Making Demons Purr Excerpt

Flushed and Fevered 2: Making Demons Purr

“You are strong and beautiful.” Carver sat up. The muscles of his thighs moved as they slid to the end of the table. Thorn stopped them with a hand on the base of her back.

“And you are sexy and powerful,” Thorn added, as he withdrew his fingers and pushed them back in.

Carver repositioned her and then brought her down onto his shaft. She cried out as he drove in until he was balls deep. Carver lifted her up and lowered her back down. He repeated the process until tears streamed down her face and she couldn’t take it.

“Please,” the word came from the very the center of her being.

“Not yet.”

Thorn continued his ministrations in her ass, driving her further and further off the deep end. She tried to push her hips back but Carver held her still.

“We love you as you are, not for what you can give us.” Carver punctuated that statement with kisses across her collarbone. “Not for what you can do for us.”

“We want you for your beautiful curves, as well as your imperfections, and all.” Thorn traced a finger along her spine.

“I love how you savor your coffee.” Carver pressed his lips over her pulse point.

“I love how you take your time to eat. You don’t rush a good meal.” Thorn nipped his way along her shoulders.

Sera was at a loss for words. Tears soaked through the blindfold, but she didn’t ask to have it removed.

“Your laugh is infectious.”

“You give without thinking of yourself. You say please and thank you without expectation.”

Their voices and words merged as they brought her back to the pinnacle of pleasure. Carver thrust upward and Thorn continued his prep of her ass.

Everything stopped when Thorn withdrew his fingers.

Carver’s hands glided up her sides to cup her ribs as Thorn gripped her hips. She felt his cockhead at the entrance of her anus. He pushed in and pulled away, repeating the action until he was seated inside of her from root to tip. When Thorn pulled out Carver drove up. Not once was she left without one of them inside of her.

“We love every inch of you.” Carver latched onto one nipple, biting the tip as he sucked it into his mouth. One of Thorn’s hands curved around her hip to delve between her thighs and dip into her folds until he found her clit.

“And we will always love you, no matter what you do,” Thorn whispered as he worked the sensitive bundle of nerves.

There was no urgency. They took their time, nudging her toward the pinnacle. They didn’t let her come just yet. She begged, pleaded, and cried to no avail. At one point she even used her manacled hands to tease the base of Thorn’s cock as he drove into her. Still they wouldn’t give her relief.

“You have us tied to you. We are tethered to you and only you.” Thorn placed openmouthed kisses along her shoulders. He scraped his teeth down the back of her neck. She shivered as sweat slipped down her body, adding to the sensations coursing through her.

Time stopped again as they stilled. Her body hung in space, neither man inside of her.

“Tell us you know.” Carver’s tone was deep and rich, like plush velvet. It slid over her skin and stoked the fires that burned in her body. “Do you know, Seraphena?”

The use of her name was a command. A demand for an answer without hesitation or thought. She shivered, unable to resist. Without a thought, relaxed from all stress, without emotional boundaries keeping her in check, she answered with a single word. “Yes.”

Carver and Thorn pushed inside of her in unison. They pushed her higher and higher until she was sent soaring, the orgasm crashing into her, pulling her under a riptide of pleasure. She couldn’t even get any words out. Any noise she could have made remained trapped in her throat. Her heart felt as if it would explode, and her lungs burned from lack of air. Her body ceased to function, caught in a moment when everything crystallized.

Pain and desire merged into one shining, white-hot second. A roar filled her ears as awareness returned and her muscles spasmed. Tendons jumped and her body twitched. She had returned to the land of the living. She felt Carver come first, filling her with his fire. Then Thorn followed, adding cold to temper the heat.

Aftershocks rocked her body as she came again. Woman and feline were sated. “I’m all yours,” she whispered.

Darkness fell as she lay down on Carver’s chest.

“No matter what, we’re in this together.” Carver and Thorn both said the words as Sera lost consciousness.

From now on that’s how it would be, and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

-End of Excerpt-

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