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Cougar Challenge Week Part 2: Cris Anson

A few thoughts from Conlan Trowbridge, the hero of ADDING HEAT by Cris Anson

I?ve been reading all these posts on Selena?s blog about the women who accepted the Cougar Challenge and found themselves a younger man, and I think it?s wonderful that they all bared their souls for your readers.

My name is Conlan Trowbridge, and I?m here to tell you this Cougar thing works two ways. When Giselle Sheridan walked into my office a week before income tax deadline, all I could think of was, ?I want her!? I didn?t think about her age, or mine, I just saw an earthy woman full of luscious curves in snug jeans, intelligence and curiosity in those mesmerizing dark eyes, and a lust for life radiating from her. Dang, it was almost enough to make me forget that her aunt needed to get her taxes done.

The old woman must have been a matchmaker, because she insisted I hand-deliver that completed tax return to Giselle for forwarding, even though I couldn?t afford to take the time off (you wouldn?t believe how many people wait until the last minute to file). With an ulterior motive, I agreed then used the opportunity to invite Giselle for a bike ride afterward. She assumed it would be a motorcycle ride. No, geeky accountant that I am, I arrived in snug biking shorts with a spare bicycle for her in the back of my truck. Still, the ?date? turned out pretty good, as is hinted in the excerpt Selena is posting.

Giselle did tell me later that she thought I looked hot in spandex, making particular mention of my butt. And other, uh, areas. She also liked the way I looked splashing around in her tub with her. In her bed with her. In her office and mine. And?

But, a gentleman doesn?t kiss and tell, so you?ll have to use your imagination as to what I wore and we *ahem* discussed. I have to say, our dozen-year age difference never once entered my mind except in the plus column. I told her flat-out, I was old enough to appreciate her maturity and life experience, and young enough to take advantage of it. She got the idea after I showed her. And showed her and showed her.

One of the many things I love about Giselle is that she?s gutsy. After her husband died, she kept his landscape contracting business going and is putting her two kids through college. Another thing is, she?s not afraid to make difficult decisions. With my forensic accounting background, I had to deliver some bad news about her business and she took a deep breath and fixed the problem.

With her busiest planting season upon her (four crews out on jobs), I volunteered to pinch-hit for her on this blog thing. I thank Selena for allowing me to post a male point of view about cougars and their mates. Oh yeah, I want to thank Cris Anson, too, for telling our story so well.

I?ll say it to anyone who will listen: An older woman is a good way of ADDING HEAT to a man?s life.

Blurb for ADDING HEAT:

Encouraged by friends she met at RomantiCon, widowed landscape contractor Giselle Sheridan decides she?s finally ready to take the cougar challenge and find a younger man to have sex with. Except she?s too busy during planting season to go on the prowl.

CPA Conlan Trowbridge is battling the IRS deadline for his clients, but when Giselle saunters into his office with a tax question, all he can think of is sex. She?s all luscious curves and smoldering brown eyes, and he doesn?t care if she?s a dozen years older, she?s a wet dream come true.

Oh yeah, they?re both ready for some hot and heavy sex?in the tub, parking lots, their offices?anywhere and everywhere. But Giselle is afraid her age will bother Con, and her long-time foreman has designs on her, in more ways than one. When Giselle faces some hard decisions, will it all add up to her being able to keep the heat?

Excerpt of ADDING HEAT:

Copyright ? Cris Anson, 2010

All Rights Reserved, Ellora?s Cave Publishing, Inc.

As they leisurely made their way over mildly rolling hills, Con noticed some fields awaited the plow and some had already been turned, exuding the unmistakably fecund smell of the rich Bucks County soil.

But only half his brain was engaged in rural delights. The less relaxed half decided that Larry Pulaski was going to be trouble. A couple inches taller and fifty pounds heavier than Con, the foreman had scrutinized Giselle as though she was a marble goddess in a museum come to life. He?d damn near seen drool seep out of the older man?s mouth, and he couldn?t blame him. The sight of Giselle Sheridan in tight spandex had brought whips and blindfolds to mind and sent blood straight to his cock, enough that the other man had noticed.

And he?d been ready to jump her bones with just the slightest encouragement. Which encouragement his testosterone-drenched brain thought he?d detected in the way she?d all but ripped off his shirt while they?d kissed. Hell, the luscious feel of her sandwiched between him and the truck pushed him to the edge of his control.

It was so unlike Con to lose it like that. But his companion epitomized his dream woman. Petite but possessed of curves luscious enough to make the devil weep. Skin so glowingly healthy in the sun she couldn?t possibly be wearing makeup. Eyes like a bottomless bowl of chocolate sauce.

Why on earth he hadn?t suggested, say, bringing some chick flicks to watch while snuggling together on her sofa and sipping a good shiraz, he couldn?t answer. She?d simply pole-axed his brain the day they?d met at the Senior Center. He?d been a little surprised when she?d offhandedly mentioned her age?she sure didn?t look forty-four?but his cock certainly didn?t care about their dozen-year age difference. He hoped she was broad-minded enough to feel the same.

A glance at his watch told him they?d been at it for a half hour. How the hell could he have thought biking was a good idea? He?d dropped back every now and again for the sublime pleasure of watching her ass cheeks tauten and loosen as she pedaled. He was getting hornier by the minute.

Just as he was about to suggest turning back, he recognized the street they had turned onto. She?d led him in a long square and they were heading for her property.

And in the slanting late-afternoon sun, her sweat-kissed skin shimmered golden. A picture of her lounging sweaty and smiling?and naked?between his navy-blue sheets instantly made more blood pool between his legs.

Whoa, cock. Down. He?d have to get off the bike and stand pretty soon, and he?d better not look like an adolescent with his first surreptitious copy of Hustler.

He followed her down the long, dusty driveway, the lush smell of burgeoning spring swirling around him. They alit at the rear of his truck. She rested her bike against the back bumper then made a small sound of distress.

?Did you hurt yourself?? Con reached a hand out to her, ready for any excuse to touch her.

She lifted one racerback strap a few inches off her shoulder. A delicately pale stripe bisected a rather bright red curve of skin. ?I figured the shade trees along the road would protect me. I should have slathered on some SPF.?

?Oh my,? he murmured. ?It looks painful.?

?I?ve survived worse. It?s just, I spend a lot of time outdoors in the nursery or on the job and I should have known better.?

?I keep some aloe vera gel in my biking kit.? He bent forward to unbuckle the kit from behind the back seat of his bicycle and rooted around. He dearly wanted to stroke her skin himself, but the gentleman in him forced him to say, ?Here?s the tube. The label says to apply lavishly.?

Instead of reaching for it, Giselle said, ?I should probably wash the sweat off it first, you know, so it would absorb better.?

Con blinked. Stood stock-still, trying not to picture her doing just that, suds dripping down those firm, heavy breasts. He fought to keep control of his nether regions.

?Do you think you could help me?? Without meeting his eye, she turned and climbed the three steps to her porch, pulled out her key from her fanny pack and unlocked the door.

Bio of Cris Anson:

After the death of my husband of 22 years, it took me three years to come out of my grief and feel alive and open to new experiences. Now I consider myself a senior citizen and ?cougar? ?hey, one is never too old to dream about, or experience, romance.

I enjoy my garden during warm days (it was sad the other day to cut down the peonies and dahlias for the winter) and have discovered Zumba for fun exercising. I?ve been writing since the ?90s and read voraciously across all genres. I?ve published five erotic romance novels, two novellas and two ?Quickies? with Ellora?s Cave, plus a pair of contemporary novels featuring male twins with Cerridwen Press, their mainstream imprint.

Cris Anson?s Website:

Facebook page:

MySpace page:

Buy link ? will be available Wednesday, November 24, 2010:

A Toast to my GUITAR MAN by Marie Treanor

A Toast to my GUITAR MAN

When Selena kindly invited me to her blog to talk about my latest release, Guitar Man, I began to look for ways to connect it to Valentine?s Day ? something more than the obvious fact that it?s a romance! And I thought that, aside from his inconvenient possession by an evil spirit, my hero, Chris, would make a great Valentine?s Day partner ? he?s fun, good-looking, sexy, would take you out for dinner, seduce you with romantic music and song?

I remembered my initial inspiration for Chris, a rather charming, blond, Irish busker I saw once in Italy, playing his guitar and singing outside a church. He had amazing blue eyes and a dazzling smile which he bestowed on all who caught his roving attention ? including me. My story formed itself around him ? or at least my idea of him which was pure imagination for I never even spoke to him!

I do know other musicians, though. In fact, I?ve lived with one for nearly twenty years, and inevitably bits of him crept into Chris too. I even dedicated the story to him – ?my own Guitar Man? – who, apart from everything else, is the reason I can and do write. So here?s my day after Valentine?s Day toast.

To my real Guitar Man, a true, free spirit – musician, poet, photographer, computer geek, bon viveur and player of games ? my friend and companion, the father of my children and the love of my life. My husband.
How?s that for romantic?

And here?s a little more romance, from Guitar Man, the book 🙂



Available Now from Ellora’s Cave
Book two in the Psychic Seductions series.

Ellie?s a powerful psychic who can?t seem to hold onto her man. When she?s dumped at the altar?again?she swears off men and takes her wounded heart to Scotland, where she promptly runs into the best-ever one-night stand from her past, sexy, adventurous busker Chris.

Chris is as hot?and as good in bed?as he was when they first met. But something?s different now, something that changes him into a terrifying threat all her psychic abilities can?t overcome. Now it?s up to Ellie?free Chris from the evil possessing him, and claim him as her own.


Adjusting to the dark, I was sure I could make out relief in his eyes. Certainly, they began to smile again, along with his lips. ?In that case, do you want to go out??
I frowned. ?Go out where??
?You can choose,? he said dryly and I understood. Although the blood rushed through my body and into my neck and face, somewhere, I wanted to laugh.

?You mean like a date??
?Dating, stepping out, courting, whatever?wynching, they say in Glasgow.?

?Wynching?? I repeated with a mixture of fascination and distaste.

?Don?t dodge the question.?
?I?m not,? I protested, not quite truthfully, for I had no idea what to answer, what I wanted to answer. ?I?m just struggling to believe you are asking me out on a date. Considering our past?? No point in ignoring it. We?d had one wild, naughty time, no doubt far wilder and naughtier than if we had ever planned to see each other again.

?Well considering our past, it seems an even better idea.? His hand came up, touched my hair, my cheek, so lightly that I shivered. ?Ellie, you were the best fuck I ever had, but I never knew you. I?d like to.?

Gasping, I caught at his hand, pressing it to my cheek without meaning to. ?Was I really?? I whispered.

Silent laughter shook his shoulders. ?By a mile. Come on, let?s do it properly, drinks, theatre, dinner?I?ll call you.?

I said breathlessly, ?All right.?

My whole body burned. I didn?t really know why. Lust, certainly, but something else I thought might be embarrassment.

Chris smiled. ?Kiss me good night, then.?

I lifted my face mutely, lips already parted. Relief and anticipation flooded me as he took me loosely into his arms and bent his head. God, I remembered his kisses, I remembered them so well and this afternoon seemed to have rekindled my short but intense addiction to them. Oh yes, this afternoon had been sweet?
And the morning terrifying. For a moment I froze with the memory, with the vision of Chris as he had been then, violent, crude, uncaring. Here, in the dark, how could I tell the real Chris from whatever demon possessed him? What if we were wrong and it wasn?t tied to the house at all? Would I be lucky enough to escape it a second time?

His eyes seemed to glitter as they came nearer. In fresh panic, I realized I didn?t actually know Chris very much better than I knew ?it?. And yet I wanted his kiss, I wanted it so badly I?d risk the demon.

My lips actually trembled and then his warm mouth covered them, brushing, stroking, sinking. That?s how I know. No one kisses like Chris.

I opened for him, touched my tongue to his, felt its long, sliding caress as it twisted around mine. My arms crept around his neck, drawing him closer, remembering the feel of him. It was a long, sweet kiss, full of promise and building passion. Against my stomach, I felt his delicious hardening. His mouth pressed harder too, grew more demanding. His tongue plunged deeper and I was lost. I would have lain in the back seat of the Mini with him. I would have got down and dirty in the gravel. God yes, there was something about Chris!

But just as I moaned and began to writhe against him, he broke the kiss. Though his breathing was uneven, his arms loosened again, holding me only lightly as he touched his forehead to mine.

?Oh Ellie,? he breathed. ?It was worth waiting a year for a kiss like that.?
Enchanted, I gave him another, sliding my fingers up through his soft, short hair to pull him closer. His arms tightened around me once more, his hand swept down my back and over my bottom, caressing while drawing me against his crotch. He leaned back against the car door. The feel of his bone-hard cock pressing into me, drove me wilder and as if he sensed it, the hand on my buttock shifted down my thigh, lifting it up and over his hip and I could feel his cock nestling against my soaking pussy. I moaned as his roving hand found its way under my skirt and to my naked leg, caressing up my thigh and inside my panties.

Dragging his mouth free of mine, he groaned, ?I have this insane urge to lay you over the bonnet and push my cock right in there?? I gasped as his finger slid through my folds and unerringly found its way inside me for the second time that day. ?I don?t care if they?re watching from the window.?
I said shakily, ?Then why don?t you??

Lexxie and Vivian Take Over for Valentine’s Day

VIvian Arend wanted to be Asimov when she grew up. Lexxie Couper wanted to be Stephen King. Somewhere along the way, they both decided to be naughtier than their idols. Much, much naughtier. How naughty can two authors be?

The Story of Vivian and Claiming Derryn….

Space, the final frontier. Into this universe steps a slightly shell-shocked Canadian. What do you mean I have to write a story where no one shifts into some other form? Frick! Drawing on way too many years of Star Trek, (and BTW, I was the one who dreamed up a sexy Spock. He was my boyfriend, damnit all…) and reading Asimov and Clarke under the covers late into the night, a new menace has risen to threaten the galaxy.

Something is rotten in the Space Institute Corp. One of her undercover ships has mutinied. The SIC Nottingham is an unlikely place to find our sexy heroes, but they are there–two of them–waiting to recover their lost heroine so they can save the universe from rogue government, rebels with explosive plots and small furry creatures gone wild. No, they do NOT shift. Pay attention.

Three lovers reunited, a run on the energy market and an evil relative who will make you glad you don’t have to go home for holidays with him. Warning, m/m/f love that is hot enough to cause global warming on any planet.

How many layers of deception are there in space?


I’m very excited to be able to have Claiming Derryn available to you. This is my first futuristic novella, my first m/m/f, and my first release from Ellora’s Cave. Claiming Derryn is about three friends–and lovers during their days at the Space Institute–who were suddenly separated. Now rejoined in the midst of a rebel uprising, the lines between the good guys and the bad are extremely blurred. Surviving the situation is the goal, even as they find love. Oh, and if you’ve ever seen Star Trek’s ‘The Trouble with Tribbles’ you’ll understand when I say the ‘sharysa’ are my salute to Star Trek.

It?s a hot, wild ride through the galaxy. Be prepared for a passion that?s out of this world.

Snippet from Claiming Derryn:

They were pains in the ass. How had she put up with them for five years at the Institute? More importantly, how had she ever done without them? She had to guard her heart because there was no way she would to open herself up to the pain of being left alone, no matter what Trev said about loving her. They?d let her down once, they could do it again.

The best defense was offense.
?Take a walk outside, Davis, you?re so full of shit it stinks in here.?

Davis roared with laughter. He smirked at Trev, their elbows jostling together. ?She?s obviously learned to relax her rigid sense of propriety a little.?
He really was impossible. ?Go to hell.? She turned to look for a sign of which direction to go, anything to escape from here. From them.

?Tsk, tsk, is that anyway to talk to your new commanding officer??
Melina froze. No way. She sucked in a breath of air and tried to stop the world from spinning. ?You??
Davis nodded. ?Me.?
?No fucking way??
?What? So I?m a little colorful and inventive in my leadership style. I think after you settle in you?ll enjoy working under me.? His eyes flashed dark, his gaze dropping to her breasts. ?You?ll enjoy being under me again.?
Melina turned her back on him. Her heart pounded, panic not far away. Adjusting from being alone to having both men reenter her life in less than a day?it wasn?t happening. They pushed buttons she didn?t want to deal with. Trev appeared by her side, sympathy on his face. She wanted to deny the connection between them, ignore the desires rising as each minute passed. Only a whisper made it out. ?I need to get back to the War Eagle. I can?t serve with a man who I?ve?that we?ve??
?Lived with? Had sex with? Oh yeah, we were amazing together, Melina, admit it.? Trev moved closer, his intentional laziness gone, a dangerous spark that trickled heat through her core warning of his intent.

?Trev!? Melina stepped away.
He gave no quarter, circling her slowly in the hallway. To her right, Davis approached like a prowling beast. Trev chuckled, a warm molten sound that hit her in the belly and spread melting fingers through her. ?We?ll just have to work at keeping the bedroom and the bridge separated. I was a little surprised myself, but Davis is an excellent captain.?

?I give great oral?direction.? Davis? husky tones set a shiver down her spine.
She shook her head rapidly in denial. ?How can I take orders from a man I?ve seen naked??
?Naked and aroused.? Trev reminded her, capturing her from behind. He brushed aside her hair and nuzzled her neck. Memories rose of them surrounding her, wrapping her in their fire and desire and passion. Holy hell, she wanted this and dreaded it at the same time.

?Naked, aroused and mighty fine, admit it.? Davis stroked a finger down the placket of her shirt, and heat shot through her core with a rocket?s blaze.
?It?s never happening again,? she swore, clutching her fingers at her sides to stop from reaching for him.

?Never is a long, long time.? Davis stepped forward and claimed her lips in a kiss that ignited her soul. He drew their bodies together, his spicy male scent enveloping her as his hardness took possession of her softness. He forced his tongue past her teeth, pressing rough and fast, twining with her, consuming her. He dragged his fingers through her hair and pinned her between him and Trev, two solid barriers of scorching heat. When he finally released her lips, Melina gasped for air, clutching his uniform for stability. It had always been like that with Davis, a no-holds-barred attack.
Then he reached past her to where Trev suckled on her earlobe, exploring the sensitive tissue of her neck. Grasping the front of his shirt, Davis hauled Trev forward until he hung over Melina?s shoulder. Their mouths met and tongues explored, a kiss as deep and hard as the one Davis had bestowed on her moments earlier. Her pussy clenched as a rush of fluid flooded her body.
?Fuck, that?s hot.? Her heart pounded at the sight of the men together and the heat of passion rising from them, their rigid cocks pressing her on either side. She wanted this?wanted it more than her next breath. Screw the consequences, the backlash from her family and friends. Like any of them cared anymore. Watching the two men she?d always loved kissing for the first time in forever finally set her world back on the right trajectory.
They pulled apart slowly, Davis nipping at Trev?s lip before backing away. He grumbled low in his chest, caressing his thumb over lips swollen from his assault. ?I missed you.? His gaze darted to meet Melina?s. ?I?ve missed you so much. No more of this stinking talk about never. I want you both back where you belong?at my side and in my bed?and I?m not taking no for an answer.?

The Tale of Lexxie and Timeless Wrath…

Once upon a time there was this little Aussie writer with a very twisted imagination. One night, in a fit of insane inspiration, she wrote a novella called Deadly Sins: Anger. The novella a very dark, twisted, erotic and at times frightening tale was snapped up and published by an American publishing house. It won numerous awards and went totally unread by most of the world. This devastated the little Aussie writer to no end. Deadly Sins: Anger was a good book – a bloody good book. She sulked for many years until one day, she decided the world NEEDED to read the erotic tale of fated love and demonic forces. Plucking up more courage than she thought she had, the little Aussie writer regained publishing rights to her dark, sensual tale, reworked it considerably (including more sex, of course) and sent it to her editor at Ellora’s Cave. Her editor snapped it up immediately, and Deadly Sins: Anger was reborn as Timeless Wrath, a highly erotic novella that comes with the following publisher’s warning: Sex and violence abound in this terrifically intense tale; big-girl pants definitely required.

Anger is a powerful emotion. So is desire. And fear….


There must be something seriously wrong with me. I love writing stories that are dark and twisted, quite disturbing and full of wild dangerous sex. Enter Timeless Wrath. I wrote Timeless Wrath years ago and it was previously released as a novella called Deadly Sins: Anger. It won numerous awards (including the JERR Silver Star Award) but remained unknown to the reading public. However Evron and Ricki?s tale DEMANDED to be heard and, after quite a lot of rewrites, my most erotic book to date comes to you from Ellora?s Cave.

Timeless Wrath has just about everything you?d expect in a Lexxie Couper book ? lots of explosive sex, tormented heroes, lots of wild sex, a villain that?ll scare the pants right off you, lots of passionate sex and a love story fated by the Highest of Powers (oh, and lots of sex. Did I mention that?)

I should warn you though. Timeless Wrath isn?t for the faint of heart. It?s violent, at times scary and has been known to cause nightmares?and wicked, wet dreams 🙂

Snippet from Timeless Wrath:
The drive to Evron?s house was silent, unlawful and torturous. Neither he nor the stunning creature beside him spoke, perhaps still too rocked by the force of their meeting, perhaps too scared to break whatever mystical force had brought about its occurrence. The woman?s car?a bright red rental compact complete with yellow-and-black label still stuck to the dash?moved through the dark streets of Sydney at a speed way beyond the posted limit. If the cops nabbed them they?d both end up in jail. She for driving like a maniac, he for finger-fucking her as she drove.
His cock, longer and harder than it?d ever been, ached, scalding blood pumping through its length. If it weren?t for his jeans, it would be a pulsating poker pointing straight up. Christ, he was in agony.
And it felt wonderful.
He wiggled the three fingers of his right hand again, index seeking the sweetest spot within her sex. The woman?s sodden pussy contracted and a swift gasp slipped past her lips. Shifting back to fourth gear, she flung them around a corner into a dark, narrow alley and hit the brakes, screeching to a stop under a flickering street light.
She stared out the windscreen, hips rocking slowly back and forth. ?I can?t wait.?
Her blunt proclamation sent a surge of heat straight to Evron?s cock and he moaned. ?Neither can I.?
In the span of a heartbeat, her hands jerked at his belt and yanked down his fly. His straining cock sprung free, the cool breeze of the air-conditioner biting at its fevered flesh. Yet before he could shiver, full, soft lips wrapped around its throbbing length and ecstasy flooded through him.
?Oh, God Almighty.? The words were almost lost in his groan, a groan that grew raw when long, sure fingers slipped around his balls. Ramming his head back against the car?s headrest, Evron stared at the roof, blood roaring in his ears. The warm, wet cavity surrounding his cock slid up and down, teeth and tongue teasing the glans just below the head until he was on fire. ?Goddamn it!? he rasped, teeth clenched. ?If you don?t stop??
Evron felt the woman smile.
And then her tongue curled around the base of his cock and licked at his balls.
It was too much. Utter bliss pervaded his body. Hot, squirming and alive. In spurts of jolting pleasure, he came. Eyes closed, heart pounding. ?Holy fucking Christ!?
Still she didn?t stop. Her mouth worked at his pulsating shaft, sucking its length, teasing its head. He writhed in the seat, one hand fisted in her glorious, silken mane, the other thrusting harder against her wet, creamy sex. Slurping sounds filled the car?s cab, from her talented mouth and her sodden pussy.
Unbelievably, his spent cock began to stiffen. Barely minutes after erupting his balls were swollen, heavy and ready to burst again. God, how can she do this to me?
He didn?t know.
The word whispered through his mind like pure light. Undeniable and serene. He pressed his palm to the exquisite curve of her spine. ?Come up.? The words fell from his lips in a ragged breath. Hell, he didn?t believe it was possible to feel like this, as if he?d been turned into a being of concentrated pleasure. He wanted the woman responsible to experience that same rapture. ?I want to??
He didn?t need to finish. Blue eyes flashing, the woman lifted her head. For a brief moment her honey-blonde hair seemed to blaze with red fire, and then the illusion vanished. A small smile played at the corners of her mouth. ?Do you have??? She let the question dangle, the smile on her lips cheeky.
Without further provoking, knowing exactly what she was asking for, Evron dug his wallet from his back pocket and fumbled out a condom.
?Hmm, perfect.? She took the small foil square in one hand as she reached over his lap with the other, her hand slipping down beside his seat. ?Let?s get more comfortable, shall we?? Her shoulder bunched and, with a sharp upward tug, she pulled on the release and dropped his seat flat.
Long legs straddled him before he had the chance to react, negotiating the handbrake and gear knob with ease. Gaze holding his, she brought the condom packet to her mouth and tore it open with her teeth, slipping the small circle of latex from its packaging. Wordlessly, she slid the slick sheath over his erection, his muscles coiling in anticipation as her fingers stroked his hard length. Despite being cramped in the confines of the car, she moved with a fluid grace that made his already straining cock twitch with eager interest and his breath grow more ragged. Goddamn, he was going to asphyxiate with raw lust and he didn?t even know who she was.
Doesn?t matter.
It did. A distant part of his brain?the rational part so often strangled by his rage?told him it did matter. He looked up at her, his pulse slamming against his neck, his hands automatically going to her hips.
Ask her name. Before she?
She positioned herself over his lap, stared him straight in the eye and impaled herself on his cock.

Both Claiming Derryn and Timeless Wrath are available now at Ellora’s Cave. Both contain more hot sex than you could imagine. Both will make hornier than you could believe. But be warned…

Claiming Derryn will have you gazing longingly and lustfully at the stars every night… and Timeless Wrath will have you checking your closet for monsters…and your bed for a hunky Aussie hero.


28 Days of Heart: Marcia James

Marcia James Joins ARe?s American Heart Association Fundraiser
Thanks for hosting me on the blog tour for All Romance eBooks? (ARe) ?28 Days of Heart? campaign! I?m thrilled to be one of the authors who donated sexy, romantic stories for this American Heart Association fundraiser. Heart disease is the #1 killer of woman, and due to Valentine?s Day, February has long been associated with matters of the heart. So this month is the perfect time to treat yourself to ARe?s sensual stories that will warm your heart (and other body parts!), while raising vital funds.
Love Unleashed is my contribution to ARe?s 28 Days of Heart: A sexy contemporary, the story features an estranged couple who are reunited with the help of a stray dog. As with all of my ?hot, humorous romances?, Love Unleashed?s canine character is a Chinese crested hairless dog.
Charlie, the ?crestie? in Love Unleashed, is a homeless dog who?s fostered by the radio DJ hero as part of his plan to woo back his former lover, an animal shelter director. The little pooch wrangles his way into the hero?s heart while playing matchmaker to the couple. The idea behind Love Unleashed began when a friend complained that her boyfriend wasn?t wild enough in bed. (Her exact words were: ?Gentle lovemaking is nice, but sometimes you just want to f*ck.?) When my story?s hero finally unleashes his inner sexy beast, the couple gets a second chance at their happily ever after ? along with some seriously hot sex!
Here?s the blurb for Love Unleashed.
— Marcia James

Love Unleashed blurb:
His best laid plans…
DJ ?Rabid Ron? Hart has a grand scheme to win back the woman he loves. It involves an animal adoption fair, a goofy hairless dog named Charlie and an offer she can?t refuse.
Her hidden desires…
Cara Wilson has fantasies she?s never admitted, and her ex-boyfriend still features in her erotic dreams. If only he didn?t keep his bad-boy urges so tightly leashed.
Tonight they?ll learn that winning sometimes takes losing control.

28 Days of Heart: Sylvia Shults

Hi there! Sylvia Shults here, the author of A Slightly Different Perfect. I?ve been asked to write a bit of a blog here, and my lovely hostess has been kind enough to invite me to write on any topic I choose. When she threw that out there, of course I was delighted. Any topic, hmm? Oh, the possibilities! And of course that got me to daydreaming, and of course THAT led to my blog post, which I?ve entitled ?What Superpower Would I Want??

If I could have any superpower in the world, I?d choose time travel. I wouldn?t want to change anything, I?d just like to go hang out. And the first time I?d go to would be back to the late eighties. There was so much great music on the radio then. I wouldn?t have to bother with picking out CDs, I?d just turn on the radio. I?d go visit myself in college, I?d arrange to meet myself at one of the weekend frat parties, and I?d try to convince myself that drinking half a gallon of RC cola and sloe gin is NOT a good idea. ?I know, honey, it?ll make for a GREAT story when you get older, but you are going to hate yourself in the morning. And you?ll never, ever be able to drink sloe gin again. Ever.? I would also try to talk myself out of sleeping with That One Guy, the one who took my virginity and turned out to be a complete douche. I don?t know if it would work, but I would try my best to convince myself to wait just a couple of short weeks for the next one. ?Trust me on this one, Self! Please!? (Okay, I guess there are a few things I?d try to change.) And of course my time machine would have to be my car. That way I could fill up with cheapo gas before I left the eighties to come back home. Yep, that would pretty much be the perfect first trip back in time.

I?ve always been drawn to humorous romance, the goofier the story, the better. I figured this story would be perfect for a fundraiser celebrating the heart and all its quirks. What better way to nurture the heart than to write a story about the goddess of Love? A Slightly Different Perfect is the story of a mousy fifth grade teacher, Trisha Gillespie, who gets turned into the goddess of love Aphrodite. In her new incarnation, she learns a valuable lesson about the price and the rewards of true love.

I?d be very pleased if you?d visit me at my website,, or become a fan of my Facebook page, which I?ve called Sparkleheart. I hope you enjoy A Slightly Different Perfect, and I do appreciate your support of the American Heart Association. See, my mom?s got heart disease ? she had a heart attack a couple of years ago and had to have a stent put in ? so this really is a cause that I support for personal reasons. Enjoy the story, support the AHA, and Goddess bless.

Even immortals need a vacation now and then?

When Trisha Gillespie, mousy fifth-grade teacher, is chosen to take Aphrodite’s place on Mount Olympus, she thinks she is up to the task. Who wouldn?t want to be the goddess of love, beauty, and physical perfection? But then she does the unthinkable and falls for a mortal. Will the new goddess accept her fate knowing she?ll have to leaving love behind?

All proceeds from the sale of these shorts, which will be offered exclusively on and as individual eBooks, will be donated to the American Heart Association.

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Cougar Challenge Week: Mari Carr

Hi there everyone. I?m Rachel Bridges, the protagonist in Mari Carr?s erotic romance book,?Assume the Positions. I?m here today with the author and she?s agreed to talk with us about why she decided to write my story. Welcome Mari.

Mari: Hi Rachel. Thanks for inviting me.

Rachel: I think the question that is first and foremost on everyone?s minds is ?Why cougars??

Mari: Well, I have to admit with Ciana Stone approached me about participating in the anthology I was a bit worried about what I would write. I?ve never penned a story based on a May/December romance. I immediately starting thinking of a premise, trying to decide what my cougar lady did for a living, where she?d been and what had driven her to search for a younger man. Then?pow?you were born!

Rachel: And I?m so glad I was. The hero of my story is Ethan and I just want to say a big thank you for making him so hot! He?s an injured cop who comes to me for physical therapy. Is Ethan based on anyone you know in real life?

Mari: He is a compilation of a bunch of young male teachers who work at my high school. They?re a great group of guys and on occasion, we all go out for happy hour. I?m a relentless eavesdropper and line-stealer! I?m always listening to conversations and there are actually a couple lines in the book that the guys said that I thought were funny, so I used them.

Rachel: I noticed that you used a lot of humor in?Assume the Positions. Ethan and I spend a lot of time joking around and laughing.

Mari: I?ve always incorporated humor in my books, but I will confess that with your story I was working toward writing a true romantic comedy. I hope the readers will find it funny!

Rachel: A great deal of the sex scenes in the story revolve around the Kama Sutra. Where on earth did you get that idea?

Mari: I like to bounce my story ideas around with a group of writer friends. As I was discussing the budding relationship between Ethan and Rachel, one gal, Jambrea suggested that Rachel use Kama Sutra positions in her treatment of Ethan?s injury. She was sort of joking and we laughed, but the idea stuck. Next thing I know, Ethan?s giving Rachel a copy of the book and telling her to pick out her favorite positions.

Rachel: There are other characters in the book as well. What is their role in the story?

Mari: Part of the premise Ciana suggested with the anthology was that a group of older women meet and become friends at Romanticon. Through their conversations, they discover they all have a passion for cougar books. When they return home, they create a blog?a place where they can go to chat about their everyday lives as well as share some of their wildest fantasies. One night, Monica dares the ladies to put their money where their mouth is. Stop fantasizing and start living the dream. Next thing they know?the Cougar Challenge is born.

Rachel: And am I correct in saying that this blog you mention really exists?

Mari: Yes, it?s up and running and ready for some visitors to come and share the cougar love! The link is

Rachel: Can you share an excerpt from Assume the Positions?

Mari: I?d love to!



?Potential Younger Men for Cougar Challenge??

She prayed to God he didn?t know what the concept ?cougar? stood for. She?d only learned of the term while reading her erotic romance novels. She?d been shocked to discover how much the idea of an older woman hooking up with a younger man turned her on, pushed her hot buttons.

?It?s just something silly, something stupid really. Give me back my notebook and we?ll get started on your exercises.?

He ignored her and she watched as he scanned the list of names. When he closed the book with a snap, she flinched at the unfamiliar look on his face. She?d never seen him look so serious or?angry. ?What are you doing, Rachel? What the hell is this list about??

She took a step back, confused by his reaction. Over the course of the past two months, she?d felt a friendship forming between her and the young cop. As a result, she found her fears, her anxiety over the challenge falling from her lips, uncontrolled. Even though she was sure she was making a mistake, she told him everything?from meeting her friends at the conference to the blog to the dare to sleep with a younger man. She didn?t leave out a single detail and through her entire confession, Ethan was quiet. In the end, it was his silence that unnerved her more than his initial anger.

?So there,? she said at last. ?That should keep you busy in the teasing department for months. I?m an insane, horny-as-hell woman who?s actually contemplating throwing herself at a younger man as part of a dare. And before you say anything, yes, I know?I?m old enough to know better.? She walked away from him as she said the last, too embarrassed to see what he was truly thinking written on his face.

She?d only made it two steps when he reached out and gripped her forearm, turning her back around. ?Old enough to know better?? he asked. ?You think you couldn?t land a younger guy??

?Maybe I could,? she said, surprised to find him taking this conversation so seriously. ?I mean I don?t think I?m unattractive, just sort of ?out of practice? with the whole dating scene.?

Ethan grinned and she spied the usual mischievous sparkle in his gaze she?d grown accustomed to over the past few weeks. ?Wish you?d mentioned this horny problem of yours earlier, Rach.?

?It?s not something a polite woman advertises,? she said.

He continued pulling her toward him until they stood face to face, close enough that she could smell his skin, a pleasant combination of fresh shower, soap, and?yummy?man. Rather than look up, she stared straight ahead, placing her line of vision at the top of his chest. There was no way she could look at his handsome face and not spend the rest of their session imagining him naked. He wore a tight T-shirt and she could just imagine what his bare?sculpted in smooth skin?pecs would look like. She swallowed heavily, her mouth watering at the sight.

?Isn?t that a shame?? Ethan added. ?Advertisements like that sure would take a lot of the guess work out of dating.?

?I haven?t been doing a lot of dating since my divorce from Voldemort.?

?Mm hmm.? She watched his throat move in response to her words and felt certain if she hadn?t been standing so closely, she wouldn?t have heard the small, guttural sound?a growl??that emanated from him. Did it make him angry to hear her mention her ex?

?Look at me, Rachel,? he said as she felt his gaze bore through the top of her head.

?I am,? she said, her eyes remaining locked in place, several inches below his chin.

He reached down and gently forced her head back with firm fingers at her jaw. She took a deep breath and faced him. His head was cocked to the side, his lips painfully close to hers. An impractical woman would lean forward and initiate a kiss. A woman without any common sense would rise up on her tiptoes, close the gap separating them and take a nice, long taste of him. An adventurous woman?her mouth stroked his briefly, and her mind struggled to understand how he?d gotten close enough for that touch. She was certain he hadn?t moved.

Her lips brushed his again, but rather than move away, she continued to push closer.

Rachel: I?m afraid that?s all we have time for. Is there anything else you?d like to add or share?

Mari: I?d love to put in a quick plug for my other Ellora?s Cave series, Wild Irish. Book one, Come Monday, releases on November 6. You can find a blurb, excerpt and see the cover here – I?d also like to invite folks to check out my new and improved website. I?ve done a bit of rearranging of the furniture and I?m tickled to death with the results. You can find it at


Some people fall apart on their thirtieth birthday, others on their fortieth.??For Mari Carr, thirty-four was the year that took her down.??After she spent the day crying and saying, ?I haven?t done anything I thought I would,? her husband finally asked what was left undone.??Her answer was simple?she hadn?t written a book or decorated her house.???So do it,? he said.

Six years later, the house is sparkling with fresh paint and new furniture and her computer is jammed full of stories?novels, novellas, short stories, and dead-ends.??The lesson:??it?s never too late to achieve a goal or two!

High school librarian by day and mother of two teenagers, Mari Carr found her time for writing by squeezing it into the hours between 3 a.m. and daybreak when her family is asleep and the house is quiet.



Cougar Challenge Week: Samantha Kane

Hi! My name is Monica Allen and I’d like to thank Selena for letting me guest blog today. **waving at Selena**

Your browser may not support display of this image. Today I’m interviewing Samantha Kane. Sam writes erotic romance for Ellora’s Cave. She’s got an historical series called Brothers In Arms, about veterans of the Peninsular War, as well as a WWII and a science fiction romance. But what I really want to talk to her about is her new contemporary story, Play It Again, Sam, part of the new multi-author series Cougar Challenge. You see, that book is about ME. Yep, that’s right. It’s about my very own personal cougar romance.

Let’s start at the beginning, which was RomantiCon, Ellora’s Cave’s recent convention. I met a group of ladies there, standing at the bar ogling the gorgeous EC cover models, and we bonded. And one of the things we bonded over was our love of younger men. Let’s face it, they’re sexy as hell, have stamina out the ying yang, and are just plain fun to look at. Especially without their clothes. (See examples below.)

Together we started a blog called Tempt The Cougar. I know, isn’t that a great name? And we like to post eye candy and lament the lack of younger men, and romance in Your browser may not support display of this image. general, in our lives. Well, we used to do that. Until I challenged all of my friends, myself included, to go out there and find a younger man to fulfill our fantasies. Having issued the challenge, I felt it was my duty to get the ball rolling. So with a vague, and in hindsight not very good plan, I set out to find a younger man. Not the man of my dreams, just a likely prospect for some incredibly hot sex. Guess what? I found that and more!! LOL

So I posted about my adventures at Tempt The Cougar and the very next day I heard from none other than Samantha Kane. Wanting to know if she could write my story. Was she kidding?! Needless to say I jumped on that idea. Not just because the whole story is funny, and extremely sexy, but because I wanted other women my age, (I’m 38 by the way), to know that there is life after divorce, or at 40 (I’m close enough to count.)

Your browser may not support display of this image. Sam:  Um, hello? I thought this was supposed to be an interview about me.

Monica: Well, I had to give them some background, didn’t I? They have no flipping clue who I am, after all.

Sam: Okaaayyy. So, first question?

Monica:   How old are you?

Sam:  What? **thunks head on desk** I have that posted right on my website, you know. I’m forty-two.

Monica:  Oh, man. What was that like, the dreaded 4-0?

Sam:  No biggee. Seriously. I was like, so what, I’m forty. Big deal. I didn’t feel any Your browser may not support display of this image. different than I did at 39. But then I hit forty-one. And suddenly I was IN MY FORTIES. That was the tough one.

Monica:  So that’s when you became obsessed with younger men?

Sam:  I what? Wait a minute! You’re the one with a younger boyfriend, not me. My husband of thirteen years is 10 months older than I am. Not that I don’t find some younger men attractive, but I’ve always been a sucker for weathered and experienced. I’ll still take Bruce Willis and Jimmy Buffett over any younger man out there.

Monica:  Wow. You don’t get out much, do you?

Sam:  Excuse me?

Monica:  I mean, as soon as I walked into that bar and saw Sam I felt like I’d been hit smack right between the eyes by a wall of gorgeous. Hot, blond, young, built, with a world-class ass. You don’t see that on your average geezer.

Sam:  You are so incredibly shallow I’m embarrassed for you.

Monica:  Right back at ya. But seriously, I was tongue-tied. And then he introduced himself and we talked for hours and I realized he was more than just an incredibly hot guy. He has the total package, you know? Funny, sweet, good-looking, smart, and holy mackerel is he a master of the bedroom arts. Whew!

Sam:  You are completely unfamiliar with the notion of TMI, aren’t you?

Monica:  You know, Sam, for an erotic romance writer you’re pretty white bread. Tell us about that.

Sam:  Well, I grew up in the mid-west, the youngest of four kids. I had your typical, fairytale, white bread, wholesome upbringing. My parents are still wringing their hands over what went wrong. 😉  I was always breaking tradition and ignoring boundaries, and when I began writing romance I naturally gravitated toward erotic romance. But you’re right. I am a little bit conservative for an erotic romance writer. Which may sound kind of funny, since I’ve written mostly ménage up to this point.

Monica:  Um, Sam, in case you’ve forgotten, my story is a ménage, too.

Your browser may not support display of this image. Sam:  Well, yes it is Monica. Although, Sam and Josh do not have a physical relationship, which makes your story slightly different from my Brothers In Arms, for instance, which is m/m/f. Sam and Josh were hotter than the sidewalk in July when they took you to bed and fulfilled your fantasies, however. You are one very lucky woman.

Monica:  And don’t I know it! But it was always Sam for me, from the very start. Josh is an absolute sweetie, and he’s Sam’s best friend, but we never clicked on an emotional level.

Sam:  I hope I got that across in your book, Monica. Did you know that your friends from the blog are going to have their stories published by EC, too? I told some of my writer friends about you guys, and they wanted to tell all your stories.  As a matter of fact, Edie’s story is coming on November 11, and it was written by Lynne Connolly. Other stories will be coming from writers Dalton Diaz, Desiree Holt, Mari Carr, Mari Freeman and Ciana Stone.

Monica:  OMG! That’s fabulous. You know, when we met we were all at different Your browser may not support display of this image. crossroads in our life, although we didn’t know it. The blog and our friendship really helped us all go out and start living again. You know the old cliché, forty isn’t fatal.

Sam:  LOL  No, it isn’t. You know my last child and my first book were both born when I was 39. My forties so far have been the best decade of my adult life. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Monica:  What a great way to end the interview!! I hope I didn’t take over. But, to make amends for my blabber mouth, I’m going to decorate this interview with some of my favorite pictures from Sam’s blog and website. (Most of these guys are all younger. I’m just sayin’. She may deny it, but we all know she loves younger men as much as we do.) And an excerpt from her book. I picked a hot one. This is one of my favorite memories. Enjoy!

Monica Allen has always been attracted to younger men. She even married one. But after the divorce, she thought she was through with them for good. Then she meets a group of ladies at RomantiCon, and they form a blog celebrating younger men, Tempt the Cougar.

After another lonely Friday night, Monica challenges her friends to each find a younger man to make their fantasies come true. She doesn’t have to marry him—been there, done that, threw away the t-shirt. But for a night of hot sex? Hell yes.

But Sam Lincoln refuses to be just a fantasy. He’s a graduate student with a yen for older women and he may have just found the one to make his own fantasies come true. With a little help from his roommate Josh, Sam fulfills Monica’s deepest desires. Can he convince this sexy cougar to give him a chance at happily ever after?

It didn’t take long to get undressed. Monica sighed with regret at how little attention was paid to her new black, cougar lingerie in comparison to how much it cost. All Josh and Sam seemed to care about was getting her naked. Okay, maybe that wasn’t so bad. As Sam crawled toward her on the bed with a determined glint in his eye, she was actually sure that was pretty darn good.

“Mine,” Sam said in a voice that defied anyone to argue with him. Monica gulped. She had absolutely no intention of arguing. She was so his. So totally, absolutely, embarrassingly his that she was a little worried. This was all for fun, right? She shook off her unease. It was part of the game. She was into what they were playing. She’d had no idea at the bar that Sam would be like this. That he’d be so dominant when it came to sex. Or that Josh apparently had a submissive streak.

She smiled at Sam like a cat at the canary. “Yours,” she said, adding slyly, “first.”

“Yes,” Josh murmured triumphantly from his corner of the bed. He smiled back at Monica.

Sam watched the exchange. Without saying a word he reached out and pressed his hand against her cunt, one finger gliding through the moisture there. Monica moaned and clutched the sheets as her hips bucked into his touch. Sam just rubbed that finger on her until they could all hear how wet she was. “For me,” he said.

Monica couldn’t deny it. “For you,” she gasped.

Sam’s smile was predatory and made Monica shiver with desire. God, she had no idea she’d like a man like this so much—a take-charge, take-no-prisoners, fuck-you-blind kind of man. She felt her feminist side blush guiltily as her slutty side rolled around in her submission like a cat in catnip.

Sam pushed his finger inside her and Monica met the breach with a thrust of her hips, driving him deeper. Her back arched. “Oh, that feels so good,” she purred. “It’s been so long since I’ve had something that doesn’t run on batteries in there.”

Josh laughed and moved closer to them as Sam lay down next her, draping his leg over one of hers, preventing her from spreading her legs wider. “Keep them close,” he whispered. “It makes you tighter.”

She clenched on his finger inside her. “Mmm,” he murmured nuzzling from her ear to her mouth. “Yeah, Blue Eyes, just like that.”

He kissed her then. It was a good thing, because she’d been about to demand that he kiss her. All right, she admitted to herself, beg him. She’d been about to beg him to kiss her. And it was worth begging for. He ate at her mouth as if it were a delicacy. She’d never had anyone kiss her like that, as if her taste, texture, everything was the most delectable thing they’d ever had. She just about melted into the bed when he tenderly licked the corners of her mouth. It was crazy, but for some reason it made her weak and wild at the same time. As if he knew how much she liked it, he did it again.

And that was it. That was why she liked this game so much. Because it was all about her. All about what she wanted, what she liked, what she needed. Sam was attuned to every nuance of her reactions, somehow anticipating what she’d need before she even realized it. He hadn’t been lying earlier when he’d said that watching her live out her fantasies was his fantasy, not if his actions were to be believed. She could tell he liked ordering them around. But so far all that he’d asked had been for her pleasure. Oh, yes, she liked this game a lot.

He was fucking her so deliciously with that finger. She fucked it back, fucked him back, the anticipation of fucking his cock burning her up inside. Suddenly she felt fuller, a pinch of stretch and it burned a little. She broke the kiss on an indrawn breath, one knee pulling up as the other remained trapped under Sam’s leg.

Sam’s fingers stopped moving in her and he just lay there pressing them inside. He’d added another, that was what she’d felt. “Are you okay?” he asked quietly, his mouth still so close to hers she felt the words on her lips.

She nodded. “I…it just surprised me a bit.”

He began to move his fingers again. It felt good again, the burn gone. “You’re tight, sweet thing. How long has it been?”

She bit her lip as he thrust a little harder, a little deeper.

“Answer me.” His voice had gone all deep and sharp again. She shivered, anticipation and arousal building.

“Over a year. Since before he left.” She hated to admit that. Hated to admit that no one had wanted to fuck her for over a year.

“He was a moron.” That was Josh.

Monica huffed out a laugh. “His new wife doesn’t think so.” She turned to look at Josh and smiled. “But you’re right. He is a moron. Because he never, ever made me feel like this.”

“That’s all I want,” Sam growled into her neck, “to make you feel like this. Better than this.” His fingers drove into her again and she moaned as her back arched again. “Good?” he rasped in her ear.

“So good,” she said in a voice that sounded suspiciously like she might cry. But only because it felt so good. So amazing.

“Don’t ever waste your time on morons, again, Monica,” Josh told her, leaning down and kissing her shoulder. “Not when we can make you feel so good.”

playitagainsam_msrOut Now at Ellora’s Cave!

Urban Fantasy Week: Jennifer Rardin

Urban Fantasy Week

What a great idea this is!? With vamps, weres, and zombies flying around the Internet like viral videos, I wish we could all dress up like our favorite monsters and drink bubbling hot chocolate out of honest-to-goodness cauldrons while we do this deal.? Hang on, lemme get my fangs?

And no, that?s not the reason some form of the word ?bite? appears in every title of the books in the Jaz Parks series.? Nothing fake about the canines on my vampires.? Especially my hero, a nearly three hundred-year-old Rom (that?s the don?t-punch-me word for gypsy) named Vayl, who?s decided the only way he can tolerate his own company in the 21st century is to blend.? Rub shoulders with humans, even work with them day-to-day as if he doesn?t constantly crave their rich, red blood.? How?s he pull it off?

That?s part of what you learn as you move through the series with him and his partner, Jaz.? Yeah, they?ve got a bigger agenda.? As assassins for the CIA?? Huge.

In my latest book,?Bite Marks, the goal is as monumental as ever.? Eliminate the person who wants to destroy NASA?s Australian based eye-to-the-sky?without knowing his or her identity.? Or why the gnomes who?ve orchestrated the whole event don?t recognize the shaman yanking their puppet strings.

I?ll tell you this about Vayl.? If somebody had been jerking him around, he?d have frozen those strings like icicles and turned the marionette master into an ice sculpture.? Because he?s cool like that.? Until he lays his smoldering green eyes on you and then it?s all hot breath and whispered promises from dusk until dawn.? Wanna meet him?? Here?s your chance!

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Another One Bites the Dust

Biting the Bullet

Bitten to Death

One More Bite

Bite Marks?officially releasing October 29, 2009

Jennifer Rardin,
Author of the Jaz Parks Series

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Urban Fantasy Week: Chris Marie Green

There always comes a time when someone asks me just what my Vampire Babylon series is.? A ?paranormal romance??? Or could it be categorized more appropriately as an ?urban fantasy??? Because the two subgenres offer a reader different experiences, I?m ready with an answer.

Urban fantasy.

Why?? First, there?s a pretty big difference between PR (paranormal romance) and UF (urban fantasy).? It?s the romance, baby.? Romance is the element that offers the highest stakes in a PR.? In urban fantasies, the highest stakes element is saving the world.? However, both types can contain either element, but the emphasis on one or the other can vary.

More differences?? Urban fantasy usually has a more acerbic wit and most of the time uses first-person point of view, though this isn?t always the case; my Vampire Babylon series uses third-person point of view for the heroine, and the vampires and other characters get third-person points of view, also.? PR seems to maintain a third-person point of view balance between the hero, the heroine, and maybe a villain or subplot character or two.

More food for thought: UF can contain more graphic, grittier violence while PR usually has a lower level of violence.? For UF, the supernatural element is ominous whereas in PR, the supernatural is normally more intriguing or alluring.

When I started writing the Vampire Babylon series, I had no idea it?d be called an urban fantasy.? I wanted to play around with an old-school vamp hunter who goes after some entrepreneur-minded fangers.? I wanted there to be mystery, action, blood, and a touch of romance, like a vampire Indiana Jones movie that takes place in an erotically charged Underground as well as up above in the nourish, faded, grotesque glamour that is Hollywood.

Then, as the series continued past the initial trilogy, the setting moved to London, which offered a chance to explore that old-school vamp hunting to an even greater degree, with fairy tale elements and gothic trappings.? As the label of ?urban fantasy? gained steam in the marketplace, I could see that Vampire Babylon fit comfortably into the subgenre, especially since my heroine definitely fits into the UF mold: feisty, strong, and complete with major real life issues that conflict with her burgeoning?and sometimes reluctant?hunting career.? Slaying is an albatross around Dawn Madison?s neck but, at the same time, it?s forced her to grow as a person, which sounds weird, considering that her humanity is deeply in question at the moment in book five, THE PATH OF RAZORS.? She?s gone from a somewhat bratty and sarcastic ex-stuntwoman on the skids in NIGHT RISING, book one, to a full-fledged, more intense monster whacker.? Her boyfriend is what you could call a possessed vampire.? And her mother might be even more messed up than Dawn is.

Yup, urban fantasy.? It?s Halloween all year around in this dark subgenre.

Contest:? A random winner will be chosen from the comment section in two days.? I?ll be sending an autographed copy of A DROP OF RED, Vampire Babylon, Book Four, to someone who posts here, so comment away!


Latest Book:

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Gree



Vampire Babylon:


Guest Blogger: Lisa Renee Jones

Dear Readers — Happy holidays!

It’s hard to believe that almost a year has passed since I loaded everything I owned into a UHAUL and moved from Texas to New York. Leaving Texas behind left me replaying in my head all the things I was going to miss about my home state. After a few months in New York, while I have found new things to love, I miss much about Texas, most especially red-hot cowboys. Love them cowboys. Everything about them; those snug jeans that hug their muscular thighs, the hats that tilt back in just the right way, somehow complimenting cocky attitudes that say they know all the right moves at all the right times. Oh yeah. Love those cowboys. And you know, one thing about a cowboy — a real rough and tough cowboy, is they almost always guaranteed to be a wild ride. And if there is anyone who fits that bill, a cowboy that knows the meaning of ?wild ride’, it’s Constantine Vega, my hero from Lone Star Surrender. He is most definitely a wild ride – a long, hot, wild ride. He’s dangerous. He’s daring. He’s oh so sexy.

So buckle up and enjoy a little taste of Constantine in the following excerpt – I know I did while writing Lone Star Surrender.

Harlequin Blaze (January 1, 2009)
ISBN-10: 0373794460
ISBN-13: 978-0373794461

Pre-Order at: | Borders

He would break every rule she made…

Undercover agent Constantine Vega sacrificed three years of his life building up the case of a sinister drug lord. But only days before the trial threats against his life finds Constantine on the run with tantalizing federal prosecutor, Nicole Ward – a desperate journey promising both sin and sensation…

Nicole has been trying her best to follow the rules…rules that she once broke with disastrous results. But the magnetic and passionate force of Constantine Vega threatens to unleash every tempestuous feeling inside her. With so much at stake, can she trust Constantine with her body – and her life?

Excerpt: (unedited version) This scene is in a cave – the bad guys are chasing them – my heroine is claustrophobic so the hero has to creatively find ways to comfort her:

Their eyes locked and sexual tension spiked as if it had been shot into the room with a cannon. Silence fell between them, heavy with the sudden charge. Constantine was studying her with such intensity she felt as if he could see her soul, unveil what secrets her file hadn’t already revealed. Wordlessly, he inched closer.

Instantly, Nicole’s heart began to race, anticipating his touch, his nearness. He reached for one of her boots as if he meant to take it off. But that set off one of her phobia alarms, dousing the sexual heat of seconds before. How did he expect her to get out of this place without her boots? Nicole jerked her feet toward her, pulling her knees to her chest and hugging them. “What are you doing?”

“Getting you some relief. You know your feet are killing you.”

“I can’t run in bare feet.” Running in boots with the heels cut off was bad enough.

“You won’t be running anytime soon,” he informed her. “We have six hours until we leave. You might as well get some rest and dry off.”

Her throat went dry. “Six hours? In this cave?” She shook her head. All her efforts at relaxing flew to the wayside. “No. I can’t. I . . .I can’t be in this hole that long.” Constantine’s expression softened. “Don’t look at me like that. I am fine. I just can’t stay here that long.”

He reached out and cupped her cheek with his hand. “You can.” Somehow he was closer now. His knees touched hers, a small comfort in a small space. “I’ll help you.”

“I don’t need your help. Just give me some space to process all of this.” Reacting to small spaces often induced a feeling of suffocation. Crowding her would only make it worse.

But he didn’t back off. His fingers slid around one of her calves and inched her pant leg upward; his callused fingers brushed just below her knee. Tiny darts of electricity shot straight to her core.? And considering her current state of anxiety, that shouldn’t be possible, but yet, he was proving it was. Maybe she didn’t need space. Maybe she needed him. It seemed sex distracted her from her fear and she really wanted to be distracted right now. She focused on the sizzling sensations he was creating in her, focused on his face so she wouldn’t look at the enclosure of the walls. His gaze swept her mouth, lingering before lifting. “I’m not sure I’m capable of giving you space right now,” he said. “I want you too badly, Nicole.”

She swallowed at the directness of his words, finding herself lost in those chocolate-colored eyes of his, mesmerized. Desire pooled in her limbs, driving away the fear once again.

Slowly Constantine began to inch the zipper on her boot downward, his fingers trailing her bare skin in its wake. Nicole suppressed a shiver, not willing to let him see how easily he affected her. Good Lord, the man made taking a boot off sexy.

“I didn’t want to leave you that first night,” he murmured.

The unexpected comment drew a hint of anger from her. Instinctively, she reached forward and covered his hand with hers, stilling his action. In the process, their lips drew dangerously close. After hours in the woods, he shouldn’t smell? good but he did. Spicy and male.

“But you did leave, didn’t you?” she challenged thinking of how he’d snuck under her guard and then left her sitting at that table, feeling a fool. It stung and the memory stiffened her spine.

“If I had stayed, I would have taken you up to a hotel room and made love to you in as many ways as you would have let me.” His fingers slid around her other calf, and she couldn’t find the will to stop him. “But then, morning would have come, and you would have hated me.”

“I should hate you,” she whispered, torn between her desires to embrace her attraction to this man and her desire to run to know this man and her fear of what doing so might mean, her fear he might wake a part of her that needed to stay dormant. “What you did was wrong.”

His gaze dropped to her mouth and then lifted. “Do you?” he asked. “Do you hate me, Nicole?”

Her chin lifted slightly. If he thought lust and admiration, or even like, were the same, he was wrong. Her ex had taught her well–sex could be just sex. “I haven’t decided yet.”

His mouth quirked ever so slightly. “Good. Then I still have a chance to affect the decision.”

Leaning into her, Constantine brushed his lips over hers in a seductive caress that left her wanting more. “Anger can be a powerful aphrodisiac,” he murmured softly. “Perhaps you can think of some ways to even the score.”