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Sneak Peek Saturday: Making Demons Purr

I’m pleased to announce that the second book in my Halloween Trilogy, Making Demons Purr, has been contracted by Etopia Press and is scheduled for October.

This is the second book in my Halloween Trilogy. (Dead Man’s Hands is the first book in the series.)

This is an unedited Sneak Peek.

“You’re a far way from safety, Seraphena.” Carver St. James’ deep voice rumbled from the darkened doorway. Goose bumps rippled over her skin as her temperature spiked. Her heart beat began to race as her feline counterpart became more alert. Tension sang along her legs and arms as she fisted her hands. The magic that flowed unhindered during this time of year skittered along her bare flesh cause her tremble. Damn witches, letting their control go. Something else moved down her limbs, like raw silk kissed with heat.


Happy Saturday!


Contract News

Wanted to let you know that I signed a contract for the third Draven’s Crossing story, Hidden Diversions and I’ve just turned in my edits. I’m hoping to have two book covers to show you guys before the week is out.



Another Small Update

Another small update. I’ve requested and received the rights back to my books Hades Helmet Crew: Carnevale and Mating Fever. The latter book was part of the charity antho Firestorm. I’ll be looking over Mating Fever and deciding if I want to lengthen it or re-releasing it as is.

Please bear with me during this process and thank you for all your support. More news to come.

Also, I’ve just signed a contract with Etopia Press for a Halloween Quickie set in the Dragon New Year World. The story is called Dragons at Samhain. I’m so excited.



Contract News!

Hi Everyone!

I have three contracts to annouce. *Grin* Changeling Press has contracted my Sex and Chocolate story Chocolate Bliss. And another Last Call Story: Dog Sled (which has yet to be written *panicking*). Also, Tease Publishing has contracted Orion’s Star which will be part of the Love’s Immortal Pantheon Vol 3. Anthology.

Right now I’m working on finishing up Chocolate Snake Bites before I turn back to a few WIPs that need to be finished, like oh say the next Tartan book and the next Hades Helmet book. *Grinning and ducking*

I’m so excited. Okay, back to work.


Contract News!

Loose-Id has offered and I accepted a contract for the third Blood Claim Book Tainted. I’m so excited.


News, New Contract and Contest

Hi Everyone!

Look three blogs in one month, wow! LOL.?A few things, first Changeling Press has contracted my next Dawg Town Story called First Snow which will deal with Robbie and Kitty. *Grin*

My writer’s block is over. Yaaaay, I’m so happy. I’ve also started a new story which I hope to finish soon and have turned into my editor ASAP. Just been dealing with a few things lately. Buut, I will be at the Authors After Dark Convention the 23rd-24th. I hope to see you there. It looks like it’s going to be an awesome gathering. 😀

I’m putting together two bags as prizes. The first one is a pink plaid weekender bag filled with print books, promo and some awesome stuff. The other bag is a beachy/tote bag filled with promo, print books and stuffed animals. *Grin*. Hopefully I can get some cool swag at the Con to give away to you guys.

Now for a Contest that is currently going on. Check out Wick’d Reads for an awesome contest. I’m giving away the Tartan Interlude candle. Go here for the details.

Next Week I’ll have a whole bunch of fabu Guest Bloggers and the theme this week is Urban Fantasy. I hope you’re as excited as I am.

Soon the site will be getting another makeover and I’ll be getting a forum. I’m so excited. Once it’s up and running and everything is as it should be I’ll let you guys know. Squee!

I’ll be posting one or two new polls.


News and Updates

Sorry for the delay in updates, I updated the Books page and the Coming Soon page. 🙂

Tartan Twins has a tentative release date of 4/16/09 and Tartan Mind the fourth book in the Tartan Werewolves Series has been contracted and is tentatively scheduled for the end of May. *Grin*

I also have a new reivew for Renato’s Dragon. *Grin*

And Trapped:

Let’s see I’m almost done with White Russian. Squeee! After that it’s a short and then Justice Unbound for Changeling and two stories for LI. *Grin*

I’ve taken a break from reading Rogue Angel: Golden Elephant by Alex Archer to read The Watchmen by Alan Moore, absolutely brilliant. I can’t wait to see the movie and see what elements they used in the film.

Song I currently have on a loop:

Garbage: It’s All Over But the Crying Remix

Until Next Time. Hugs All Around,


Contract News and A Nomination

Hi everyone!

Well the news comes early. Tease has contracted a Valentine’s short from me called Catering to Hayley. It’s a story with Devlin and Hayley from Runaway. I can’t wait to start writing it. I got the cover and Stella did a damn good job. Me loves it. *Big Grin* Once I get a smaller version of the cover I’ll post it. Soooo purty I swear. I also saw a mock up of the cover for Pixie and LOVES it. I worked with Amanda who did the cover for Runaway. Sooooo, purty! Once it’s official I’ll post that too.

Also, I’m honored to announce that Discovering Passion (Vampiropolis 2) has been nominated by Love Romance Cafe for Best of 2008 Paranormal Book. I’m all teary and happy. Here’s my official button.

I’m going to post it on the DP page. I’m just so excited and honored. *Grin* Okay gotta go. Big Hugs All Around.


Two more Contracts

Hey everyone!

I just want to announce two more contracts. Changeling Press contracted the books:

Renato’s Dragon, the 3rd book in the Vampiropolis Series


Tartan Interlude

As soon as get the release dates, I’ll let you know. 🙂

More Blogging to come.


Contract News

I am pleased to annouce that Loose-Id has accepted my story Trapped and that I just sent in the contract. *Grin* *Throws confetti* I’m so excited, I can’t stop grinning.