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Sizzling Snippet and Review: Flushed and Fevered 2: Making Demons Purr

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They will bind her to them in every way they can.


Seraphena, a black panther shifter and familiar, hasn’t had a night off in months. Between work, dealing with her mother, and issues with her leap, her life is one challenge after the next. So when she finally finds herself with a night to herself, the last thing she expects is spending it with her secret crushes, Carver and Thorn, demons and owners of her favorite café, The Java Demon. Neither does she expect what happens when you play high card strip with a couple of pros. They give her a hot game, a night to remember with a little kink on the side. But Sera knows it can’t last with all the complications in her life. The last thing she needs is having to explain two men at once—and demons at that.


Carver and Thorn have wanted Sera from the moment she first strolled into the Java Demon for her caffeine fix. Now that they have her in their life, they refuse to let her go. They will bind her to them in every way they can, fulfill her fantasies, and show her the love and support she needs. Nothing will stand in their way—not work, not her mother, not her pard. But it might be Sera herself who shuts them out if she can’t stand up to those who would dictate their love…


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“And if you’re a really good girl—and I mean a good girl—I’ll ask my best friend to join us. Him in your ass and me in your pussy.” Carver pressed his palm against her stomach and slipped it down until he covered her mound. “You want to be our good girl, don’t you?”

She nodded, unsure of what it would take to be that, but knowing that whatever it was she’d do it. He smiled and it felt as though the sun had come out. Heat radiated from his lips. She reached up to cup his face and bring him closer for a kiss, but he lifted his head.

“Tsk, tsk, not yet. I’m not finished.” He rolled his hips, rubbing his erection into her. The noises she made turned to moans. “Feel that? Every inch for you, used to pleasure you, fuck you, make you moan and scream and beg and cry out, to own you. I’ll sink into you over and over again, make you come so hard you’ll see stars. I’ll use toys, my fingers, my mouth, my tongue, my lips, my cock to worship you as you deserve. My beautiful one, I will never do to you what that bastard, Arthur, did to you.”

Sera jerked back. The fantasy faded away at the mention of her ex. How could he? She narrowed her eyes at him. “How do you know about Arthur? Only Mysta, Bridget, and Lana know what happened with him.”

Carver shrugged. “Word does get around, even if you don’t open that pretty mouth of yours. Besides, the asshole told anyone who would hear at the Harvest Festival about leaving you. But don’t worry, Thorn and I put him in his place.” A hard look entered Carver’s eyes, a darkness that glittered in the inky black of his irises. He gave her a dark smile.

Her nipples pebbled to the point of pain and she shivered. The arousal stirred to life. “Why would you do that for me? Whatever it is you did.”

Carver bent his head down. “Because I will fight to have you and shed blood to keep you safe and keep your heart secure. You are worth it. You are priceless. Do not doubt that.”

He cut off any response by lowering his head and pressing his lips to hers. Her mind became swathed in desire, and her body temperature rose once again. She was in so deep she wasn’t sure she wanted to escape.


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5hearts“I loved this book! Carver and Thorn are one hot package and Sera is one lucky panther. The chemistry between the three of them is scorching hot, and oh man, the sex scenes!” – Amy Hopkins

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Sunday Snippet: 03/24/14

Sunday Snippet #2 Eostre’s Baskets: Stacking the Deck (Due out March 25th).


Bounty Hunter and Dragon Dean returns home hoping to spend some time with his office manager and new mate Carrie. What he gets is confusion. He’s confronted with communication and connection issues. He feels attacked and backed into a corner with no direction to go in. To find a place to start he turns to Sundae’s Adult Easter Baskets hoping that this will give him a handhold to grip as he tries to break through the walls both of them have erected due to their pasts.

Carrie has missed her mate but can’t take the lack of communication she feels when he’s on the job. For the longest time she’s been alone. Now that she has a mate she wants to feel that connection to another person. She doesn’t know why Dean holds himself back from her, both on the road and while at home. She needs him to be present and here, to open up to her. But if she pushes too hard she could lose him forever. Can Sundae’s keep it’s sexily ever after guarantee?


He held up the pack of cards and cut off her words with a single action. She licked her lips and swallowed. Her heart did a nervous flutter, and she swallowed again, waiting to see what he would do. Dean flipped up the lid, shook out the cards, put the package down, shuffled the deck, then spread out the cards. He indicated the fan. “Pick two cards.”

She examined the black scrollwork pattern on each card and held her hand over the spread. Energy pulsed from the objects. Her palm tingled with the magic that tickled and caressed her flesh. She hadn’t felt that charge before. Interesting, she thought. She selected two cards and handed them to Dean, not sure if she should’ve looked at them or not.

Light filled his eyes as he accepted her choices. “Not curious about your fate?”

“Tell me what I’m supposed to tell you or what I have to do.” She wanted to get this over with; the waiting was chafing her nerves.

He chuckled. “Scared? My sweet fairy is scared. Interesting. Okay, here we go.” He looked down at her picks. “You can either tell me about your first kiss or bark like a dog, your choice.”

She stared at him, laughter bubbling up inside of her. “That easy, huh? Fine, kiss. It was Sean Drews, and we were in first grade. I had just come off the slide when he declared that I was his girlfriend and kissed me on the lips. It wouldn’t have been so bad if he hadn’t been rolling around in the dirt before that.” She shook her head and shuddered. “Couldn’t get the taste of dirt out of my mouth for a few days.”

He chuckled.

“My best friend at the time got her first kiss from a kid who was recovering from the chicken pox. He came back to school too early and, well, she ended up with the pox a few days later. Blech.” She winced at the memory.

Dean’s face scrunched up in disgust. He placed the cards face up next to the fan and chose two cards of his own. He handed them to her, facedown. “What’s my fate?” He turned and began to unpack the basket: a few sandwiches, seltzer water and sodas, carrot sticks, plastic plates and utensils, and two covered bowls of soup. “Simple, fair, but quick to make. Now tell me.”

She read the cards and grinned. “What was your first sexual experience, or you can do the chicken dance.”

He stared at her. “What the fuck is the chicken dance?”

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Loose Id


“All in all, I felt it was well written. I found the book to be a light, sexy read that I enjoyed. Will I try this author again? I might just do that.”- Debra Taylor for The Romance Reviews


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