Tartan Interlude


Tartan Interlude

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Werewolf Iain is in love with Katherine, a human. Katherine doesn’t think anyone can fall in love in three months. Mating is one thing, love is another altogether.

Iain is determined to prove her wrong and he’ll do everything he can to convince her of his love.

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Romance Junkies
4.5. Blue Ribbon Rating
“I can just imagine that Scottish lilt in the air as I read TARTAN WEREWOLVES 2: TARTAN INTERLUDE. Thankfully, it’s a chilly Autumn day for me, as this is one Hot Hot Hot read! Ms. Illyria taunts and tantalizes her readers with a great plot, and fantastic naughty interlude. It’s so steamy hot, I wouldn’t be surprised if the inner-workings of my computer had a major meltdown.”-ladybirdrobi


Literary Nymphs
5 Nymphs
“An insatiable, kilted werewolf certainly keeps things exciting, and I was thrilled to see his story continued in Tartan Interlude. Just as I assume no emotion can exceed Iain’s lust for Katherine, he shocks me with his unconditional love for her. But, as happy as the couple is, I know their life together will never be boring. I pray I haven’t heard the last of them, and am even keeping my fingers crossed in hopes of reading about some of Iain’s friends…”- Amethyst Nymph


Whipped Cream Reviews
4 Cherries

“I enjoyed Tartan Interlude. This short filled me in on more of the life of Iain and Katherine. I look forward to reading more of this wonderful story of a werewolf and his mate and their life together…”-Hibiscus


Joyfully Reviewed

“Selena Illyria captivates my paranormal fancy again by bringing back Katherine and Iain, after their searing night together in Tartan Surprise. From the first scene to the last, Tartan Interlude doesn’t disappoint. It’s a sizzling romp filled with tender moments as Katherine and Iain explore the next level of their relationship. Ms. Illyria is the mistress of sexual tension, and she knows just how to draw things out enough to make you sweat. Tantalizing, electrifying, this author takes time with her characters by skillfully weaving a story that pulses with intimacy and scorching sex. Stay tuned for the next installment, because I’ll be looking forward to more to come…”-Patrice F.


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