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Cougar Challenge Week Part 2: Jayne Rylon Part 2

Shifting Gears:

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Shifting Gears Interview:
Lynn Madison: So, Sloan, we meet again. How do you like being on this side of the questions?

Sloan Desai: Somehow it’s a little less fun over here.

Lynn: Ha! Well, don’t expect me to go easy on you. You certainly enjoyed harassing me a few months ago.

Sloan: Yes, but that was before we were friends. Before we realized we shared a love for erotic romances and ended up dating inseparable men.

Lynn: Is that what you’re calling it?

Sloan: I mean, that sounded bad… what I meant was…

Lynn: I’m not embarrassed to admit our friendship is a little more involved than most, you don’t have to hedge for my sake. Look, our guys are best friends, we’re best friends, the four of us hang out constantly as we travel the world on the race circuit. I don’t think it’s a big stretch to admit we’re compatible in a lot of ways.

Sloan: I suppose you’re right as usual. Remember the day we all went to Cheung Chau off the coast of Hong Kong? I think I knew from that day on that the bond between the four of us would last forever. It was also the first time I noticed the tension between Sebastian and Marco.

Lynn: Good thing you channeled that energy into something constructive, a positive way to work off all that excess energy.

Sloan: You know there are lots of strangers out there reading this, right? I’m not sure Sebastian and Marco are ready for the world to know about their feelings for each other.

Lynn: Too late, hon. Didn’t you know Jayne Rylon wrote a book about us? There are no secrets left. You can read all about our foursome in Shifting Gears.

Sloan: I hope she made me hot.

Lynn: You and me both! Come on, let’s head back to our guys before they can get into trouble without us.

Sloan: I hope they get into trouble with us.

Lynn: You and me both. Again.


Copyright ? JAYNE RYLON, 2010

All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.

Chapter One

?Oh my God!?

The woman on the corrugated aluminum bleacher several rows in front of Sloan turned with wide eyes when Sloan shouted. She caught Sloan?s stare on the sexy cover of her erotic romance novel and flipped it closed?cover side down?discretely.

?Sorry, didn?t mean to startle you.? Sloan smiled. ?I know how it is when you?re lost in a good book. And that book is fan-fucking-tastic! I love Mari Carr. Her stories are smoking hot. Especially the m?nages. Yum.?

The woman grinned and nodded. ?I?ve read almost all of hers. My reading group back in the US mailed me this one. It arrived last night and I?m halfway done already. I tried to ration it out?a chapter a day?but it?s impossible.?

?Thank God for ebook readers, huh? I don?t know what I would do if I didn?t have access to all the new releases from this side of the globe.? Sloan stepped into the stands then picked her way down the incline, closer to the woman, careful not to slip in her three-inch heels.

At least she?d worn jeans to the race site today instead of her usual skirted suit. ?I hear that. It can get lonely being a foreigner in a country where you don?t speak the language. Especially one as difficult to pick up as Mandarin or Cantonese. Reading keeps me from getting too homesick, though it leads to other?complications.?

When the woman laughed, her entire face brightened. Around Sloan?s age, close to forty, she seemed carefree and infectiously happy. ?I know what you mean. Or at least I used to. Now I have a young stud to keep me occupied when I get revved up. I?m engaged to Sebastian Fiori. The driver for??

?Oh! Don?t worry, I know who he is. Sexy as sin and a four-time world champion rally car racer to boot. So you must be Lynn Madison, you bitch.?

The humongous diamond flashing on the woman?s finger had confirmed Sloan?s suspicions.

Talk of Bastian and the alluring cougar who?d tamed him had run rampant this season. Scores of young sex goddesses mourned their loss. Many had tried for years to snag him or his luscious navigator Mark Rossi, but none had succeeded in tempting either guy into more than a one-night stand.

Until Sebastian fell head over heels in love on first sight last season. Everyone agreed he?d never performed better. Lynn must be good for the man.

What was good for the driver was good for the sport.

And that was good for Sloan.

?It?s true.? Lynn sighed and her eyes took on a faraway look. ?I?m the luckiest woman alive.?

?I?m Sloan Desai, by the way.? She held out her hand, but Lynn hugged her instead of shaking it.

?Sorry, but after two minutes I feel like I?ve known you forever. Have a seat.? Lynn gestured with the spine of her novel toward the racetrack, which snaked past the base of the stadium they sat in. ?You know, Bastian?s mentioned you before. I think we might?ve even talked on the phone once when you scheduled some of his interviews. You?re the publicist for the league, right??

?Yep. That?s me.? Sloan winked. ?In charge of keeping the boys out of trouble with the media, managing their images and bringing fans in by the truckload.?

?Seems like you?re doing a great job. I heard the first couple days of the exhibition are sold out.?

?They are. Thanks.?

?So how do you like China so far??

The event would take place in Guangdong province, about a half-hour outside Guangzhou, in a few weeks?a great chance for the teams to tune up or experiment in the off-season. The crews had arrived early to acclimate, which meant Sloan had to be on-site to defuse any?situations?that could cause trouble with the local hosts.

Full of testosterone and daring, the guys in the league sometimes crossed the line.

?I haven?t been able to do much sightseeing. I have to stick fairly close-by.? Sloan shrugged.

?Yeah, I know what you mean.? Lynn grimaced. ?The teams do tend to get rowdy on occasion. Maybe you can take a day trip or two with me. I write travel guides for a living, so I like to check out as much as I can in the areas we visit. Sebastian gets nervous when I?m out on my own though. Especially in locations a little more exotic.?

?You don?t seem like the kind of woman to sit around and wait for a man simply to ease his mind. A woman after my own heart, by the way.?

?You?re right, I?m no shrinking violet.? Lynn grinned. ?But I worry that if he?s worried, he?ll be distracted. The sport is dangerous enough as it is. Plus, I miss him if I stray too far.?

?I hope ?him? is me.? A deep growl sounded from behind their spot on the bench. Sitting side by side, neither woman had heard the soft soles of Sebastian?s racing sneakers on the concrete as he approached. ?Or I?ll have to kick some ass and those days are supposed to be behind me.?

?Old man.?

Sloan swallowed hard at the jibe from the other guy who strode toward them?Mark Rossi. It was either that or moan aloud at his spectacular build. Thick muscles filled out his racing jumpsuit to perfection. She wished she?d seen him going instead of coming so she could check out his killer ass, but the bulge at his crotch and the humor in his warm eyes made for scrumptious consolation prizes.

She?d spied him from across the room at events she?d arranged, but usually she had a job to do while in attendance. Of course she?d found herself staring at promo shots of him on more occasions than she cared to admit, but never before had she been able to take her time and study his legendary features in person?bold cheekbones, olive skin and glossy, sandy hair.

And, shit, now she was staring.

Maybe her imagination played tricks on her, but it seemed as if he might be gawking in return.

Cougar Challenge Week Part 2: Jayne Rylon


Jayne Rylon?s stories usually begin as a daydream in an endless business meeting.? Her writing acts as a creative counterpoint to her straightlaced corporate existence.? She lives in Ohio with two cats and her husband who both inspires her fantasies and supports her careers.? When she can escape her office, she loves to travel the world, avoid speeding tickets in her beloved Sky and, of course, read. Jayne is a member of the Romance Writers of America (RWA), the Central Ohio Fiction Writers (COFW) and Passionate Ink.


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Driven Interview:

Sloan Desai, Rally Race League Publicist:? Hello and welcome.? I’m here today with Lynn Madison, the woman we’ve all been dying to meet.

Lynn:? Hi Sloan, so nice of you to have me.

Sloan:? It’s my pleasure.? After all, we’re all curious about the woman who’s caught the attention of our bad boy superstar driver, Sebastian Fiori.? What’s it like to be the focus of such a young, sexy man?

Lynn:? Hmm.? I actually don’t think of our ages very often but I’ll give you sexy.? He’s every bit as amazing as you’d imagine, how about we stick with that?

Sloan:? If you won’t give up the juicy details I suppose that will have to suffice.? So, how did you two meet?

Lynn:? It had to have been fate.? I was on my way to Europe, to start a new career when my flight got diverted.? Sebastian ended up in the same situation and he offered me a ride in his limo that I’ll never forget.

Sloan:? Now that sounds interesting!

Lynn:? Mother nature had my back, that’s for sure.

Sloan:? So, tell me, is there any truth to the rumors?? You know, the juicy ones about just how close Sebastian is with Marco Rossi?

Lynn:? Absolutely.? You know Mark is his navigator.? They work together.? They’re exceptional partners and lifelong friends.? I can’t imagine two guys closer than they are.? They share everything.

Sloan:? Everything?

Lynn:? *coughs*? Pretty much.

Sloan:? Well, in that case… I suppose I have to offer my congratulations on taming the league’s most notorious bachelor.

Lynn:? Thank you, though I think it may have been him who tamed me.

An Excerpt From: DRIVEN

Copyright ? JAYNE RYLON, 2010

All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.

Chapter One

?Ladies and gentleman, this is your captain speaking.?

Lynn Madison strained to hear the distorted announcement despite the shitty airplane speakers and the baby who?d been screaming since they?d taken off over an hour ago. She didn?t blame the munchkin. She would bawl too if she didn?t get that the gray clouds causing the turbulence, which bounced their regional jet across the sky, weren?t as ominous as they appeared.

?We?ve been in a holding pattern, circling New York for the past fifteen minutes. Air traffic control just radioed. They?re closing the airport until this cell blows over. No one?s allowed in or out. We?ll be diverting to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania but the delay shouldn?t cost us more than an hour.?

Groans of disappointment and frustration drowned out the sporadic whispers of concern proliferated by less-seasoned fliers. Lynn jumped straight to rearranging her tight schedule in her mind as the pilot droned on.

?We?ll grab some fuel then wait for an update. If the situation changes, we?ll let you know. We should be on the ground in about twenty minutes. Thank you for your patience. Be sure to keep your seat belt fastened; the air will be bumpy during our descent. Flight attendants, please prepare for landing.?

Before the beady-eyed flight attendant could scold Lynn about stowing her netbook, she clicked to her browser window then hopped on the Tempt the Cougar blog she shared with a circle of friends. Her college roommate Rachel had introduced her to the group of erotic romance enthusiasts after Lynn had bitched about her bland sex life. The ladies had recommended several novels that had her eyebrows climbing and her fantasies growing spicier by the minute.

They?d quickly become very close, welcoming her into the fold and encouraging her to follow their lead in prowling for a younger man to seduce. She had to admit, the stories she?d heard since hanging around them had inspired some wicked fantasies.

Lynn envied the women who?d found love along with their wild adventures. But their proactive attitude in snatching the reins of their lives had resonated with her more than their steamy affairs. Enough to spur her to some serious introspection on what she wanted to do with the rest of her time on earth.

She?d set up a get-together with the members who lived in the tristate region while she killed time during her layover. She hadn?t wanted to wait until next year?s RomantiCon to meet them in person.

Thank God she?d splurged on the in-flight Wi-Fi.

LynnLuvs2Travel: Only have a few seconds, ladies. Flight is being diverted due to weather. Looks like I might have to bail on dinner. Was so looking forward to it! Sorry L Expecting an update when we land. Fingers crossed I don?t miss my connection to Europe!!!

Lynn sighed as she snapped the lid closed then tucked the netbook into her seatback pocket. Figured this would happen on the first day of her new life. The monumental changes she?d implemented had almost seemed too easy so far. Like blowing out the single candle that had topped the cake Rachel had baked for Lynn?s fortieth birthday.

In the instant before she?d snuffed the flame, she?d wished her destiny were her own. No more wasted years, working on someone else?s clock. Figuring out what she?d rather do, since retiring early would mean living in a cardboard box for twenty years or so until her investments kicked in, had taken a bit longer. But not much.

Three months later, she?d quit her job as a sourcing agent for a high-end retailer. Instant lightness had pervaded her soul when she turned in her resignation, reaffirming her decision.

After a dozen years of dreadful stays in spartan hotels, eating meat-and-potato meals or hauling ass through sketchy parts of foreign cities?all on the recommendation of her male counterparts?she knew better than most that a series of travel guides aimed at professional women going solo constituted an undiscovered niche in the market. It wasn?t that the guys had deliberately sabotaged her, but her priorities ran more to a clean room, a spa and healthy meals than the number of strip clubs in a half-mile radius or a smoky bar with nonstop sports playing on a bazillion flat screen TVs.

Preoccupied with reliving the whirlwind of the past couple weeks, she was surprised at the squeak of the wheels meeting the runway.

As soon as she peered through the fogged plastic porthole to the tarmac, she abandoned hope. No fewer than a dozen jets kept their stranded plane company. Even if the sun shone bright at JFK in the next half-hour, the snafu had induced a logistics nightmare.

Sure enough, the pilot emerged from the cockpit to address the cabin face-to-face. ?I?m sorry, folks, but things look worse than we originally thought. Traffic is being rerouted along the entire East Coast. We?re going to let you head into the terminal until we receive a better estimate on our revised departure time.?

Lynn?s heart raced in her chest. She had lived well within her means despite her hefty corporate paycheck. The nest egg she?d accumulated had supplied her a shot at pursuing her dream but, in this economy, she?d had a hell of a time securing outside investors to back a no-name upstart. If the delay caused her and several hundred other people to camp out and compete for the limited vacant spots on cramped international flights, her itinerary could be ruined.

Everything hinged on making it to her starting point as scheduled. Train passes, local guides, connections, sold-out hotels?

The idea of all the lost work, not to mention cash for the original reservations and the last-minute bookings, had tears stinging her eyes. Would her old job consider rehiring her if this venture flopped? Probably not.

She gathered her belongings then filed down the stairs onto the tarmac for the march into the dinky terminal. On top of everything else, they had to be stranded at a two-gate airport with rudimentary facilities and limited options for connections.

Note to self? Include a chapter on travelers? insurance and the appropriate amount of time to leave between flights. Not that the six hours she?d allotted would help much in this situation. The insurance policy she?d selected would cover her flight arrangements if necessary but nothing could recoup the lost time. She?d have to drop chapters of her book.

As the herd of disgruntled passengers trundled up the ramp into the steel and glass building, which seemed out of place in the surrounding fields, they merged with the unfortunate occupants of the other impacted flights. A red-faced man doused in cheap cologne yelled into his Blackberry. He cut her off in his dash to hit up the airline representatives waiting inside. He rammed into her shoulder, knocking her oversized purse containing her netbook onto her elbow. The shifting weight threw her off balance on the slick surface.

Lynn skidded several feet toward the railing before a warm, muscled arm wrapped around her waist and a grumpy mumble washed over her earlobe. ?Asshole.?

She flinched, attempting to shy away. ?What is wrong with people? I tripped.?

One touch from an unknown man and she just about swallowed her tongue despite his rude treatment. Lame!

A carefree laugh replaced the foul temper she?d attempted to deflect. ?Sorry, gorgeous. Not you. I meant that asshole who shoved you. He?s lucky I don?t kick his inconsiderate ass.?

Her imagination ran wild at his tone?confident, worldly, bold, gallant but not too stuffy. The midnight voice colored by subtle hints of a Mediterranean accent inspired a million dirty thoughts that had her squirming. The broad hand on her ribs flexed so close to her breast she sucked in a gasp, willing her nipples to stop hardening beneath her thin, silk blouse.

?Damn, are you hurt?? He spun her into the shelter of his arms, his palms bracing her shoulders.

So young! Heat blossomed in her cheeks. Here she was, lusting after a man at least a decade younger than her who probably thought himself a good Samaritan for helping his elder. As quick as she chastised herself, a naughty whisper invaded her embarrassment. The Cougar ladies had scored men like this. Those lucky bitches!

Hell, some of them had even managed to bag two virile studs.

?Let me help you inside.?

Did he think her deaf and dumb on top of clumsy after that giant space out?

?I?m fine. Really.? She shrugged from his hold, instantly regretting the loss of his touch. Her skin tingled where his fingers had rested. ?Thank you.?

?Any time.?

She picked up the pace to avoid an awkward silence as he shuffled along next to her through the crowd, but he somehow managed to dodge a harried mom pushing a double stroller, a gentleman wrestling with a cello and a couple holding hands to keep even with her.

In her peripheral vision, she admired the agile maneuvers of his lean but built body. His black duffle, peppered with logos, rode against a trim hip covered in the dark navy denim favored by recent trends. The lighter creases around his upper thighs led her straight to dangerous territory. She jerked her gaze upward but had to cant her head pretty far to glimpse his unruly brown waves beneath a red baseball cap with something embroidered on the front.

His scruffy jaw couldn?t obscure his sculpted cheekbones. The shadowed skin highlighted the contrast of his bright blue eyes. The impact of his stunning looks almost had her tripping again. It?d been fifteen years since she?d gotten her hands on prime beef like that.

Lynn Marie, how crass! Maybe the Cougars really were rubbing off on her.