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Breathless Press Week: Loving Lydia by Berengaria Brown

Finding a comfortable niche

Finding the right fit for you as an author or as a reader can be tricky. As a reader I like all sorts of different genres. I read cozy mysteries and crime. I enjoy paranormal. I love romance, everything from sweet to very kinky. There is no one right genre to suit my reading tastes. Today I may feel like a historical romance. Tomorrow, I may want to read a cozy mystery. By next week, who knows what I might be looking for.

So it won?t come as a surprise to you, then, to learn I write across genres. Although most of my stories are contemporary-set, I have also written two Regency historicals. I have MMF m?nages, MM and FF books. I even have one straight MF story, ?Dinner Delights.? I also have vampires, a werewolf, and several ghosts.

Is m?nage better than MF? Is paranormal better than historical or contemporary?

I like to think there is a big wide world of readers out there, some of whom will be just like me, and enjoy a bit of everything.

Let me introduce you to my erotic FF novella, ?Loving Lydia?.


Tammy’s sights are set and goals targeted. With one thing on her mind – Lydia – she will stop at nothing to satisfy every craving her body has for the seductive female, including showing up at the same gym for a chance encounter.

Lydia’s career is in her pocket. Successful, motivated, and driven, Lydia realizes she wants more out of life than just her job. Aware of Tammy’s intentions, Lydia decides to play along, at least until a cup of steaming hot coffee turns into a passionate night. Can she split her life between her career and Tammy?

Will Tammy be able to quench her thirst for Lydia with one night of hot sex, or will she be left wanting more?


Tammy?s heart clenched at the succulent picture Lydia made, her soft golden-blonde hair looking very pretty against the bright yellow shirt. She gulped.

“Sounds good.” She dragged in another deep breath. “Meet you at the coffee shop across the street in, say, half an hour then?”

“Yeah, that?ll be good.” Lydia slid her cell phone back into her pocket and increased the speed of her bike.

Tammy tried to concentrate on her own work-out, but her eyes slid over to the delicious picture her neighbor made, with just the slightest sheen of sweat on her face, her legs pumping the bike pedals.

Her face will look just like that as we make love?that glow of perspiration, the smile in her eyes. But her attention will be focused on me as I bring her to one orgasm after another. I wonder if her pussy is bare or if she has blonde curls for me to run my fingers through as I search out her clit to stroke it. Her skin is fair and soft. I bet her nipples will be pink rather than brown. But in my mouth, they?ll soon turn hard and red as I suck her closer and closer to exploding. And then I?ll?

Tammy brought her mind back to the present as cream dripped from her cunt, dampening her panties. Lucky I was planning to have a shower and change my underwear!

Tammy watched as Lydia slid off her bike, smiled at her, and wandered over to the weights to do the next part of her program. She?d first noticed Lydia a couple of months ago, and the attraction had been instant and all-consuming. Lydia was very organized and followed a routine. Unlike Lydia, Tammy didn?t have a set program. She just did whatever she felt like and right now what she wanted to do was watch Lydia, so she stayed on the bike.

Because Tammy didn?t have a set program, it was easy for her to come to the gym a couple of times a week when she knew Lydia would be there, hoping she could get to know her better.

And the more she learned about the woman, the more she ached to hold her in her arms and make love to her. And now, finally, they were going to have a coffee together. Awesome!

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