Vampiropolis Collection

Vampiropolis (Collection)

Publisher: Changeling Press
Release Date: Out Now!


Welcome to Vampiropolis, where visitors take a break to brush up against the things that go bump in the night.
Nevada comes to Vampiropolis looking for fun and relaxation and gets more than she bargained for in the form of sexy vampire Lucian Sandros. When her trip comes to end does that mean the passion they found has to stop?

When Xavier Hideo drops back into Lida Sandros’ life, he brings danger with him. Will he leave her again just as they find the love that Lida thought was lost?

Magda had to make a choice between her obligations and her love for Renato. Years later their worlds collide and she’s faced with yet another choice between family, and the man she loves.

Vamp City — where anything can happen… after dark!

This collection contains the previously released novellas in the Vampiropolis series: A Fling in Vampiropolis, Discovering Passion, Party Favors, and Renato’s Dragon.

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Reviews for stories in this collection:

Reviews for A Fling in Vampiropolis:

The Romance Studio
4 Hearts
“Nevada and Lucian?s story, was very good. The sex scenes where well written and the plot flowed well along with The interaction between characters. A good love story to read at anytime.”- Margo Arthur

JERR Review: A Fling in Vampiropolis
“The chemistry between Nevada and Lucian is instantaneous, passionate and seductive with sex scenes that include oral stimulation. The most memorable part of this story is the city of Vampiropolis. I felt like I was transported to a past, black and white era where everything seems so pleasant and undisturbed with a twentieth century feel…”-Tallyn Porter

Love Romances and More Review:
3 Hearts
“Selena Illyria has imagined a world where vampires and humans co-exist. Vampiropolis is a place where vampires can live in peace, except for the tourists of normal humans who come to visit and get to experience their world. This story is a steamy, hot romance that will get the reader going. I really liked the elevator scene. One might wish to be caught in an elevator with a handsome man themselves. I also enjoyed the dialogue and the secondary characters, of which Lucian?s sister is the best. I hope there will be a story about her. Thing is, I couldn?t warm up to Lucian. I found him a bit too alpha at the beginning. He is very arrogant. Nevertheless I did enjoy this story and think many other lovers of vampire tales will too…”- Valerie

Literary Nymphs Review:
5 Nymphs
“Instant attraction soars like an eagle in A Fling in Vampiropolis and takes you on quite a ride. Justice and Lucian do not waste any time burning up the sheets and I enjoyed every moment of it. Lucian was deeper than I originally thought at the beginning of the story and I am so glad. If Vampiopolis happens to hold another wonderful story I would adore reading about it because this is a great idea…”-Amythyst


Joyfully Reviewed

“A Fling in Vampiropolis is the fast and furious tale of Lucian and Nevada. I don?t smoke, but I needed a cigarette after reading A Fling in Vampiropolis. Selena Illyria created a couple that burns up the pages. I enjoyed Lucian?s family and hope Ms. Illyria has plans for another visit to Vampiropolis in the near future…”-Jambrea


Fallen Angel Reviews:
4 Angels
“Author Selena Illyria has created an fun novella, complete with a feisty, independent heroine and a brooding, sexy vampire for a hero. What makes this tale somewhat unique, however, is Vampiropolis itself: a fully functioning city, inhabited completely by the creatures of the night. The chemistry between Lucian and Nevada is smoking hot; the internal and external conflict is well portrayed and wonderfully resolved in the end. When Nevada touches on a sore spot with Lucian, I was a little annoyed by his tantrum and wanted there to be more interaction, but really enjoyed their next encounter and the conflict resolution. All in all, A Fling in Vampiropolis is a great, entertaining read…”-Bella

Bitten By Books:
4 Tombstones
“(Selena Illyria’s)Her sense of humor is wonderful and her characters are hysterical. Not to give anything away but Lucian and his sister Lida fighting almost made cry because I was laughing so hard. Lucian reminded me of a bulldozer just making his way through everything with that ?What did I do?? attitude. Nevada called him on it every time. I Loved loved A Fling in Vampiropolis…”-Megan

Whipped Cream Reviews:
“To be honest ? after reading this story, who wouldn?t want to have such a hot, passionate and desire filled fling while on vacation? The things that Nevada and Lucian do are the things that every woman?s fantasies are made of. The sex scenes are extremely hot, very detailed and include some tasteful BDSM…”-Snowdrop

Enchanting Reviews:
4.5 Enchangments
“Went into this book thinking this was going to be one of those everyday vampire stories with someone meeting their death. I absolutely loved A FLING IN VAMPIROPOLIS because even with the vast differences between humans and vampires this was a wonderful love story. The story line was well written. The passion between Nevada and Lucian was hot, and I am putting that lightly. Some funny parts, especially when Nevada and Lida are comparing body parts. I loved Lida, Lucian?s sister. She is quick witted and she seemed like someone you could talk to about anything and she would be by your side the whole time. This book had captured my attention from the beginning. Selena is an absolutely delightful writer. She is a definite must read for me and I will look for more books from her in the future…”-Kim


Reviews for Discovering Passion:

Fallen Angel Reviews
5 Angels
“Xavier enthralls as the vampiric male who has spent years chasing after his own origins and archeological treasures, but when push comes to shove, he realizes that no amount of adrenalin, created by the thrill of the hunt can compare to the thrill he feels in Lida?s arms.

Lida is a feisty, independent female who shows her vulnerability in desiring the love of a man, but certainly isn?t weak willed and simpering when confronted by her past lover. The sex between the two is sizzling. Certainly not a cold water event, it will have women everywhere reaching for the ice to cool down or a lover to sate their heated libidos…”-Bella

Bitten By Books
4 1/2 Tombstones
“I could not wait to read this book. I loved the first book in the Vampiropolis series and was not disappointed what so ever. Lida is still consuming all that chocolate wanting to grown a butt. Some of us should be so lucky. Xavier had that geek thing going that is so uber sexy…”-Megan

Love Romance and More
4 Hearts

I really enjoyed this book. It?s just right for an evening quickie. The romance is so sexy and sensual, it got my motor running. This story should come with a big warning to keep a bucket of ice nearby or your sweetie. The plot is quite exciting too, with strange artifacts doing strange things and even stranger things happening. Yes, altogether strange. But while Xavier and Lida are finding things out, their relationship is going up in flames and they are heating up this book with some delicious love scenes…”-Valerie

Award Nomination for Discovering Passion:

Reviews for Renato’s Dragon:

Fallen Angel Review
5 Angels

Renato?s Dragon by Selena Illyria is yet another foray into the Vampiropolis world. Ms. Illyria?s stories just keep getting better. Renato and Magda are wonderfully complex and when they finally come together again, their reunion is sexually explosive. Break out the cold water and ice. These scenes are scorchers.

The danger lurking in the shadows adds a whole other dimension to this fast-paced story. Readers will root for this couple from the first page until its wonderful conclusion…”-Bella

Review for Party Favors:

Romance Junkies

“This is a fun story full of promise, heat and toys that will make you blush.”- Chrissy Dionne

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A Fling in Vampiropolis (by Lexxie Couper):

Discovering Passion (by Lexxie Couper)

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