Tartan Surprise

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Tartan Surprise

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Iain just wanted someone to help take the edge off before the full moon rose in a few days. When he met Katherine in the pub he felt he had found the perfect person to help him with his problem.

Katherine could not resist the kilted stranger who caught her eye at the bar. When he offered her a night of hot sex she couldn’t say no.

But what happens when she finds out that the stranger is her boss’s son?

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Bitten By Books

4 Tombstones

“This was a short story but packed quite a punch. You can see the attraction of these two jumps from the pages. Their love making was strong and passionate. I strongly recommend having a glass of ice water handy while reading this book…”- Megan

Joyfully Reviewed
“I was floored by this steamy surprise of erotic goodness! Katherine and Iain?s attraction to one another is scorching, instantaneous, and a force to be reckoned with. They?re very likeable characters. Katherine is assertive, which compliments her independence and confidence. The force of Iain?s dominating ways made me wish I was in her place…”- Patrice F.

Whipped Cream Reviews
4 Cherries

“?Tartan Surprise? was just that. A very pleasant surprise. Being a short story, I was surprised at how involved I became with the characters. I was so involved with the characters that I found myself laughing out loud as they bantered with one another in the alley regarding Iain’s name and shivering when Iain growls out commands to Katherine. Iain and Katherine’s conversations were very well written. I have even used some of those lines myself. Ms. Illyria’s book is so well written, I felt everything that Iain did to Katherine and could place myself in each scene. “- Hibiscus


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