Stoking Her Fire Excerpt

Stoking Her Fire Excerpt


Her phone rang, and Lanie answered it and put the call on video conference mode.

“So, give me the good news.” Hope fluttered in Lanie’s chest.

“I’m sorry, Lanie, but there’s nothing I can say. Your brother is intent on moving ahead with this challenge, and he claims to have a letter that your father wrote before he died that shows where his mind was at concerning your relationship with Dane and Reid.” Casey soft hazel eyes filled with sympathy.

Lanie let that information roll over her. “A letter?”

“Yes. Was your father more of an email type of person, or did he like to hand write letters? Or maybe he was more a phone call type of correspondent, or did he like texting?” Casey asked.

Lanie blinked. “Letters. He loved to write letters, on a typewriter. He used to say the sound of the machine soothed him. He used to work for a newspaper when he was a teenager. He interned with a reporter who would write out all his stories on a typewriter.” Lanie licked her lips. “He also used to write love letters that way to my mom. Said it made him stand out from all her other suitors and that’s how he won her over and got her to date him, promising her a typed-out letter a week.”

Her hopes sank. Could her father have lied to her face? Had he been paying her lip service just to make her happy? She sniffled. “I can’t believe…I won’t believe…”

“We’re not done fighting yet,” Casey interjected. “I can set up a video conference between you and Sam and his lawyer and myself. Get you to talking. Maybe we work out a solution that won’t force us to go to court. Let me work on this. You enjoy your vacation, okay? We’re not done yet.”

Lanie nodded. “Okay.”

“Just focus on Reid and Dane and getting some rest. It will be fine. Let me do all the worrying.” Casey hung up before she could respond.

“Just focus on Dane and Reid,” she whispered to herself. Easier said than done.

-End of Excerpt-

© Selena Illyria


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