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Fall Reads Friday

Captain on Deck By Dahlia Rose

CoD_DRRelease Date: October 8th 2014 (Amazon, Barnes  & Noble , Smashwords)


Azaria Wyatt was raised a military brat so being alone or in a different country wasn’t anything new to her.  She went to the places that few dared to go to get the pictures that magazines vied for. On one of those trips it seemed her luck ran out because she was stuck in the middle of the amazon. Her travel guide left her to be taken hostage for ransom. Using her sat phone, she reached out and was given a way out. A navy ship but they couldn’t break protocol to get her she had to make her way to them. Azaria knew she couldn’t swim it so under the cover of darkness she stole a small boat.

To hell with being a hostage or worse, she was saving herself. Finally she was safe and aboard the USS Dale she was taken to the Commander Dane Pratt. His sexy blue eyes and handsome looks captured her interest instantly. But the straight-laced naval officer had one thing to say. They’d be on the sea for three month before they returned to the United States and no fraternizing with the crew. That was all good she could definitely because it wasn’t the crew that captured her interest but is commander. Twelve weeks to home, Azaria wondered if she could get the sexy ship captain to break a few rules with her.

Author Links: Dahlia Rose

www. DahliaRose1029

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Sneak Peek Saturday: Making Demons Purr

I’m pleased to announce that the second book in my Halloween Trilogy, Making Demons Purr, has been contracted by Etopia Press and is scheduled for October.

This is the second book in my Halloween Trilogy. (Dead Man’s Hands is the first book in the series.)

This is an unedited Sneak Peek.

“You’re a far way from safety, Seraphena.” Carver St. James’ deep voice rumbled from the darkened doorway. Goose bumps rippled over her skin as her temperature spiked. Her heart beat began to race as her feline counterpart became more alert. Tension sang along her legs and arms as she fisted her hands. The magic that flowed unhindered during this time of year skittered along her bare flesh cause her tremble. Damn witches, letting their control go. Something else moved down her limbs, like raw silk kissed with heat.


Happy Saturday!


Sunday Snippet: 03/24/14

Sunday Snippet #2 Eostre’s Baskets: Stacking the Deck (Due out March 25th).


Bounty Hunter and Dragon Dean returns home hoping to spend some time with his office manager and new mate Carrie. What he gets is confusion. He’s confronted with communication and connection issues. He feels attacked and backed into a corner with no direction to go in. To find a place to start he turns to Sundae’s Adult Easter Baskets hoping that this will give him a handhold to grip as he tries to break through the walls both of them have erected due to their pasts.

Carrie has missed her mate but can’t take the lack of communication she feels when he’s on the job. For the longest time she’s been alone. Now that she has a mate she wants to feel that connection to another person. She doesn’t know why Dean holds himself back from her, both on the road and while at home. She needs him to be present and here, to open up to her. But if she pushes too hard she could lose him forever. Can Sundae’s keep it’s sexily ever after guarantee?


He held up the pack of cards and cut off her words with a single action. She licked her lips and swallowed. Her heart did a nervous flutter, and she swallowed again, waiting to see what he would do. Dean flipped up the lid, shook out the cards, put the package down, shuffled the deck, then spread out the cards. He indicated the fan. “Pick two cards.”

She examined the black scrollwork pattern on each card and held her hand over the spread. Energy pulsed from the objects. Her palm tingled with the magic that tickled and caressed her flesh. She hadn’t felt that charge before. Interesting, she thought. She selected two cards and handed them to Dean, not sure if she should’ve looked at them or not.

Light filled his eyes as he accepted her choices. “Not curious about your fate?”

“Tell me what I’m supposed to tell you or what I have to do.” She wanted to get this over with; the waiting was chafing her nerves.

He chuckled. “Scared? My sweet fairy is scared. Interesting. Okay, here we go.” He looked down at her picks. “You can either tell me about your first kiss or bark like a dog, your choice.”

She stared at him, laughter bubbling up inside of her. “That easy, huh? Fine, kiss. It was Sean Drews, and we were in first grade. I had just come off the slide when he declared that I was his girlfriend and kissed me on the lips. It wouldn’t have been so bad if he hadn’t been rolling around in the dirt before that.” She shook her head and shuddered. “Couldn’t get the taste of dirt out of my mouth for a few days.”

He chuckled.

“My best friend at the time got her first kiss from a kid who was recovering from the chicken pox. He came back to school too early and, well, she ended up with the pox a few days later. Blech.” She winced at the memory.

Dean’s face scrunched up in disgust. He placed the cards face up next to the fan and chose two cards of his own. He handed them to her, facedown. “What’s my fate?” He turned and began to unpack the basket: a few sandwiches, seltzer water and sodas, carrot sticks, plastic plates and utensils, and two covered bowls of soup. “Simple, fair, but quick to make. Now tell me.”

She read the cards and grinned. “What was your first sexual experience, or you can do the chicken dance.”

He stared at her. “What the fuck is the chicken dance?”

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Loose Id


“All in all, I felt it was well written. I found the book to be a light, sexy read that I enjoyed. Will I try this author again? I might just do that.”- Debra Taylor for The Romance Reviews


Pick a number between 1-100, tell me what it is in the comments for a chance to win a $10 Loose Id GC or a copy of Thawing Ava!  Winners announced Saturday 03/29/14!

Cover Art Reveal!

Here is the gorgeous new cover art. I can’t Thank Syneca Featherstone enough she did a gorgeous job.



I absolutely love it!


Cover Candy Alert!

Here’s the cover for the upcoming third book in the Draven’s Crossing series, Hidden Diversions!


So what do you think? I’ll have the release date for you soon. I finished the first round of edits on Monday.



Heroes, Villains and In-Between- Kate Johnson

Don’t Call Me A Hero: Major Harker.
by Kate Johnson

He doesn’t really like being called a hero. He doesn’t really reckon he’s done anything heroic. He’s just done his job. It’s never occurred to him not to.

For Harker, being a soldier is about one thing only: looking after your mates. And as he’s been promoted, his mates have become his lads, they’re in his care, he’s their leader. But he’s still looking after them. To Harker, success isn’t measured by how many yards of land you’ve won from the enemy that day, it’s in counting heads and getting the same number as you did before you started fighting.

All right, he has bigger concerns than that. He belongs to his country, body and soul. He’ll do anything the general tells him to, because she’s his general and he’s a major and that’s just how it works. Questioning orders is like questioning why a bullet comes out of the gun when you pull the trigger. And because he respects the general, most of the time he’ll do what she asks, even when it’s not an order. Most of the time.

He didn’t join the army in search of glory. Of course, at the time there wasn’t a war on. At the time, the army offered the best prospects for a working-class lad with no education and an ageing mother to support. Twenty-five years’ service and you get a decent pension. Retire as a sergeant, that’s a very good pension indeed. Enough to find a nice little place, maybe raise a family. He can send his pay home and not worry that his mother isn’t being cared for. Or course she didn’t really want him to join the army, she wanted him to go to the grammar school and become a teacher. In his heart of hearts, that’s what Harker wanted, too. But you can’t always get what you want. He knows that pretty well.

The army breaks some men and makes others. Harker was one of the latter. He’s a natural leader. That promotion to sergeant came quickly and deservedly. He’s still not sure if his ex-wife was behind his commission as an officer, but the role suits him. More men to look after, sure, but he’s got a natural authority, he takes care of his men and he listens to them. They know he’s got their best interests at heart. They know he won’t ask them to do anything he wouldn’t do himself. They know he’d actually do the dangerous stuff for them if he thought he could spare them the pain.

He’s got about as much in common with a traditional leading man as he has with a teapot. He’s not good-looking, he hasn’t cut his hair in years, and he’ll only shave if someone threatens him with a knife. He doesn’t have sexy and exciting scars, he has ugly patches of scar tissue where people have tried, repeatedly, to kill him. He has no idea how many confirmed kills he has to his name. Only a bastard would count. He can use a sword or a gun or he can fight with his bare hands, and if you offered him a fencing foil he’d punch you in the face. He doesn’t see the point of wearing a suit or having special shoes to go with it. Hates his dress uniform with all its shiny braid. He refuses to refine his accent, especially when there are posh people around to annoy. He’ll hold the door open for you whether you’re male or female, soldier or civilian, but you won’t get called Sir or Ma’am unless you happen to be of a higher rank than him. Or he’s patronising you. He spends most of his pay on importing cigarettes, which he smokes when he’s thinking, or when he’s worried, or frustrated, or stressed. Which is most of the time.

He leads like a wolf alpha leads: unself-consciously, without arrogance, and without vanity. He leads with natural authority and the respect of his men. He’ll go to hell and back for someone he considers to be his.

He’s Major William Harker of the 75th of Foot, and he’s at your service.

Excerpt from The Untied Kingdom, available from Choc Lit 1st April 2011

‘Sir! Sir, are you all right?’
That was Tallulah. Grimly, Harker dropped to the stony shore under the Tower’s walls and let the body over his shoulder flop on the pebbles.
‘I’m all right,’ he said. ‘Get a doctor, would you?’
She peered closer at the limp body. ‘Is it – is it a person? Is it alive?’
Harker, busy performing mouth-to-mouth and trying not to think about what the drowned woman would be coughing up if she was still alive, didn’t bother to answer. In the background, people were shouting. The guards on the walls had seen him dive into the river and come out with some sort of bedraggled alien.
Well, it wasn’t an alien, Harker was pretty sure. It was a human woman, and she – yes, there she went, coughing up river water through blue lips.

He rolled on to his back and fought the urge to throw up. Who knew what he’d ingested in the Thames’ foetid depths?
People were streaming out of the South Gate now, and a guy with a stethoscope flung over his pyjamas was kneeling by the unconscious woman.
‘She all right?’ Harker said, and the doctor nodded.
‘I think so. We need to get her inside. Can I get a stretcher?’
‘Dunno,’ Harker said, mostly to himself. ‘Can you?’ Patting his pockets, he found his cigarettes – a soggy, unsmokable mess. Dammit. Well, if he couldn’t have a quiet smoke, he’d have a quiet nap instead.
He lay back, closed his eyes, and tried to block out all the noise and the light. It was a trick he’d perfected after years on campaign. These days he could sleep anywhere, any time.
Then a foot prodded his ribs, and he opened one eye, grumpily.
‘Well, then, hero,’ Saskia said, her face demonic in the torchlight. ‘I suppose you’ll be needing medical attention, too?’
Harker waved a hand. Truth be told, he was so wet and cold he was beginning to worry about his extremities. ‘Get me a packet of smokes and I’ll survive,’ he said.
‘I think we can run to that.’ Saskia extended a hand. ‘Come on. Wheeler wants to see you.’

Harker groaned. ‘Why? What’d I do?’
Saskia just glared at him.
‘Oh, right.’ Ignoring her hand, he hauled himself upright. ‘Let’s go and face the fun, then.’
Dripping wet, he squelched through the gate after Saskia and gave the guard there a damp salute.
‘Sir, is it true you pulled an alien from the river?’
Harker rolled his eyes at Saskia. ‘Yep. Blue skin, it had, and one giant wing.’
The young man’s eyes were enormous. ‘Gosh!’
‘That wasn’t necessary,’ Saskia said, as they made their way to the General’s quarters next to the mess.
‘Yeah, but it was fun,’ Harker said.


Kate is a prolific writer of romantic and paranormal fiction and lives in the south east of England with a small and cheerfully insane collection of cats. She misspent her youth watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and reading Terry Pratchett, which sort of made writing fantasy a bit inevitable. Under the name Cat Marsters she also writes award-winning erotic romance. She lives behind a keyboard in Essex and can be found online most days talking about men she fancies, the pride of adored felines aiding her ambition to become Crazy Cat Lady, and the Demon Puppy hindering it. Sometimes she talks about writing. Occasionally, she stops talking about writing and actually does it.

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Heroes, Villains and In-Between-Chris Marie Green

I Do Stuff!

Hi, all! And thank you to Selena for the opportunity to take part in this fun blog marathon.

I decided to write about sidekicks, mostly because they’re some of my favorite secondaries to develop. Yes, villains are meaty and dangerous, and without a protagonist, there’s no hope for the world. But sidekicks… Ah, sidekicks bring great balance to a story because they can be the heart, humor, and a breath of welcome relief between all the moments of conflict and intensity.

Consider what the movie Aliens would have been without Hudson, the wisecracking, rude, panicky marine who falls under the command of Ripley. On one hand, we have those aliens—perfect killers—screeching around killing everyone. On the other, we’ve got a perfect heroine—a mainly straight-to-business placeholder for the audience as she uses brain and brawn to battle the enemy. Hudson straddles the middle of this movie, making the viewers laugh when we need to the most, and actually even acting just like most of us would if we were to find ourselves in the same horrific situation: slightly hysterical and flailing in utter disbelief. (“Why don’t you put HER in charge?”) Even though Ripley saves the world, Hudson is the one who saves the audience’s sanity and soothes their nerves with his outbursts and comic asides.
Now, I write an urban fantasy series called Vampire Babylon, and I have my own sidekicks who serve just as much of a purpose as Hudson did. During the course of six books, one novella, and most recently, a short story (see below for details), my sidekicks have not only helped my heroine, Dawn Madison, save the world—they’ve helped to save her sanity in a variety of ways.

First, there’s Breisi Montoya. We meet her in Night Rising (book one) as a lab nerd—a kick-ass one at that. She’s the logistical brains behind the vampire hunting team that sets out to conquer a Hollywood underground lair. She’s a woman of few words, but when she says them, they have some impact on Dawn, who’s been in sore need of a female mentor ever since her mother, a silver-screen legend, suffered a brutal and very public death years ago. Breisi is a soulful sidekick—an Obi-Wan Kenobi of sorts. Instead of humor, she cuts the tension by placing Dawn firmly back in reality just as she’s about to go off the edge.

Then there’s Kiko Daniels, the team’s psychic and resident cut-up. As a “little person” thespian, he tends to “ACT!” quite a bit during the underground hunts. However, Kiko is no mere comic relief. The guy can use a revolver and any number of vampire-hunting weapons, and he can interview a suspect like no one’s business. And as for his “ACTING!”? He’s pretty good at using that skill, too, when it’s time to thrown a suspect mentally off balance. In many ways, Kiko is the younger brother Dawn never had, and the two of them have a deep, easy, goofy relationship that Dawn has never found outside of this vamp hunting circle.

All in all, while finding tragedy in life, Dawn actually finds a family in this group, and that’s an important point about sidekicks, I think. We love them for what they contribute to our heroes (or villains)–we love them because they add something our bigger stars are missing.

But, most of all, we love them because, in all the craziness, they make us, the readers, feel better, as well.

March release: A Vampire Babylon short story in the horror anthology Those Who Fight Monsters. Chris’s entry is entitled “Soul Stains” and it takes place after the events of Deep in the Woods, Vampire Babylon, Book Six.
Dawn Madison, ex vampire hunter, has been lured out of retirement by the sighting of an old, presumed-dead Hollywood starlet in a decrepit Vegas showroom. But is this entity merely a ghost? Or is it one of the escaped, mortalized Hollywood Underground vampires Dawn vowed to wipe off the face of the earth, even at the threat of returning her own soul to darkness?

Coming 07/27/11 Under the Pen Name Christine Cody

Author’s bio: Chris Marie Green is the author of the Vampire Babylon series, which includes Night Rising and A Drop of Red. In 2011, Ace will publish her new post-apocalyptic urban fantasy western noir Bloodlands series under the name Christine Cody. You can check in with her on Twitter ( ), Facebook( ), MySpace (, or her blog ( ).

She also has a newsletter ( ) and a web site at .


Contest: Comment to be entered to win a signed copy of Book 6, Deep in the Woods in the Vampire Babylon series. Good Luck!

Heroes, Villains and In-Between-Marie Treanor

Hero or Anti-Hero? By Marie Treanor

For me, the hero of a romance is the lead male character who gets the girl.

I don’t mind if there are two heroes. I don’t mind if he’s got fangs, fur, dubious habits, immoral – or even amoral – behavior, so long as he has that something to make my toes curl. In fact, I’ve always had a soft spot for the hero with a hint of bad – or even a villain with the tiniest hint of good feeling. I like my heroes and my villains to have layers (like Shrek and onions 😀 ), so I suppose it’s not surprising if my boundary between hero and villain gets blurred occasionally.


Saloman, the hero of Blood on Silk (and of the whole Awakened by Blood trilogy), was described in a recent review as an antihero. And although he’s certainly the male lead, I suppose for much of the book he doesn’t behave a lot like a true hero. For a start, he aims to kill our heroine (which is hardly “cricket”!) and throughout the story, he murders without an obvious qualm. Well, he’s a vampire. He’s meant to drink human blood. And besides, he’s very sexy, and Elizabeth, the heroine in question has the sneaking suspicion that one night with him might just be worth dying for.

Let’s face it, we’re all attracted to bad boys from time to time. We like the risk (even if it’s more comfortable to read about a romance heroine taking that risk for us!). And vampires are the ultimate bad boys. I had great fun with the wicked sides of Karoly in Hunting Karoly (also in the Seducing Scots anthology), and of Max in Loving the Vampire (City of the Damned ebook collection). They paved the way, to some extent, for Saloman in Blood on Silk.

So what makes Saloman a hero instead of a villain? Surely not just the fact that he inspires all those inappropriate, not to say inconvenient, feelings in Elizabeth, even while she knows she has to kill him before he kills her?

To me, he’s saved from villainy in the end, by his “differentness.” He isn’t a human so he doesn’t think like one. Gradually, throughout the series, it becomes clear that Saloman does indeed have a strict moral code, even if it’s not one that a human can easily understand, let alone identify with. By his own lights, he’s behaving perfectly reasonably. And I think that has parallels in older and greater stories – for example, the heroes from two of my earliest favourite American novels, Mark Twain’s eponymous Huckleberry Finn, and Joseph Heller’s Yossarian from Catch 22, both of whom behaved in unconventional ways and held unconventional views that would have been considered anti-heroic at best to many of their contemporaries, even though they’re perhaps more clearly heroes to modern readers.

(Coming Soon)

Now, I couldn’t behave or even think like Saloman and I don’t want to. Neither does Elizabeth (mostly!). But I don’t believe that makes him a villain. What do you think? Is Saloman a hero or an anti-hero? If you like, read the excerpt below to see if it helps you decide 😀 .

By Marie Treanor
Out Now from NAL – Signet Eclipse.
Order from Amazon; Barnes & Noble; Borders; Book Depository; PenguinKindle; Nook; Penguin ePub

Scottish academic Elizabeth Silk is spending the summer in Romania researching historical superstitions for her PhD. While she is tracing local folktales, one subject in particular sparks her imagination. His name is Saloman, legend’s most powerful vampire, a seductive prince staked centuries ago. Now, in the ruins of a castle crypt, Elizabeth discovers the legends are real. Her blood has awakened him. Her innocence has aroused him. But Elizabeth unleashes more than Saloman’s hunger.

An army of vampire hunters has amassed to send Saloman back to hell. Sworn to help – yet fearing Saloman’s deadly blood lust – Elizabeth seeks to entrap him, offering her body as bait. But something stronger than dread, more powerful than revenge, is uniting Elizabeth to her prey. Caught between desire and rage, Elizabeth must decide where her loyalties lie…and what the limits are to a yearning she can no longer control.


Saloman went very still, and for a moment, she wondered if she’d won a breathing space at least. Then his lips closed on her throat, caressing and teasing her skin. She was sure he even flicked the vein with his tongue, tapping it like a nurse before inserting a needle.

She trembled, both yearning and dreading and unable to distinguish one from the other. Saloman relaxed the pressure of his body on hers, and the hand on her chest slipped lower between them and closed over her naked breast. She let out a tiny, inarticulate sound that might have been a sigh or a sob.

Saloman lifted his head. His black eyes burned into hers. “I know,” he said, and dropped his gaze to her mouth, to her breasts. His palm moved, gliding over the aching peak of her nipple.

“Know what?” she demanded with desperation, having lost the thread.

“That Zoltán attacked you. He has no finesse.”

“You were there,” she blurted. “You were the other shadow. . . .” And yet she could have sworn she’d surprised him by her original revelation.

“The other shadow? I’m not sure I like that. It offends my sense of superiority.”

A breath of laughter escaped her, as unbidden as it was appalling. “Are you for real?”

“Oh yes.” His hand released her breast to draw the sheet farther down. “Don’t I feel real?” His fingers touched her lips, parting them with a downward sweep that continued over her chin and throat and down between her breasts to her navel. She moved with the caress, arching under his hand because she couldn’t help it. She felt like a musical instrument, played by his careless, talented fingers.

“I began this meal the night you wakened me,” he whispered. “And I will finish it. All of it.”

She swallowed, trying not to squirm under his devouring gaze. Jesus, no one had ever looked at her like that, with such greedy, urgent passion . . . but then no one had ever regarded her as a meal before either.

His finger circled her belly button, dipping in and out.

She gasped, “What do you mean, all of it?” Was there a choice? Could she convince him to leave her alive?

The almost- smile dawned and died on his lips.

“Sex,” he said unexpectedly. She blinked, and his gaze moved up to her face, mocking, yet scalding in its intensity. “That’s what you call it these days, isn’t it? When you’re being polite.” He laid his whole hand flat on her stomach, then swept outwards and downward to her thigh. “Let me say it in my own more familiar terms. Tonight, I will pleasure you. I will take every delight your sweet flesh can give me. And just before sunrise, I will finish the meal.”

Could she negotiate for one without the other? Burning up with his words, she wanted all of it. She remembered the staggering bliss of his killing mouth on her throat, and she was only too aware of her helpless reaction to his touch right now.

He could make me orgasm just by looking at me. . . . Oh shit, what is the matter with me?

“Well, that’s novel,” she managed, with what mockery she could summon, forcing herself to be still under his idly caressing hands. “Dalliance and dinner instead of the other way round.”

His lips quirked. “I offered them both together, as I recall. I believe I can still manage that. Afterward.”

She squirmed, and he smiled, pleased and predatory.

Fighting herself at least as much as him, she tried for further delay. “Why didn’t you just do it then? What’s the point of all the cat-and-mouse?”

“Fun,” he replied, as though surprised. “And the fact that I barely had the strength to stand, let alone fuck.”

Her face flamed all over again, and his hand on her nape massaged the muscles there, sending shivers all the way down her spine. They felt more like bolts of lust.

He said, “I’m better now,” and drew her forward by the nape until her naked body rested against him. There was no time to struggle, if she could have forced herself to it, before his mouth closed on hers in the most sensual kiss she’d ever known. His lips dominated, tasting, then sucking, while his tongue thrust in deliberate simulation of sex. She felt his teeth, those terrible fangs, and without really meaning to, just unable to resist, she touched one with her tongue.

A sound like a groan escaped him. She was swept closer into his body, her breasts crushed against his hard, powerful chest while the hand not caressing her nape splayed flat against her naked back and began to play among her vertebrae, spreading wild, devastating lust straight between her legs.

He opened her mouth wider with his, deepening the kiss. She felt dizzy, as if she were falling, and realized he was pressing her back into the pillows, moving the rest of his body onto the bed with her.

This is it. He’s really going to do it; have sex with me. Everything in her leapt toward that goal, that yearning which had become a need, a necessity. In just an instant, she’d feel the weight of his hard, muscular body. As he removed his clothes, she’d feel his naked skin on hers, his hardness pressing between her thighs. This amazing, beautiful being wanted to have sex with her.

And then he would kill her.

Blood on Silk is available now .
Blood Sin is released on 5th April and is available now for pre-order.
Hunting Karoly is available in e-book from Ellora’s Cave, and in the paperback anthology Seducing Scots, also from Ellora’s Cave.
Loving the Vampire is available as part of the City of the Damned (Book 1 of the collection, Loving the Wolf, is available for $.01 at Changeling Press) e-book collection from Changeling Press.

Marie Treanor lives in Scotland with her eccentric husband and three much-too-smart children. Having grown bored with city life, she resides these days in a picturesque village by the sea where she is lucky enough to enjoy herself avoiding housework and writing sensual stories of paranormal romance and fantasy.
You can find out more about Marie and her books on her website:
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Join the party on her new blog: Marie Treanor’s Romantic Theme Party.

Cougar Challenge Week Part 2: Cris Anson

A few thoughts from Conlan Trowbridge, the hero of ADDING HEAT by Cris Anson

I?ve been reading all these posts on Selena?s blog about the women who accepted the Cougar Challenge and found themselves a younger man, and I think it?s wonderful that they all bared their souls for your readers.

My name is Conlan Trowbridge, and I?m here to tell you this Cougar thing works two ways. When Giselle Sheridan walked into my office a week before income tax deadline, all I could think of was, ?I want her!? I didn?t think about her age, or mine, I just saw an earthy woman full of luscious curves in snug jeans, intelligence and curiosity in those mesmerizing dark eyes, and a lust for life radiating from her. Dang, it was almost enough to make me forget that her aunt needed to get her taxes done.

The old woman must have been a matchmaker, because she insisted I hand-deliver that completed tax return to Giselle for forwarding, even though I couldn?t afford to take the time off (you wouldn?t believe how many people wait until the last minute to file). With an ulterior motive, I agreed then used the opportunity to invite Giselle for a bike ride afterward. She assumed it would be a motorcycle ride. No, geeky accountant that I am, I arrived in snug biking shorts with a spare bicycle for her in the back of my truck. Still, the ?date? turned out pretty good, as is hinted in the excerpt Selena is posting.

Giselle did tell me later that she thought I looked hot in spandex, making particular mention of my butt. And other, uh, areas. She also liked the way I looked splashing around in her tub with her. In her bed with her. In her office and mine. And?

But, a gentleman doesn?t kiss and tell, so you?ll have to use your imagination as to what I wore and we *ahem* discussed. I have to say, our dozen-year age difference never once entered my mind except in the plus column. I told her flat-out, I was old enough to appreciate her maturity and life experience, and young enough to take advantage of it. She got the idea after I showed her. And showed her and showed her.

One of the many things I love about Giselle is that she?s gutsy. After her husband died, she kept his landscape contracting business going and is putting her two kids through college. Another thing is, she?s not afraid to make difficult decisions. With my forensic accounting background, I had to deliver some bad news about her business and she took a deep breath and fixed the problem.

With her busiest planting season upon her (four crews out on jobs), I volunteered to pinch-hit for her on this blog thing. I thank Selena for allowing me to post a male point of view about cougars and their mates. Oh yeah, I want to thank Cris Anson, too, for telling our story so well.

I?ll say it to anyone who will listen: An older woman is a good way of ADDING HEAT to a man?s life.

Blurb for ADDING HEAT:

Encouraged by friends she met at RomantiCon, widowed landscape contractor Giselle Sheridan decides she?s finally ready to take the cougar challenge and find a younger man to have sex with. Except she?s too busy during planting season to go on the prowl.

CPA Conlan Trowbridge is battling the IRS deadline for his clients, but when Giselle saunters into his office with a tax question, all he can think of is sex. She?s all luscious curves and smoldering brown eyes, and he doesn?t care if she?s a dozen years older, she?s a wet dream come true.

Oh yeah, they?re both ready for some hot and heavy sex?in the tub, parking lots, their offices?anywhere and everywhere. But Giselle is afraid her age will bother Con, and her long-time foreman has designs on her, in more ways than one. When Giselle faces some hard decisions, will it all add up to her being able to keep the heat?

Excerpt of ADDING HEAT:

Copyright ? Cris Anson, 2010

All Rights Reserved, Ellora?s Cave Publishing, Inc.

As they leisurely made their way over mildly rolling hills, Con noticed some fields awaited the plow and some had already been turned, exuding the unmistakably fecund smell of the rich Bucks County soil.

But only half his brain was engaged in rural delights. The less relaxed half decided that Larry Pulaski was going to be trouble. A couple inches taller and fifty pounds heavier than Con, the foreman had scrutinized Giselle as though she was a marble goddess in a museum come to life. He?d damn near seen drool seep out of the older man?s mouth, and he couldn?t blame him. The sight of Giselle Sheridan in tight spandex had brought whips and blindfolds to mind and sent blood straight to his cock, enough that the other man had noticed.

And he?d been ready to jump her bones with just the slightest encouragement. Which encouragement his testosterone-drenched brain thought he?d detected in the way she?d all but ripped off his shirt while they?d kissed. Hell, the luscious feel of her sandwiched between him and the truck pushed him to the edge of his control.

It was so unlike Con to lose it like that. But his companion epitomized his dream woman. Petite but possessed of curves luscious enough to make the devil weep. Skin so glowingly healthy in the sun she couldn?t possibly be wearing makeup. Eyes like a bottomless bowl of chocolate sauce.

Why on earth he hadn?t suggested, say, bringing some chick flicks to watch while snuggling together on her sofa and sipping a good shiraz, he couldn?t answer. She?d simply pole-axed his brain the day they?d met at the Senior Center. He?d been a little surprised when she?d offhandedly mentioned her age?she sure didn?t look forty-four?but his cock certainly didn?t care about their dozen-year age difference. He hoped she was broad-minded enough to feel the same.

A glance at his watch told him they?d been at it for a half hour. How the hell could he have thought biking was a good idea? He?d dropped back every now and again for the sublime pleasure of watching her ass cheeks tauten and loosen as she pedaled. He was getting hornier by the minute.

Just as he was about to suggest turning back, he recognized the street they had turned onto. She?d led him in a long square and they were heading for her property.

And in the slanting late-afternoon sun, her sweat-kissed skin shimmered golden. A picture of her lounging sweaty and smiling?and naked?between his navy-blue sheets instantly made more blood pool between his legs.

Whoa, cock. Down. He?d have to get off the bike and stand pretty soon, and he?d better not look like an adolescent with his first surreptitious copy of Hustler.

He followed her down the long, dusty driveway, the lush smell of burgeoning spring swirling around him. They alit at the rear of his truck. She rested her bike against the back bumper then made a small sound of distress.

?Did you hurt yourself?? Con reached a hand out to her, ready for any excuse to touch her.

She lifted one racerback strap a few inches off her shoulder. A delicately pale stripe bisected a rather bright red curve of skin. ?I figured the shade trees along the road would protect me. I should have slathered on some SPF.?

?Oh my,? he murmured. ?It looks painful.?

?I?ve survived worse. It?s just, I spend a lot of time outdoors in the nursery or on the job and I should have known better.?

?I keep some aloe vera gel in my biking kit.? He bent forward to unbuckle the kit from behind the back seat of his bicycle and rooted around. He dearly wanted to stroke her skin himself, but the gentleman in him forced him to say, ?Here?s the tube. The label says to apply lavishly.?

Instead of reaching for it, Giselle said, ?I should probably wash the sweat off it first, you know, so it would absorb better.?

Con blinked. Stood stock-still, trying not to picture her doing just that, suds dripping down those firm, heavy breasts. He fought to keep control of his nether regions.

?Do you think you could help me?? Without meeting his eye, she turned and climbed the three steps to her porch, pulled out her key from her fanny pack and unlocked the door.

Bio of Cris Anson:

After the death of my husband of 22 years, it took me three years to come out of my grief and feel alive and open to new experiences. Now I consider myself a senior citizen and ?cougar? ?hey, one is never too old to dream about, or experience, romance.

I enjoy my garden during warm days (it was sad the other day to cut down the peonies and dahlias for the winter) and have discovered Zumba for fun exercising. I?ve been writing since the ?90s and read voraciously across all genres. I?ve published five erotic romance novels, two novellas and two ?Quickies? with Ellora?s Cave, plus a pair of contemporary novels featuring male twins with Cerridwen Press, their mainstream imprint.

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Control is essential for a dragon. Fiery breath, knife-sharp nails, and teeth that can shred a human in moments.

The day Brenton lost control is the day he ran from the one woman who can complete him, his fire companion. Now he’s back and he’s going to reclaim Sky Lilly forever and always.

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