Works In Progress

In Progress:

2010 Out Look:


Tartan Werewolves: Tartan Seduction

Tartan Werewolves: Tartan Proposal


Blood Claim: Victory

Winning His Best Friend (shifter)

Precious Thief  (Working Title)

Claiming His Mate (shifter)

The Wolf’s Mistress


Cleanfreak (working title)

My Demon Lover (working title)


Narcissus & Echo: Blind Date

Dragon Blood Stone



Strange Hollow: Versus

Strange Hollow: TBD

On Backburner 1:

Indulgence (5k)

Her Chaos Dragon (5 of 20-25k written)

Tech Support (On Hold, *snicker*)

Back Burner:

Deacon’s Story

Anny and Ver’s Story

Pot of Gold (Currently Working on)

Seducing You ( Sequel to Missing You)

When You Wish Upon a Pixie: Absolution ( Work In Progress 5.5+k )

Future Stories and Series:

The Berserker Series (Plotting and Planning)

The Soul Mates Series (Plotting and Planning)

The Reluctant Series (Plotting and Planning) (Yes, that is the name of the series)

The Dragon Sisters Series (Plotting and Planning)

Love is Undead (Plotting and Planning)

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