GWB: Riktor: Alpha Vs. Alpha

Golden Wolves Billionaires: Riktor: Alpha Vs. Alpha Excerpt (PG-13)

“How do you really feel about me being on your territory?”

Riktor stared at Mickey Shaw, a rival alpha. His comprehension of her words slowed. Her spicy perfume with a floral undertone and hint of pheromones fogged his brain. He licked his lips and tried to find a response.

Desire threaded his blood. Heat spread throughout his body. His engorged cock pressed against his fly, making his pants tight and uncomfortable. He wanted to reach down and adjust himself, but not in front of her.

Show no weakness, boy,” his father’s voice hissed in his mind.

Riktor shook his head to dissipate his need to move closer to her, maybe reach out and touch her. He drank in her dark, seductive eyes, full lips, the delicate curve of her cheek, the constant throb of her pulse in her neck, and the rise and fall of her ample breasts pressing against her bodice. His palms prickled. A groan began deep his throat and came out in a low growl.

She lifted a thick brow. Her mouth opened and a soft rumble of response drifted out.

His ears pricked and the wolf within stared, its ears twitched, and its tail swished back and forth in a slow sweep.

“What do you want, Riktor?” Mickey moved toward him, hips rolling in a slow gait, her arms swinging back and forth by her side. “We can fuck, or we can fight, or we can just remain on opposite sides and watch each other in a stalemate.” She stopped in front of him. The tips of her breasts pressed against his torso but much to his annoyance, she didn’t lean forward to give him full contact.

His wolf whimpered as it endured the lust raging through him right now. Riktor’s cock jerked. He curled his hands into fists. His arms shook with effort to keep from reaching out to take her into his arms.


©Selena Illyria


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