them happy.

Leaving me, sitting at home, gnawing my nails and being the chicken-shit of the group. The most I could muster was to join a gym and sign up for a personal trainer.

That’s when major event number two happened and boy was it major. My personal trainer. Lee Holiday was not at all what I expected. Who would’ve thought that signing up for a personal trainer would result in me being escorted to a fancy fundraiser (where my cheating rat-bastard ex and his Barbie doll were in attendance) by a man who looks like a woman’s wet dream come to life?

Or that said wet dream would have me howling at the moon in the ladies room during the event?

Yep, joining the gym definitely changed my life. And complicated it. Sure, I love being with Lee. What woman in her right mind wouldn’t? I’m experiencing things I’ve only read about in erotic romance novels. But there’s a catch. Lee wants more than just a good time. And that’s the rub. The man is ten years younger than me!

Before my head could stop spinning from the first two major events, the third hit. This group of writers heard about our blog and what was happening with us and wanted to write our stories. Yes, it’s true. I nearly fainted when I got an email from Ciana Stone, asking if she could talk to me about what had happened in my life since I met the other girls at RomantiCon.

Well, at first I was reluctant, as you might imagine. But then I met with Ci and we clicked. Within an hour I was blabbing all.

Which brings me here, to this blog, telling all of you about my dirty little secrets. Well, not dirty – that just sounded good. If you’d like to know more then stay on the look-out for the book Ci wrote about me, “Cam’s Holiday”. And you can even get a little sneak preview if you like. Ci’s provided an excerpt for you that I’m pasting below.

Thanks and I hope that one day all of you are lucky enough to find yourself surrounded by great friends AND having yourself an experience that tops everything you’ve dreamed of. It’s a life-altering moment. Take it from me.



Excerpt from Cam”s Holiday:

Lee checked the clock in his office. Looked like Camille wasn?t going to show for her next session. Shame. There was something about her that really appealed to him. That wasn?t an everyday occurrence. He saw a lot of women, got hit on by a lot of them but rarely did one intrigue him. Camille did.

Disappointment reared its head and he shoved it aside. It just wasn?t meant to be that he get to know the woman behind those big smoky eyes.

A knock on the door had him turning.

?Am I too late?? The object of his thoughts peered up at him as he opened the door.

Lee grinned. The last time he?d seen her she was wearing baggy sweat pants, a man?s t-shirt that reached halfway down her thighs and her hair twisted into a knot on the top of her head.

The woman gazing up at him now had a fresh-faced, scrubbed look. Long rich brown hair pulled up in a ponytail, a tank top, and gym shorts that displayed firm muscular legs. Only the eyes were the same. Smoky blue with a slightly almond shape, they seemed to look right inside him. He hoped that it was simply an illusion. It wouldn?t be good for his reputation for her to know what he was thinking at the moment. That instead of training her in physical fitness, he?d far rather get physical with her in a very intimate way.

?Not at all, Ms. Stockton,? he replied and held the door for her to enter.

?Please, call me Cam. And I?m sorry to be late. I got caught up in ? well, never mind. I am sorry?

Their eyes met and he was surprised at the spike of excitement that flared inside him. It wasn?t his imagination. There was something happening here. Would they act on it? He hoped so, but wasn?t going to rush into it. The journey toward satisfaction was far too enjoyable.

?Are you ready??


Her question gave him pause. That low sexy voice of hers was modulated perfectly to make the word sound sexual and hot.

?Well, that depends.?

Cam felt her insides literally tingle. Unless she was way off the mark, the attraction was mutual. That both excited her and made her a nervous. It had been quite a while since she?d experienced anything like this. A very long time since she?d been adept at the single life. She wasn?t sure she remembered all the rules to the attraction game.

And truth be told, she?d never been very good at playing games. Maybe part of shedding her old life and rediscovering herself was to let go of the behavior patterns she adopted when she married and get back to the Cam that existed before marriage. That Cam wasn?t shy about speaking her mind, about shooting straight from the hip.

But what if he took offense? That question gave her pause. Until she heard her friend Edie in her head /So what if he does? If he doesn?t like you for who you are then he?s not for you. You?re through living to please a man, Cam. Time to please yourself./

A sudden rush of courage had her looking up into his eyes.

?Mr. Holiday??


?Lee,? she said with a smile. ?I?m not one for games so I?ll tell you straight out. You?re hot. Damn hot. And yes, there?re a lot of things I can think of that I?d love to do with you or to you. A whole lot. But we don?t know each other and despite the fact that you?re the most lickably divine man I?ve met in a long time, I don?t jump between the sheets fast. I?m one of those old-fashioned gals. I need to get to know a man a little before I take him to bed. And then there?s the little matter of the age difference.?

The smile he gave her was enough to have her blood race. ?I appreciate your candor. And I admit there are a lot of things I?d rather be doing with you right now other than working out. But I respect a woman who doesn?t move too fast. And I like the flirtation phase. Jumping past it seems like a waste.?

He paused for a split second. ?And as far as age goes, I don?t think I?m too old for you, Cam. In fact, I?d say the age difference is just about perfect.?

Cam laughed. ?And you?re quite the flatterer, too. Look, we both know I?m?older. You don?t have to pretend otherwise.?

?I wasn?t. Okay, I was flirting, but with honesty.?

For one split second Cam wondered if she?d finally met Mr. Right. Then she quickly discarded the notion. It was way too early for such thoughts. Besides, as he said, the flirtation phase shouldn?t be rushed.

?Well, in that case, how about flirting me into better shape??

?Honey, your shape looks fantastic to me.?

?Well the not so good parts are artfully hidden.?

?Yeah? Let?s see.?


?Yeah, take off your tank top. You?re wearing a sports bra. If you want to get the maximum results we have to know what to work on.?

Cam shrugged and stripped off her tank top. If her body was going to turn him off might as well go ahead and find out.

Lee looked her up and down and walked slowly around her. ?Good muscle tone. If you want a six-pack I can help you get there, but I don?t really think it?d be the best look for you. You?re not a tall woman. Too much muscle mass and it?ll make you look shorter and ??


?Well that isn?t exactly the word I was searching for, but yeah, in a way. I think you want to stick with toning and maybe a little definition but not too much.?

?So, you think you can do me better than I can do myself??

The smile he gave her let her know that he didn?t mind a little sass in the attitude, and the double entendre didn?t go over his head.

?I promise you that I can do you much better than you can do yourself.?

?Big promises,? she teased.

?Iron clad money-back guarantee.?

At the raise of her eyebrow and a sassy smirk, he smiled. ?Honestly, I think you look damn good the way you are. However, I?m professionally obliged to say I can get you into even better shape. If I say no, then you might not come back.?

His answer thrilled her. Knowing that he was interested in spending time with her, even if it was in the gym, was exciting.

?Well then, I?m all yours.?

Lee titled his head back, closed his eyes, and groaned. ?Oh honey, please don?t put it that way or you?ll make me eat my words about enjoying the flirtation.?

?Purely in a fitness sort of way,? she added with a chuckle.

?Right. Okay. Putting my professional hat back on. So I can best determine what level to start you why don?t you tell me what your current fitness regimen is??

?Well, I run every day. About 5 miles. I do weigh training ? nothing serious. Minimal I suppose, just enough to stay toned and I do yoga.?

?What style yoga??

?I really like Baron Baptiste’s power yoga style the best.?

Eli smiled and nodded. ?Like to personalize it to fit you??


?Okay, then why don?t we start with a little cardio warm up? Say twenty minutes??

?Sounds good.?

He led her to the cardio center and gestured toward the rows of elliptical walkers, treadmills, stationary bikes, and Stairmasters. ?Take your pick.?

Cam chose one of the elliptical walkers, a model that provided upper as well as lower body exercise. Lee got on one beside her and in silence they started their warm-up.

She couldn?t help glancing over at him. Dressed in a tank top and shorts, he was very easy on the eyes. He had the look of a gymnast, strong and fit with muscles in all the right places, but none of the bulk of a bodybuilder. It was sexy and sleek and fit him well.

His eyes met hers when her gaze moved to his face. ?Mind if I ask a personal question??

?No, not at all.?

?Is that the real color of your eyes or are those contacts??

?Real. Nothing artificially enhanced.?

?You have beautiful eyes. Exotic and a little mysterious. Like the twilight. You know what the day has held, but what the night will bring is still a mystery.?

Cam lost a beat in her pace. Did he have a clue how totally sexy he was? That low deep voice, soft-spoken words and penetrating eyes was enough to have her feeling decidedly damp, and it had nothing to do with the physical exertion.

?If this is a ploy to raise my heart rate you?re doing a damn good job.?

?Honey my heart rate?s been elevated since I turned and saw you standing there.?

?Flirt,? she said with a grin.

?Damn skippy.?

They shared a laugh and finished their warm-up with a few heated looks and verbal sparring. When she hopped off the machine, he followed, grabbed a couple of towels from a stack and tossed her one.


?That?d be great,? she said and mopped her face and neck.

Lee went to the social/bar area of the gym where members could sit and enjoy a healthy light meal or get a protein shake or water. He grabbed a couple of bottles of water and headed back into the gym.

Cam was stretching, bent over with the torso of her body flattened out on her legs. The legs of her gym shorts rose with the position to reveal part of her firm round rear, making one part of his anatomy start on the road to a full salute.

He took his time crossing the gym, enjoying the show. She moved effortlessly from the forward bend to an upright position, her arms over her head. Slowly and with impressive grace she bent backwards, not stopping until the palms of her hands were flat on the floor behind her.

?That inspires a lot of wicked thoughts,? he announced his presence.

She rocked her body forward and recovered from the backbend with ease. ?Wicked, eh??

?Decidedly wicked.?

?I like wicked.?

?Really?? He handed her a bottle of water. ?How wicked??

?Depends,? she said and turned the bottle up to down half of it, then smiled at him. ?What?cha got in mind, handsome??

Lee wanted to say stripping her naked and bending her over a weight bench, but that would not have prolonged the game.

?How about sensual exercise??

?Sensual? Is there really such a thing??

?Say yes and find out.?

She gave him a look hot enough to have him wishing he had on looser shorts as she answered, ?Yes.?

Ciana Stone – Bio:

Ciana is a country gal from North Carolina who currently calls Florida home. ?Blissfully married to her own personal knight in shining armor, she has two children and three grandchildren. ?She is a photographer and artist and occasionally dabbles in video. ?Her favorite things are her honey man and family, playing disc golf, working out, being outdoors, reading and hanging out with friends. ?Her least favorite things are people who complain and whine and reptiles (because they give her a case of the creeping willies).

Ciana’s sites:

Cougar Challenge Week: Mari Freeman

Good morning everyone. My name is Stevie Jones. I?m also one of the ladies from the Cougar Challenge. My story is called Sin on Skin and was penned by Mari Freeman. As you know, the cougars all met up and became friends at a conference and have blogged together ever since.? Well, Monica and I have been friends for a long while before that. We both work for a large corporation in North Carolina. She?s the one who dragged me into all this younger man stuff. My task today is to interview Mari Freeman. But first I wanted to thank Selena for having us. It?s been a lot of fun doing these interviews.

Stevie: So, Mari. Do you do all the things in this book in your real life?

Mari: LOL. Um?no. I seem to get that question a lot. I think it?s very common for people to think that just because I write about something, it?s something I do.

Stevie: But, you were an executive with a large company before you quit corporate life and started writing erotic books. And you are a rather Type A, take charge kind of girl.

Mari: Executive might be pushing it, but I was in management for a telecom corporation and a project manager. As for take charge, I?m a red-headed, Irish female. What can I say? But, I am not Stevie.

Stevie: Prove it.

Mari: Pushy little thing, aren?t you. Fine. You got a tattoo in this story. I don?t have one. You have a longing for younger men. My man is a year older than I am.

Stevie: Yeah. But he looks ten years younger than you, so he counts as a younger man. Qualifies as cougar to me.

Mari: Enough about that. Ask me something about the story. This is supposed to be about the story, not me.

Stevie: Can?t stand the heat, huh? Okay. Where did you find the inspiration for the extremely sexy Errol?

Mari: That one?s easy. The artist who did my younger man?s tattoo was named Errol. I told Errol when I met him that I?d use him in a story some day. He didn?t look exactly like your Errol, but he was a very interesting person. Errol?s looks were for Samantha Kane. The book and the hero are dedicated to her.

Stevie: So you and Samantha are friends like Monica and I are in the book?

Mari: That?s right.

Stevie: I told you.

Mari: Told me what?

Stevie: Stevie, me?I am part of you.

Mari: Well, yes. But not in the direct way you?re insinuating. Every one of my characters has some of me in them. They have to. I have to be able to connect at some base level with each character to make you real. I have to find some bit of them real.

Stevie: So does that translate to the sex scenes?

Mari: Stevie Jones. Quit trying to make this interview about my sex life. We wrote this story about you and your discovery of a hot younger tattoo artist. You?re the one who went out on a limb and experimented with the Dom and his playroom full of toys and furniture- Not me. Why don?t you put up the excerpt now and say thanks to Selena for having us?

Stevie: Fine. Sin on Skin is the Sixth book in the Cougar series, but isn?t out yet. To find out more about the books and the fabulous characters and authors, go You?ll get all the info on when each book is ready. Thank you for having us, Selena! It?s been fun giving Mari such a hard time.

For more from Mari Freeman, go to


Sin on Skin Excerpt, coming soon to Ellora?s Cave

?So, what is it Stevie needs??

She wasn?t sure what to say. Wasn?t sure how to verbalize it. She tried to think back to the characters in the stories and what had most appealed to her from their experiences. What had made her so hot?

?Honesty will get you exactly what you want. Maybe not exactly how you thought you wanted it, but the truth will help you.?

His voice made her want a lot of things. But how did she say what she wanted without sounding like a slut? She took another drink

?I want to be completely sexual, with no hangs-up, no fears.? She looked at the floor. ?No accountability for the success of the experience. I want to be the object of the experience. I want sex to feel like something other than a chore.?

?You want to be a slut?? He walked past her, not looking her over yet, no judgment in his voice. ?You want your body to be the instrument of pleasure for others? Is it that simple? We can start there.?

She looked down. He was right, of course. It wasn?t that simple, but he?d given her something to play with.

?Say it for me, Stevie. Tell me what you want.?

She took a deep breath. Yes. That was exactly what she wanted to be. ?I want to be a slut.?

In no particular hurry, he turned to her. A wily smile came across his face. His eyes moved hungrily up her body, stopping at her chest. She held the glass in both hands so her arms were covering her breasts His glance darted to her eyes and he expectantly raised his eyebrows. It was an unspoken order. Stevie dropped her hands to her side.

?That?s my girl.?

The praise was for more than simply anticipating his demand, it was for her appearance.? His eyes were heated and his jaw tense. This young, hot man was not looking at her as if she were old or skinny. It was clear Errol liked what he saw.

?Through the next door is the playroom. We?ll start with a little intro to submission for you, my executive slut. That?s what you want? To be played with and used and have no need to moralize or worry about internal inhibitions? For me to take the responsibility for you being a dirty girl??

He pushed open the door to her right. She walked past him into the next room and he pointed to a small bench at the far end. ?Walk to the bench. Bend over it and put your hands by the cuffs.?

Stevie was surprised at her lack of fear. The fact that he was fully clothed and standing there watching her as she walked away almost naked was so sexy. It made her feel sexy. She couldn?t remember ever feeling particularly sexy when she was naked.

The room was dim and larger than she?d anticipated. The walls were dark, with near life-sized photos of nude, highly tattooed men and women every six feet or so. A couple of long racks with lots of hooks holding the tools of Errol?s nighttime trade graced the walls on opposite sides of the room. Light flickered from artificial candles in sconces on the walls. The sensual lighting made her skin look warm and inviting.

She strutted without looking back, glancing at the unusual furnishings placed around the room. Some she recognized from her favorite erotic stories. There were three different benches for various spanking positions. In the far corner was a large St. Andrews Cross. She passed a tall metal cage and a swing that hung from the ceiling, and every piece of equipment had plenty of space around it. There were beanbag chairs and large wedge-shaped cushions scattered everywhere. She figured when this place was full, it could accommodate close to fifty people.

She stopped at the bench Errol had indicated. It was almost waist high and at least three feet in depth?to support her upper body, she guessed?with a kneeling platform at the base. Like most of the equipment, soft black leather covered both the bench and the platform. Supple green-leather cuffs were attached to chains fastened to the edge of the bench farthest from her. Stevie bent forward. Her naked stomach shivered from the cold of the leather as she lowered to rest her head on the bench. Her arms reached out in front of her and her hands hung over the far side of the bench, next to the cuffs. Her legs had naturally spread to avoid the kneeling platform, her feet firmly planted on either side. Her ass was open and exposed and so was her pussy.

Music started playing in the background, but she still heard Errol?s approach from behind. ?Now, tomorrow night,? he said as he moved in front of her and knelt so they would be eye to eye, ?there?ll be a party here.?

He?d removed his shirt. Stevie looked over his muscled chest and could now see the entire tribal design. It covered his left shoulder and snaked across his chest, appearing alive and moving in the low lighting. She caught the smell of fresh soap. ?This room will be full of players and voyeurs.? He buckled the first cuff on her small wrist and looked her over with hungry eyes. As he spoke, he ran his fingers down her free arm. The gentleness of his touch made her wonder if the books about all this had been correct.

He got the second buckle latched and tested the chains with a little tug. ?How are you, Stevie?? He looked her in the eye. The lengths of chain allowed her to reach far enough forward to touch the design on his shoulder as he knelt in front of her.

?I?m okay,? she said as she traced one of the designs. Okay was an understatement. She felt the leather of the cuffs on her wrists and it was as if, by fastening those simple restraints, Errol had set her free of all her hangs-ups. She didn?t care if her boobs were too small or if she was over forty. Laugh lines didn?t matter here. She didn?t care about budgeting initiatives or maintaining quality testing standards. She wanted his hands on her now.

Mari Freeman Bio:

Mari Freeman lives, disguised as a normal suburbanite, in central North Carolina. When not penning romantic erotica, she enjoys horses, hiking, traveling, good food and friends. An outdoors girl at heart, you can often find her by the pond with laptop fired up, fishing line in the water, and her imagination running wild.

In her previous lives, she has held an interesting array of occupations. She?s been a project manager, a software testing manager, sold used cars, pumped gas at a truck stop and worked in a morgue.

Mari?s favorite stories include Alpha females in love with even more Alpha males, finding the clash of passionate, strong willed personalities fascinating. She writes contemporary, paranormal, and a little science fiction/fantasy.

Find her on facebook -? – ?follow her on Twitter @marifreeman

Cougar Challenge Week: Mari Carr

Hi there everyone. I?m Rachel Bridges, the protagonist in Mari Carr?s erotic romance book,?Assume the Positions. I?m here today with the author and she?s agreed to talk with us about why she decided to write my story. Welcome Mari.

Mari: Hi Rachel. Thanks for inviting me.

Rachel: I think the question that is first and foremost on everyone?s minds is ?Why cougars??

Mari: Well, I have to admit with Ciana Stone approached me about participating in the anthology I was a bit worried about what I would write. I?ve never penned a story based on a May/December romance. I immediately starting thinking of a premise, trying to decide what my cougar lady did for a living, where she?d been and what had driven her to search for a younger man. Then?pow?you were born!

Rachel: And I?m so glad I was. The hero of my story is Ethan and I just want to say a big thank you for making him so hot! He?s an injured cop who comes to me for physical therapy. Is Ethan based on anyone you know in real life?

Mari: He is a compilation of a bunch of young male teachers who work at my high school. They?re a great group of guys and on occasion, we all go out for happy hour. I?m a relentless eavesdropper and line-stealer! I?m always listening to conversations and there are actually a couple lines in the book that the guys said that I thought were funny, so I used them.

Rachel: I noticed that you used a lot of humor in?Assume the Positions. Ethan and I spend a lot of time joking around and laughing.

Mari: I?ve always incorporated humor in my books, but I will confess that with your story I was working toward writing a true romantic comedy. I hope the readers will find it funny!

Rachel: A great deal of the sex scenes in the story revolve around the Kama Sutra. Where on earth did you get that idea?

Mari: I like to bounce my story ideas around with a group of writer friends. As I was discussing the budding relationship between Ethan and Rachel, one gal, Jambrea suggested that Rachel use Kama Sutra positions in her treatment of Ethan?s injury. She was sort of joking and we laughed, but the idea stuck. Next thing I know, Ethan?s giving Rachel a copy of the book and telling her to pick out her favorite positions.

Rachel: There are other characters in the book as well. What is their role in the story?

Mari: Part of the premise Ciana suggested with the anthology was that a group of older women meet and become friends at Romanticon. Through their conversations, they discover they all have a passion for cougar books. When they return home, they create a blog?a place where they can go to chat about their everyday lives as well as share some of their wildest fantasies. One night, Monica dares the ladies to put their money where their mouth is. Stop fantasizing and start living the dream. Next thing they know?the Cougar Challenge is born.

Rachel: And am I correct in saying that this blog you mention really exists?

Mari: Yes, it?s up and running and ready for some visitors to come and share the cougar love! The link is

Rachel: Can you share an excerpt from Assume the Positions?

Mari: I?d love to!



?Potential Younger Men for Cougar Challenge??

She prayed to God he didn?t know what the concept ?cougar? stood for. She?d only learned of the term while reading her erotic romance novels. She?d been shocked to discover how much the idea of an older woman hooking up with a younger man turned her on, pushed her hot buttons.

?It?s just something silly, something stupid really. Give me back my notebook and we?ll get started on your exercises.?

He ignored her and she watched as he scanned the list of names. When he closed the book with a snap, she flinched at the unfamiliar look on his face. She?d never seen him look so serious or?angry. ?What are you doing, Rachel? What the hell is this list about??

She took a step back, confused by his reaction. Over the course of the past two months, she?d felt a friendship forming between her and the young cop. As a result, she found her fears, her anxiety over the challenge falling from her lips, uncontrolled. Even though she was sure she was making a mistake, she told him everything?from meeting her friends at the conference to the blog to the dare to sleep with a younger man. She didn?t leave out a single detail and through her entire confession, Ethan was quiet. In the end, it was his silence that unnerved her more than his initial anger.

?So there,? she said at last. ?That should keep you busy in the teasing department for months. I?m an insane, horny-as-hell woman who?s actually contemplating throwing herself at a younger man as part of a dare. And before you say anything, yes, I know?I?m old enough to know better.? She walked away from him as she said the last, too embarrassed to see what he was truly thinking written on his face.

She?d only made it two steps when he reached out and gripped her forearm, turning her back around. ?Old enough to know better?? he asked. ?You think you couldn?t land a younger guy??

?Maybe I could,? she said, surprised to find him taking this conversation so seriously. ?I mean I don?t think I?m unattractive, just sort of ?out of practice? with the whole dating scene.?

Ethan grinned and she spied the usual mischievous sparkle in his gaze she?d grown accustomed to over the past few weeks. ?Wish you?d mentioned this horny problem of yours earlier, Rach.?

?It?s not something a polite woman advertises,? she said.

He continued pulling her toward him until they stood face to face, close enough that she could smell his skin, a pleasant combination of fresh shower, soap, and?yummy?man. Rather than look up, she stared straight ahead, placing her line of vision at the top of his chest. There was no way she could look at his handsome face and not spend the rest of their session imagining him naked. He wore a tight T-shirt and she could just imagine what his bare?sculpted in smooth skin?pecs would look like. She swallowed heavily, her mouth watering at the sight.

?Isn?t that a shame?? Ethan added. ?Advertisements like that sure would take a lot of the guess work out of dating.?

?I haven?t been doing a lot of dating since my divorce from Voldemort.?

?Mm hmm.? She watched his throat move in response to her words and felt certain if she hadn?t been standing so closely, she wouldn?t have heard the small, guttural sound?a growl??that emanated from him. Did it make him angry to hear her mention her ex?

?Look at me, Rachel,? he said as she felt his gaze bore through the top of her head.

?I am,? she said, her eyes remaining locked in place, several inches below his chin.

He reached down and gently forced her head back with firm fingers at her jaw. She took a deep breath and faced him. His head was cocked to the side, his lips painfully close to hers. An impractical woman would lean forward and initiate a kiss. A woman without any common sense would rise up on her tiptoes, close the gap separating them and take a nice, long taste of him. An adventurous woman?her mouth stroked his briefly, and her mind struggled to understand how he?d gotten close enough for that touch. She was certain he hadn?t moved.

Her lips brushed his again, but rather than move away, she continued to push closer.

Rachel: I?m afraid that?s all we have time for. Is there anything else you?d like to add or share?

Mari: I?d love to put in a quick plug for my other Ellora?s Cave series, Wild Irish. Book one, Come Monday, releases on November 6. You can find a blurb, excerpt and see the cover here – I?d also like to invite folks to check out my new and improved website. I?ve done a bit of rearranging of the furniture and I?m tickled to death with the results. You can find it at


Some people fall apart on their thirtieth birthday, others on their fortieth.??For Mari Carr, thirty-four was the year that took her down.??After she spent the day crying and saying, ?I haven?t done anything I thought I would,? her husband finally asked what was left undone.??Her answer was simple?she hadn?t written a book or decorated her house.???So do it,? he said.

Six years later, the house is sparkling with fresh paint and new furniture and her computer is jammed full of stories?novels, novellas, short stories, and dead-ends.??The lesson:??it?s never too late to achieve a goal or two!

High school librarian by day and mother of two teenagers, Mari Carr found her time for writing by squeezing it into the hours between 3 a.m. and daybreak when her family is asleep and the house is quiet.



Cougar Challenge Week: Desiree Holt/Judith Rochelle

Hi! I?m Autumn Kelley.

You know, it?s really hard being forty and single in a society that craves youth. Especially if you have a few more curves than those stick figures that are always held up to you as perfect examples. But I?m here today to tell you that the lucky penny has finally rolled up to my doorstep.

Being a lover of erotic romances, I decided to attended RomantiCon, where readers and authors could get together to discuss books. And wow! Did that lucky penny work. I met six wonderful women, all in the same situation I am, and we bonded instantly like glue. Better than that, we each made a pact to do something outrageous to spice up our lives, starting with a search for a younger man, a boy toy we could let it all hang out with. We set up the Cougar Challenge.

So there I am one night browsing eBay (no, you don?t need smelling salts! I wasn?t looking to?buy one) but I was looking for opportunities. And there was this beautiful ranch for sale. On eBay! Well, buying a ranch sigh unseen on the Internet was pretty outrageous for me, especially when I got there and found out the pictures has been taken years ago and the ranch needed more cosmetic surgery than I did.

But hold onto your hat, because the ranch came with a tempting treat?foreman Mitchell Brand, the hottest man I?ve ever seen since I put on my first training bra. That man has a body to kill for, eyes you could fall into, and a drawl that makes you want to crawl all over him.

While we worked together to get the ranch back in shape I was torn between wishing he?d make a move on me and being afraid that he might. Talk about a coward. That was me. Until he made that first move and then fireworks went off.? This man is the king of the studs without exception.

And if that wasn?t enough, he had another little surprise for me. He?Oh, wait! If you really want to know all the hot, juicy details, you have to read my story in?Hot to Trot from Ellora?s Cave by my good friend Desiree Holt. It will be released shortly. Meanwhile you can also visit me and catch up on my life at

I?ll be looking for you!

Meanwhile here?s a little taste to whet your appetite.


Autumn did her best to keep her head on straight where Mitch was concerned but the sensations rocketing through her body made it difficult. She?d taken Rachel?s advice and dressed in a brand-new, skintight pair of jeans and an embroidered tank top, one with two buttons at the scoop neck that she casually left open. Every few seconds Mitch?s eyes would stray to the swell of her breasts. If he caught her watching him, a slow, hot as sin smile would creep over his face. .

She was sure from the heat she felt and the tiny grin lifting one corner of his mouth that she was blushing furiously. She lifted her glass of ice water, draining it completely, hoping it would cool her off. Mitch?s knowing smile didn?t help much.

Come on, Autumn. Seductresses don?t blush and act like shy virgins. You wore the damn top to catch his attention, so don?t play coy.

The food was excellent. Trouble was she had difficulty concentrating with Mitch sitting so close to her, his very masculine scent teasing at her nostrils, her eyes glued to the muscles in his jaw and throat as he chewed and swallowed. It had been bad enough riding in the truck with him, very aware of the play of muscles in his arms as he drove and the way the worn denim stretched over his thighs. But sitting here with him her mind, let loose from its usual prison of inhibitions, kept picturing him naked.

Just as it had every day since they?d met.

She took a sip of the ice-cold beer in front of her and it suddenly occurred to her that this was the second Lone Star beer she?d downed without even realizing it. She?d been working long days, as much to get the house in shape as to work off the unfamiliar sexual energy charging through her. She knew she needed to get to a bed and crash but?surprise, surprise?she wanted Mitchell Brand to be in it with her. Now the band was tuning up and they opened up with something slow and sultry, matching her mood exactly.

?Come dance with me, Autumn.? Mitch covered one of her hands with his. ?A little music will relax you. Come on. Just one dance.?

Dance with him? Let his body press close to mine? Am I ready for this?

Before she realized it she was on the dance floor, her body plastered to Mitch?s.

Oh, lordy, I am in such big trouble here.


Desiree Holt Bio:

Desiree Holt has lived a life of excitement that brings the color to her writing. She was a summer fishing guide, a summer field hand where she was one of only three women working, a member of a beginning ski team that skied in competition (and no, no broken bones!). /she spent several years in the music business representing every kind of artist from country singer to heavy metal rock bands. For several years she also ran her own public relations agency handling any client that interested her. She loves to tell the story of sending a singer up in a hot air balloon singing ?Up, Up and Away in My Beautiful Balloon? and stopping traffic for four miles in every direction. Before and between her two marriages she dated enough hunks to fill up two he-man calendars, one of whom taught her to shoot so beware, she?s always armed. She?s kept a fresh look at erotic romance by making sure the sensuality factor in her private life is always high. She?s married to her own personal alpha hero who helps her with that.

Visit her at, www.myspace/judithdesiree

And at my blog

Judith Rochelle:

I live in the Hill Country of Texas where most of my hunky cowboys and other alpha males come from. My real love is Texas, so it?s where many of my stories are set.

I?ve had a lot of firsts in my life ? first female sports report on The Michigan Daily at the University of Michigan; first woman to own a rock and roll agency in Detroit, the home of Motown; first woman president of the Pasco (Florida) Economic Development Council.

My background is so varied it?s given me a lot of experiences to choose from when plotting my stories. I?ve been an insurance agent, newspaper reporter for weekly newspapers, a public relations and special events coordinator, manager of rock and Top 40 bands, worked for both a public and private university including vice president for public relations), chaired regional economic development councils and served on several political campaign committees.

I sold my first book Love With a Proper Rancher, a contemporary Western romance, in 2006, and it became the first of a trilogy-Cutter?s law and One Hot Texas Night, published by The Wild Rose Press. Since then, under both my own name and my erotic pen name of Desiree Holt, I have sold 39 novels and novellas to The Wild Rose Press, Ellora?s Cave, Total-e-bound and The Lotus Circle.

Redemption and Always On My Mind, written as Judith Rochelle, received 4 star reviews from Romantic Times, as did Night Heat and Where Danger Hides, written as Desiree Holt. Give It To Me, by Desiree, received 4 ??stars.

Desiree?s short story, Night Ride, received the Night Owl romance Award as best western erotic romance of 2008; Teaching Molly, Desiree?s Older Woman/Younger Man novella, is nominated for an Eppie and also for a CAPA at The Romance Studio. Desiree?s Night Heat and Judith?s Visions of Darkness have been nominated for the Love Romances Caf? Award as Best Romantic Suspense of 2008.? Beg Me received the Just Erotic Romances award for Naughty Nibble of 2007.

I have served in several offices of my local Romance Writers of America chapter, San Antonio Romance Authors.

When I?m not writing I?m an avid reader ? anything and everything ? and watching football, especially my Michigan Wolverines.

You can find me at www.judithrochelle,com,,, or at my publishers?Ellora?s Cave, Total-e-bound, The Lotus Circle and The Wild Rose Press.

Cougar Challenge Week: Dalton Diaz

Hi there! My name is Elizabeth Winters, also known as Elle, but only to my lover, Kevin Springer. For interview purposes, I?ll be EW here. I?ve just put the cart before the horse, haven?t I? LOL! I should have told you first that I?m one of the grateful members of the Tempt the Cougar blog who took Monica Allen up on her issued Cougar Challenge. All of the ladies on the blog have been so supportive. It?s wonderful to have a group of women who completely understand what makes me tick, and what to say to rev me back up when I get down. See, I went 41 years without realizing how good sex could be?

Anyway, I thought it would be really cool to interview the author who told my story, Dalton Diaz (DD). It?s actually our story, mine and Kevin?s, but he couldn?t be here. I wouldn?t let him come. See, he has a little problem with Ms Diaz being so open about our private moments.

DD: What? I told you guys from the beginning that Winters? Thaw is an erotic story.

EW: He?s a guy. He had no idea his feelings would be hung out there, too. By the way, what?s with the title? Winters??Thaw? That implies I was frigid. Not nice. I?m a nurse, and I?ve always felt I?m a very compassionate person.

DD: You are. Lots of compassion, just not any come passion. (Pause to listen to crickets chirp.) Wow, tough crowd. Would it help to know that my mother came up with the book title?

EW: Your?mother named your erotic book? Huh. I?m a little jealous. I can?t imagine my mother reading one, let alone naming it. Anyway, back to airing our personal business. Kevin and I think it only fair that you spill a few personal facts about yourself. You told all of our secrets and now it?s your turn. What can you tell us about yourself that no one else knows?

DD: Um. I?m an Aquarius.

EW: Really? That?s it? I seem to recall your description of a very personal conversation Kevin and I had about losing our virginity, among other things?

DD: Ok, ok, I get it. I wasn?t going to say anything, but there are a few similarities to my own life in your story, Elizabeth.

EW: (sitting up straight) Now you?re talking!

DD: Well, I met my husband in a bar, and he was the bass player in a band made up of engineers.

EW: Do tell! That was literal, by the way. Keep going?

DD: (Sigh) Fine. I have an ex with a very similar name.

EW: Ah. And what?s in a name, and all that. I?m sorry. Obviously, I?ve been there.

DD: That?s all I?m going to say on the subject, other than admitting I had more fun writing those scenes than I should have. Don?t give me that look! I?ve been happily remarried for almost 20 years. Besides, you wouldn?t be the woman Kevin is falling in love with if you hadn?t gone through what you did with Phil.

EW: Did you just say that Kevin is falling in love with me?

DD: (Rolling eyes) Hellooo? Have you seen the way he looks at you? It?s the same goofy look you get on your face when you look at him. Not the look when you guys are naked, though. There?s nothing goofy about that one. Wait, except that first time, when you tripped trying to-

EW: Nobody here needs that rehash, thank you! I have to get to work, but I heard you?re going to post a link to the Tempt the Cougar blog and an excerpt from the book, Elle and Kevin?s Excellent Adventure.

DD: Nice try. And that?s a horrible name for an erotic story. The book is called Winters? Thaw. It isn?t out yet and I don?t know the exact date of release, but it will be third in the Cougar Challenge series. To find out more about all of the books and all of the fabulous characters and authors, go to You should also stay check in every day for a new interview right here on Selena?s blog. Thank you for having us, Selena!

For more on Dalton Diaz, go to, and as an added bonus, I posted my list of quirky facts today on

Dalton’s Inspiration for Kevin:



Winters’ Thaw Blurb:

Forty-one and divorced, Elizabeth Winters is determined to figure out what the big deal is about sex. Research brings six incredible women into her life, and a blog challenge is born. She’s going to meet all of her needs with a younger man, if she can let her inner feline out to play.

Thirty-year-old Kevin Springer loves solving puzzles, and ?Elle? has him aching to fit the pieces. She’s hiding something, and he’s determined to get it out of her. Especially when he realizes he wants more than her offered no strings attached wild weekend.

Which brings us to the excerpt. I?m happy to share, but please keep in mind that this is unofficial and unedited.

Winters?? Thaw Excerpt, coming soon to Ellora?s Cave

?I?m exercising my option for another question. You have an incredibly talented mouth, Elle. Did either lover ever bring you to orgasm with their tongue??

Oh! Was he saying he?wanted to do that? From the look on his face, he sure did. She couldn?t quite get her ?talented? tongue to work, so she shook her head no. He made a strangled sound, as though cutting off a groan.

She had brought up her frustration with oral sex on the blog, and the other women had convinced her it was all in the technique. In other words, her lovers had sucked at it. One of them literally, and not in a good way.

This was something she felt good about trying, especially with Kevin. She had a feeling he knew what he was doing.

Oh god, it was finally going to happen for her!

Except he didn?t ease between her legs as she expected. When she felt his hot breath?right there it was because he had simply kept going down her body, taking the covers with him until he had his legs neatly wrapped around hers. She couldn?t spread her legs for him if she wanted to.

The first probe of his warm wet tongue barely penetrated her pussy, followed by a quick retreat. She held her breath for it to come back, but he only licked and nipped at the tops of her closed thighs. It was nice, but?

With no warning he buried his mouth deep in the vee he?d created, using his tongue to lap and retreat, over and over until she thought she?d go mad.

He tasted and savored, leaving no question that he liked what he discovered. She tried to lift her hips, wanted to spread her legs to give him better access, but he held her steady at the hips with his big hands.

The second she cried out he changed his technique. Now there were deep probing French kisses along with long slow licks that studiously avoided her clit. His mouth molten silk, his tongue following to stroke everywhere he touched. It was the most incredible, yet the most frustrating thing she?d ever felt.

?Kevin, please!? She needed that focus on her clit. Dammit, she was so close.

?Will you come for me?? he growled.

?Yes! Please!?

He didn?t release her. She nearly screamed her frustration when his arms wrapped completely around her hips, tightening like a vise.

She opened her mouth to beg again, sure he didn?t understand how close she was.

Pure liquid heat engulfed her clit. The only sound she managed was a surprised,??Oh!? and then her world spun like a vortex. Her hands flew between her legs to clutch his head, her fingers buried in his hair.

That soft probing tongue abruptly became direct and relentless, flicking her clit so rapidly she couldn?t catch her breath. Her belly convulsed and a tidal wave of pleasure swept through her body.

The sounds that tore from her throat still echoed in the room when another convulsion hit, even harder than the first.??Oh my god!?

He didn?t let go of her, didn?t ease up on her clit. Each flick of his tongue made her spasm and come so hard the bed shook from her efforts to move and his to hold her still.

At last he released her clit, though he still held her hips. His blissful groan mixed with her harsh gasps for breath as he went back to long licks and probing laps between her thighs.

The urge to curl up in a ball had passed by the time he unwound himself from her body. Kevin was moving around, but she didn?t have the energy to open her eyes to see what he was up to. Her body felt so hot and heavy and god help her, if there were even the slightest breeze in the room she?d come again. No wonder empires were built and lost on this stuff.

She didn?t even care what kind of picture she presented at the moment, laying on her back with her arms flung wide. She felt like one very satisfied throbbing block of pure lead.

Orgasms ruled!

?Don?t fall asleep on me, Elle. Christ, not now.?

Dalton Diaz Bio:

Hmm. I have no idea why people want to know what makes me? me, but here it goes:

My favorite hobby is reading, and I am a complete romance snob. If a story doesn?t have romance, it isn?t worth it. If there?s hot sex, it?s extra worth it.

My favorite food is anything that isn?t brussel sprouts or scallops. Dark chocolate is way at the top of the list. If there?s hot sex with dark chocolate, it?s extra worth it.

My favorite music ranges from sixties pop to nineties grunge, with some heavy metal thrown in. But the eighties will always rule. That?s about when I discovered hot sex and dark chocolate, so there?s no contest.

Let?s face it, fantasy is usually a lot more fun than reality. Not always, but usually. As a writer, one can be anything, do anything, say anything that comes to mind. There are a thousand and one ways to make things happen, each one more exciting than the last. Case in point: I don?t choose Ranger or Morelli. I choose Ranger AND Morelli, preferably covered in dark chocolate.

This is the best job in the world.

Cougar Challenge Week: Lynne Connolly

We are honored to be featured on Selena?s blog this week. Thanks, Selena, we really appreciate it!

I?m Lynne Connolly, and I have the pleasure of interviewing Edie Howard, aka ex supermodel Sunset, about her new life in Los Angeles. Edie is the heroine of Beauty of Sunset, out soon from Ellora?s Cave.

Lynne: Hi, Sunset. We?ve been watching you for years on the catwalks. What made you give it all up?

Edie: When I got my third divorce, I knew I had to take control of my life. My third marriage was a mistake, but my other two weren?t. But I was in a rut, and I?d stopped caring about my job. I was lucky enough to be able to afford an early retirement, so I quit. I still do the occasional job for friends, but I?m out of the modeling business now. Don?t get me wrong, it was good to me, but I have other things to do, other places to go.

Lynne: One of them being gorgeous cosmetic surgeon John Sung?

Edie: (shrugs). My husbands were all older than me, so dating a younger man was something out of my comfort zone. Good for me, I guess. John certainly is.

Lynne: So you got to see his famous collection?

Edie: I don?t know what you mean.

Lynne: (laughs). Oh yes you do. The good doctor collects glass dildos made from the dicks of famous rock stars. Rumor has it that he had his own immortalized, too. How does it compare?

Edie: Oh, it?s better. (Pauses, bites her lip, then laughs). It?s a stunning collection. Works of art, all of them. But far more useful, if you get my meaning.

Lynne: Oh yes, I certainly do. Tall, handsome, rich and in possession of the best collection of glass dildos in LA. What more can you ask for?

Edie: Laughter, good conversation and a fantastic partner in bed. One thing you can say for a younger man?he doesn?t tire as quickly.

Lynne: Or maybe you?ve never met the right man before.

Edie: (shrugs). Maybe. But not every man in the fashion industry is gay, you know. (grins). I?ve had my share. I just never thought I?d have anyone at this time in my life. Not that I?m old or anything, just that I was concentrating my efforts elsewhere for now.

Lynne: Have you been lonely since your last divorce?

Edie: Not lonely precisely. I had too much to do. I wrote a book, my autobiography, and I?m planning a few more nonfiction titles about the fashion industry. I have a new manager, and I?d thought about relocating. I hadn?t thought about love, or sex for that matter. Then came John.

Lynne: Would you really have had cosmetic procedures?

Edie: Listen, my body is my fortune. Nothing else. I?ve done what was necessary when it was necessary, but I?d never had plastic surgery before. So if it was needed, yes, I?d do it. John is dead set against it. I think it?s made him think twice about cosmetic surgery as a career, even though he and his business partner are the go-to guys in LA right now.

Lynne: Would he really give it up?

Edie: I?m not going to make him. But I think he?s won his bet!

It was awesome talking to Edie, but how about something from the book?

He laid one finger on her just above the line of her pubic hair. ?You could shave if you wanted to.?

?Would you like that??

He gave another smile. ?Maybe I would.?

?I used to shave there, I had to. I still trim.?

He ran his finger between her legs along the bikini line. ?So you do.?

Without warning, he bent and licked her slit front to back. Her legs were only slightly open so he couldn?t reach all the way but as she shuddered in reaction, he gripped her thigh and urged her legs apart. His low groan vibrated along her cleft, peaked at her opening. She panted sharp and fast and he purred against her skin, a low rumble that flowed through her body and amplified her arousal. Her body tingled with awareness, with wanting. His low words, his reassurances all served to lull her to stop her thinking.

So she just felt. His tongue curled along her cleft and then tickled her clit. She gripped the sheet under her, felt the smooth fine cotton scrunch in her hands, added it to the sensations she was feeling. She felt every movement of his talented tongue as he curled it around her clit like a guardian, a protector and then he sucked it in like a marauder, owning it.

The combination sent her up into a cycle she dimly recognized as pre-orgasm when every sense tingled in response to his touch.

He traced patterns on her thigh with his fingers, intricately weaving sensation into a rich tapestry of delight. Every time he touched her, she soared higher. He sucked, pulled her into his mouth and made a sound that he might make for the richest chocolate or the finest wine.

He changed his angle, lifted up on one hand, his other still tracing patterns and he devoured her. Ate her. And she couldn?t hold back any longer. She arched her back and screamed as the climax hit her with the intensity of a tropical storm, rocking every inch of her. ?Oh fuck me, don?t stop, keep going–oh God!?

Her pussy pulsed and she realized he?d pushed his finger?fingers?inside her. He didn?t stop licking and sucking although she squirmed to get away, the sensitivity too much but he kept a hand on her thigh, holding her in place for his invading tongue.

She cried out, begged for him to fuck her now but he ignored her until he?d lapped up every drop of her essence. No man had ever done that to her before, not eaten her out as if he couldn?t get enough of her.

Finally he pulled away and rested his forehead on her mound. He breathed deeply as if he?d sprinted a hundred yards at Olympic speed.

?I could do this all night.? His voice sounded muffled. ?You taste glorious.? He lifted his head. His mouth glistened, his chin was damp. ?So good, honey, so good.?

She stared at him enthralled. Gorgeous, hot and for tonight all hers. ?I could let you. But we have other places to go don?t we??

?Oh yes. Plenty of other places.? With a sudden movement, he pushed himself up on all fours. His cock thrust up aggressively close to her pussy. Not close enough. He eased himself up the bed until he crouched over her but he wasn?t touching her although she could feel his heat and the way he wanted her. She swallowed. She could smell herself on him. The scent turned her on with a power that was new to her. At least this way. He vibrated enjoyment. He stared down at her, his gaze molten lava. ?I need a moment or I?ll come all over you right now. And I want in.?

?How do you do it??

?Do what?? His voice purred over her like velvet against her skin.

?Be this?this intense.?

?I live in the moment. It?s hard to do.? He smiled down at her, bent for a gentle kiss. She licked her lips, savoring her taste on his lips and he watched avidly. ?But it?s a skill you can learn. Ten years ago, I was going nuts, literally. My nerves were shot to hell. I was a clever kid and my parents pushed me. My Dad especially, the Chinese ethic to achieve kicking in. So I graduated early, set up the business and nearly had a breakdown. I went to classes and I learned not to agonize so much. Want me to teach you??

She shook her head. ?I?m doing okay. You stop the world for me.?

He kissed her a lingering closed-mouth caress. ?Now that is the best thing anyone?s said to me.?

She laughed. ?Ever??

?Ever.? He bent again and he breathed in deep through his nose, a sexy sound that added to her enjoyment of him.

When Edie Howard meets cosmetic surgeon John Sung, she can?t think of anything except getting the younger man naked. Her friends on the Cougar Challenge blog remind Edie of her promise?to seduce a younger man. It?s time for Edie to take action.

Dr. John Sung takes one look at Edie and knows he can?t operate on her. He signs off as her doctor and makes her a bet?if he can make her love her body as it is, she won?t have any surgery.

John?s bet involves close examinations?and torrid, sleepless nights. Their passion is far more than either expects, and John begins to wonder if he?ll ever get enough of this woman. Edie just counts her blessings and hopes their age difference won?t drive John away.

The Beauty of Sunset is the second book in the Cougar Challenge. You can buy it from November 11th at Ellora?s Cave, and read more about it here:

and here:

Watch for more adventures with the women of the Tempt the Cougar blog and join in the fun!

beautyofsunsetlargerBio –
Lynne Connolly?Lynne Connolly has won two Eppies and a number of other awards, Recommended Reads and other acknowledgements for her paranormal romances and her historicals.
While these are very gratifying, that isn’t why she writes. She wants to bring the stories in her head to life and share them with others, in the hope that then she might get some peace and quiet!
Writing is what she was doing while she was working, bearing children and doing the other boring things that constitute living. Her favorite writer’s motto is “I can use that.”
She lives in the UK with her husband, children and cats, and her doll’s houses. Creating worlds, miniature or otherwise, seems to be Lynne’s specialty!

My website :
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Cougar Challenge Week: Samantha Kane

Hi! My name is Monica Allen and I’d like to thank Selena for letting me guest blog today. **waving at Selena**

Your browser may not support display of this image. Today I’m interviewing Samantha Kane. Sam writes erotic romance for Ellora’s Cave. She’s got an historical series called Brothers In Arms, about veterans of the Peninsular War, as well as a WWII and a science fiction romance. But what I really want to talk to her about is her new contemporary story, Play It Again, Sam, part of the new multi-author series Cougar Challenge. You see, that book is about ME. Yep, that’s right. It’s about my very own personal cougar romance.

Let’s start at the beginning, which was RomantiCon, Ellora’s Cave’s recent convention. I met a group of ladies there, standing at the bar ogling the gorgeous EC cover models, and we bonded. And one of the things we bonded over was our love of younger men. Let’s face it, they’re sexy as hell, have stamina out the ying yang, and are just plain fun to look at. Especially without their clothes. (See examples below.)

Together we started a blog called Tempt The Cougar. I know, isn’t that a great name? And we like to post eye candy and lament the lack of younger men, and romance in Your browser may not support display of this image. general, in our lives. Well, we used to do that. Until I challenged all of my friends, myself included, to go out there and find a younger man to fulfill our fantasies. Having issued the challenge, I felt it was my duty to get the ball rolling. So with a vague, and in hindsight not very good plan, I set out to find a younger man. Not the man of my dreams, just a likely prospect for some incredibly hot sex. Guess what? I found that and more!! LOL

So I posted about my adventures at Tempt The Cougar and the very next day I heard from none other than Samantha Kane. Wanting to know if she could write my story. Was she kidding?! Needless to say I jumped on that idea. Not just because the whole story is funny, and extremely sexy, but because I wanted other women my age, (I’m 38 by the way), to know that there is life after divorce, or at 40 (I’m close enough to count.)

Your browser may not support display of this image. Sam:  Um, hello? I thought this was supposed to be an interview about me.

Monica: Well, I had to give them some background, didn’t I? They have no flipping clue who I am, after all.

Sam: Okaaayyy. So, first question?

Monica:   How old are you?

Sam:  What? **thunks head on desk** I have that posted right on my website, you know. I’m forty-two.

Monica:  Oh, man. What was that like, the dreaded 4-0?

Sam:  No biggee. Seriously. I was like, so what, I’m forty. Big deal. I didn’t feel any Your browser may not support display of this image. different than I did at 39. But then I hit forty-one. And suddenly I was IN MY FORTIES. That was the tough one.

Monica:  So that’s when you became obsessed with younger men?

Sam:  I what? Wait a minute! You’re the one with a younger boyfriend, not me. My husband of thirteen years is 10 months older than I am. Not that I don’t find some younger men attractive, but I’ve always been a sucker for weathered and experienced. I’ll still take Bruce Willis and Jimmy Buffett over any younger man out there.

Monica:  Wow. You don’t get out much, do you?

Sam:  Excuse me?

Monica:  I mean, as soon as I walked into that bar and saw Sam I felt like I’d been hit smack right between the eyes by a wall of gorgeous. Hot, blond, young, built, with a world-class ass. You don’t see that on your average geezer.

Sam:  You are so incredibly shallow I’m embarrassed for you.

Monica:  Right back at ya. But seriously, I was tongue-tied. And then he introduced himself and we talked for hours and I realized he was more than just an incredibly hot guy. He has the total package, you know? Funny, sweet, good-looking, smart, and holy mackerel is he a master of the bedroom arts. Whew!

Sam:  You are completely unfamiliar with the notion of TMI, aren’t you?

Monica:  You know, Sam, for an erotic romance writer you’re pretty white bread. Tell us about that.

Sam:  Well, I grew up in the mid-west, the youngest of four kids. I had your typical, fairytale, white bread, wholesome upbringing. My parents are still wringing their hands over what went wrong. 😉  I was always breaking tradition and ignoring boundaries, and when I began writing romance I naturally gravitated toward erotic romance. But you’re right. I am a little bit conservative for an erotic romance writer. Which may sound kind of funny, since I’ve written mostly ménage up to this point.

Monica:  Um, Sam, in case you’ve forgotten, my story is a ménage, too.

Your browser may not support display of this image. Sam:  Well, yes it is Monica. Although, Sam and Josh do not have a physical relationship, which makes your story slightly different from my Brothers In Arms, for instance, which is m/m/f. Sam and Josh were hotter than the sidewalk in July when they took you to bed and fulfilled your fantasies, however. You are one very lucky woman.

Monica:  And don’t I know it! But it was always Sam for me, from the very start. Josh is an absolute sweetie, and he’s Sam’s best friend, but we never clicked on an emotional level.

Sam:  I hope I got that across in your book, Monica. Did you know that your friends from the blog are going to have their stories published by EC, too? I told some of my writer friends about you guys, and they wanted to tell all your stories.  As a matter of fact, Edie’s story is coming on November 11, and it was written by Lynne Connolly. Other stories will be coming from writers Dalton Diaz, Desiree Holt, Mari Carr, Mari Freeman and Ciana Stone.

Monica:  OMG! That’s fabulous. You know, when we met we were all at different Your browser may not support display of this image. crossroads in our life, although we didn’t know it. The blog and our friendship really helped us all go out and start living again. You know the old cliché, forty isn’t fatal.

Sam:  LOL  No, it isn’t. You know my last child and my first book were both born when I was 39. My forties so far have been the best decade of my adult life. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Monica:  What a great way to end the interview!! I hope I didn’t take over. But, to make amends for my blabber mouth, I’m going to decorate this interview with some of my favorite pictures from Sam’s blog and website. (Most of these guys are all younger. I’m just sayin’. She may deny it, but we all know she loves younger men as much as we do.) And an excerpt from her book. I picked a hot one. This is one of my favorite memories. Enjoy!

Monica Allen has always been attracted to younger men. She even married one. But after the divorce, she thought she was through with them for good. Then she meets a group of ladies at RomantiCon, and they form a blog celebrating younger men, Tempt the Cougar.

After another lonely Friday night, Monica challenges her friends to each find a younger man to make their fantasies come true. She doesn’t have to marry him—been there, done that, threw away the t-shirt. But for a night of hot sex? Hell yes.

But Sam Lincoln refuses to be just a fantasy. He’s a graduate student with a yen for older women and he may have just found the one to make his own fantasies come true. With a little help from his roommate Josh, Sam fulfills Monica’s deepest desires. Can he convince this sexy cougar to give him a chance at happily ever after?

It didn’t take long to get undressed. Monica sighed with regret at how little attention was paid to her new black, cougar lingerie in comparison to how much it cost. All Josh and Sam seemed to care about was getting her naked. Okay, maybe that wasn’t so bad. As Sam crawled toward her on the bed with a determined glint in his eye, she was actually sure that was pretty darn good.

“Mine,” Sam said in a voice that defied anyone to argue with him. Monica gulped. She had absolutely no intention of arguing. She was so his. So totally, absolutely, embarrassingly his that she was a little worried. This was all for fun, right? She shook off her unease. It was part of the game. She was into what they were playing. She’d had no idea at the bar that Sam would be like this. That he’d be so dominant when it came to sex. Or that Josh apparently had a submissive streak.

She smiled at Sam like a cat at the canary. “Yours,” she said, adding slyly, “first.”

“Yes,” Josh murmured triumphantly from his corner of the bed. He smiled back at Monica.

Sam watched the exchange. Without saying a word he reached out and pressed his hand against her cunt, one finger gliding through the moisture there. Monica moaned and clutched the sheets as her hips bucked into his touch. Sam just rubbed that finger on her until they could all hear how wet she was. “For me,” he said.

Monica couldn’t deny it. “For you,” she gasped.

Sam’s smile was predatory and made Monica shiver with desire. God, she had no idea she’d like a man like this so much—a take-charge, take-no-prisoners, fuck-you-blind kind of man. She felt her feminist side blush guiltily as her slutty side rolled around in her submission like a cat in catnip.

Sam pushed his finger inside her and Monica met the breach with a thrust of her hips, driving him deeper. Her back arched. “Oh, that feels so good,” she purred. “It’s been so long since I’ve had something that doesn’t run on batteries in there.”

Josh laughed and moved closer to them as Sam lay down next her, draping his leg over one of hers, preventing her from spreading her legs wider. “Keep them close,” he whispered. “It makes you tighter.”

She clenched on his finger inside her. “Mmm,” he murmured nuzzling from her ear to her mouth. “Yeah, Blue Eyes, just like that.”

He kissed her then. It was a good thing, because she’d been about to demand that he kiss her. All right, she admitted to herself, beg him. She’d been about to beg him to kiss her. And it was worth begging for. He ate at her mouth as if it were a delicacy. She’d never had anyone kiss her like that, as if her taste, texture, everything was the most delectable thing they’d ever had. She just about melted into the bed when he tenderly licked the corners of her mouth. It was crazy, but for some reason it made her weak and wild at the same time. As if he knew how much she liked it, he did it again.

And that was it. That was why she liked this game so much. Because it was all about her. All about what she wanted, what she liked, what she needed. Sam was attuned to every nuance of her reactions, somehow anticipating what she’d need before she even realized it. He hadn’t been lying earlier when he’d said that watching her live out her fantasies was his fantasy, not if his actions were to be believed. She could tell he liked ordering them around. But so far all that he’d asked had been for her pleasure. Oh, yes, she liked this game a lot.

He was fucking her so deliciously with that finger. She fucked it back, fucked him back, the anticipation of fucking his cock burning her up inside. Suddenly she felt fuller, a pinch of stretch and it burned a little. She broke the kiss on an indrawn breath, one knee pulling up as the other remained trapped under Sam’s leg.

Sam’s fingers stopped moving in her and he just lay there pressing them inside. He’d added another, that was what she’d felt. “Are you okay?” he asked quietly, his mouth still so close to hers she felt the words on her lips.

She nodded. “I…it just surprised me a bit.”

He began to move his fingers again. It felt good again, the burn gone. “You’re tight, sweet thing. How long has it been?”

She bit her lip as he thrust a little harder, a little deeper.

“Answer me.” His voice had gone all deep and sharp again. She shivered, anticipation and arousal building.

“Over a year. Since before he left.” She hated to admit that. Hated to admit that no one had wanted to fuck her for over a year.

“He was a moron.” That was Josh.

Monica huffed out a laugh. “His new wife doesn’t think so.” She turned to look at Josh and smiled. “But you’re right. He is a moron. Because he never, ever made me feel like this.”

“That’s all I want,” Sam growled into her neck, “to make you feel like this. Better than this.” His fingers drove into her again and she moaned as her back arched again. “Good?” he rasped in her ear.

“So good,” she said in a voice that sounded suspiciously like she might cry. But only because it felt so good. So amazing.

“Don’t ever waste your time on morons, again, Monica,” Josh told her, leaning down and kissing her shoulder. “Not when we can make you feel so good.”

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