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Sizzling Snippet and Review: Flushed and Fevered 2: Making Demons Purr

MakingDemonsPurr-BySelenaIllyria-200x300OUT NOW!


They will bind her to them in every way they can.


Seraphena, a black panther shifter and familiar, hasn’t had a night off in months. Between work, dealing with her mother, and issues with her leap, her life is one challenge after the next. So when she finally finds herself with a night to herself, the last thing she expects is spending it with her secret crushes, Carver and Thorn, demons and owners of her favorite café, The Java Demon. Neither does she expect what happens when you play high card strip with a couple of pros. They give her a hot game, a night to remember with a little kink on the side. But Sera knows it can’t last with all the complications in her life. The last thing she needs is having to explain two men at once—and demons at that.


Carver and Thorn have wanted Sera from the moment she first strolled into the Java Demon for her caffeine fix. Now that they have her in their life, they refuse to let her go. They will bind her to them in every way they can, fulfill her fantasies, and show her the love and support she needs. Nothing will stand in their way—not work, not her mother, not her pard. But it might be Sera herself who shuts them out if she can’t stand up to those who would dictate their love…


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“And if you’re a really good girl—and I mean a good girl—I’ll ask my best friend to join us. Him in your ass and me in your pussy.” Carver pressed his palm against her stomach and slipped it down until he covered her mound. “You want to be our good girl, don’t you?”

She nodded, unsure of what it would take to be that, but knowing that whatever it was she’d do it. He smiled and it felt as though the sun had come out. Heat radiated from his lips. She reached up to cup his face and bring him closer for a kiss, but he lifted his head.

“Tsk, tsk, not yet. I’m not finished.” He rolled his hips, rubbing his erection into her. The noises she made turned to moans. “Feel that? Every inch for you, used to pleasure you, fuck you, make you moan and scream and beg and cry out, to own you. I’ll sink into you over and over again, make you come so hard you’ll see stars. I’ll use toys, my fingers, my mouth, my tongue, my lips, my cock to worship you as you deserve. My beautiful one, I will never do to you what that bastard, Arthur, did to you.”

Sera jerked back. The fantasy faded away at the mention of her ex. How could he? She narrowed her eyes at him. “How do you know about Arthur? Only Mysta, Bridget, and Lana know what happened with him.”

Carver shrugged. “Word does get around, even if you don’t open that pretty mouth of yours. Besides, the asshole told anyone who would hear at the Harvest Festival about leaving you. But don’t worry, Thorn and I put him in his place.” A hard look entered Carver’s eyes, a darkness that glittered in the inky black of his irises. He gave her a dark smile.

Her nipples pebbled to the point of pain and she shivered. The arousal stirred to life. “Why would you do that for me? Whatever it is you did.”

Carver bent his head down. “Because I will fight to have you and shed blood to keep you safe and keep your heart secure. You are worth it. You are priceless. Do not doubt that.”

He cut off any response by lowering his head and pressing his lips to hers. Her mind became swathed in desire, and her body temperature rose once again. She was in so deep she wasn’t sure she wanted to escape.


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5hearts“I loved this book! Carver and Thorn are one hot package and Sera is one lucky panther. The chemistry between the three of them is scorching hot, and oh man, the sex scenes!” – Amy Hopkins

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New Review for Dragon Kin: Reclaimed

I’m so excited this is my first 5 heart review from TRS!

Another great and well written book from Ms Illyria with just the right amount of sexual scenes and drama thrown together.“- Margo Arthur

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Why I watch the TV Show Chuck

Don?t worry I?m not going to do massive spoilers. I can?t do that to my friends on the West Coast or in Australia who haven?t seen it yet. Normally I don?t really blog about TV shows. I just say this is what I?m watching and leave it at that. But this time I wanted to do something. I know people have been wondering why Chuck and not say Law and Order or Heroes? Honestly I don?t know. What I do know is that I?m grateful to NBC for keeping the show alive (Pleeeaaassse give us a whole 22 episodes season, pleeeeaaassseee).

To be honest I didn’t watch in the beginning. Too many freakin shows on at the same for me to watch. But I became curious after reading my friend Chris/Crystal Green’s Chuck recaps (her show recaps rock!) on her blog. Then I saw one episode and was hooked. I had to see them all.?Chuck isn?t a show that many will get. It?s not as complicated as Lost or as flashy as 24. It didn?t get lost in its mythos like Heroes did. At the core of the show, at it?s heart, the show is about Chuck and those that Chuck loves. His family. He may not be an uber spy like Bryce Larkin (Dear God, Matt Boomer is gorgeous) nor is he as suave as James Bond. He does bumble and fumble but he means well. In his heart of hearts he is a good guy, a sweet guy. He may not be your first choice but he is the guy who will go over to your house with your fav ice cream and a playlist of all your favorite songs if you?ve had a hell of a day. He?s the guy who will be there for you no matter what.
Chuck is the type of guy who will do the right thing no matter how much it hurts him. He?s the guy who will sacrifice it all for those that he loves even if it means risking his life. He is all about family: Ellie, Awesome, Morgan, Sarah and Casey. Yes, even Big Mike and, um, well, Jeff and Lester. Yeah them too. And that?s what we love about him. He?s loyal to a fault, good hearted, well meaning and a sweetheart. And yeah he?ll dress up for Comic Con and drag you along but you?ll have a hell of time there. He?s a dork but he can laugh at himself and he can fix your computer, pretty snazzy, I know! LOL.

Chuck is neither hip nor the hot, happening, it show of the moment. It just is. Season 3 had its ups and downs and there were gripes but this finale shows us yet again why we love the show, the writers and actors. There was action, humor, moments that made our hearts melt and there was a pay off (those wicked, infuriating, clever, wonderful writers). Looking back I feel as if over the seasons it?s been a natural progression, very organic, never hurried. The writers took their time. Nothing felt crammed in or over the top to me. There didn?t seem to be a need to outdo last week. Although for a moment there, some episodes made me wonder if I was watching a season finale and they didn?t tell us. LOL.

I for one think 3 months or however long we?ll have to wait for the new season is too long. But it?s worth the wait. This TV show Chuck is a keeper. And I can?t wait to see where they take us. To me the finale didn?t feel like an ending, it felt like just the beginning of a new chapter. Sorta like Supernatural, a reboot of sorts. Okay enough of my blathering. I return you now to your regularly scheduled program whatever that may be.
I?m blogging at TRS Blue today. Stop by, leave a comment and be entered to win 5 Changeling Credits. Good luck! (Warning Adult Content)

Oh and watch White Collar on USA Network (or whatever channel it airs on where you are). How can you resist those gorgeous blue eyes of Matt Boomer’s? Seriously, he?s just gorgeous. I said that already didn?t I? Am I drooling? Sorry. *blush*


TRS Guest Blog: New Moon ? what?s all the fuss about?

Okay, so New Moon hits theaters this Thursday at midnight.? What a phenom this has turned out to be, huh? It?s been the biggest thing to hit the literary world since Harry Potter. My husband argues that Harry Potter was clearly bigger because it wasn?t just a ?girl movie? like Twilight was. It had something for everyone. Point. But still screaming fans turn out in droves to conventions around the country and try to catch glimpses of the cast on filming locations. Now they?ll be swarming theaters. It?s madness.

Now, is it just because of vampires? Werewolves? That?s what made me curious. My daughters, both under ten, begged me for the books, the movie last year and I?d only seen media coverage. It looked a little old for them. What was all the hype about anyway?

Okay, I wasn?t getting out of it. I rented the movie. Now it was PG-13 so clearly that means I preview it before I even think about letting them see an edited version.

I watched. I was??surprised. (And I did let them see it ? edited heavily because of some vampire violence and that whole mess at the ballet studio. LOL)

Okay, I see what all the fuss is about. It wasn?t just because of the vampires and, in the case of the three sequels, werewolves too. It was about a really great love story. One that didn?t have a kick ass heroine who had five degrees, spoke several languages, and had been secretly trained as a ninja as a teenager. No, this heroine is an awkward girl with insecurities and faults that anyone could identify with. Even walking is a challenge for her.

You have a hero who is well?? Okay, I?ll be honest. After watching the movie the first time, and never reading a line from any of the books, well, I found Edward to be a little creepy. Sneaking in to watch her sleep? Stop and think about that. A vampire stalker. If you didn?t like him, well, that could be a real problem, right? LOL

So naturally, I decided to read the book after that and before I let my girls see this (much to their great frustration) and see what background information was there. Well, didn?t that change things up a bit? I connected with a super lover story that didn?t need a truckload of explicit sex or an abundance of action. It was very simple, linear. There was plenty of time for the focus to be on the romance ? the reason I am a fan of this genre. The feelings, emotions, of two people. I ended up reading all four books in short order and can say I really enjoyed them.

I wouldn?t consider myself a ?Twi-Mom? because while I like the books and the movies (so far) I don?t write naughty letters to Robert Pattinson. LOL And that?s no criticism of those who do. I?m just sayin??

So what do you think? Did you read the books? Did the movie work for you? Are you a fan? Do you need the sex and the ninja action? Do you write naughty letters to Robert Pattinson? Come on. Fess up!

And ??most importantly ?? which team are you on? There can be more than the basic two, by the way. That?s getting rather boring. Myself? I?m squarely on Team Carlisle. LOL

I?ve got books (2 print copies from Berkley) for a lucky reader. I?ll give you a choice. For authors who come out and play, I?ll be giving away 5 free one year featured memberships at TRS. But you actually have to post AND name your team. LOL


Tina Pavlik

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