Flushed and Fevered 3: Outfoxing Mysta



Flushed and Fevered 3:

Outfoxing Mysta

Publisher: Etopia Press

Release Date: OUT NOW!


Flushed and Fevered Book Three


Halloween night, a game of truth or dare, and the one man she can’t have…

With Halloween night to herself, all Mysta wanted was a quiet evening in the library. Tucked away behind the stacks of books, she tries to ignore her attraction to the man she had to leave behind to save her family—fox shifter and manager of the library, the deliciously addicting Viktor—her tattooed, fantasy man. It’s clear Viktor wants her too, and neither his flirting nor the distracting shimmer of desire in his eyes make him easy to ignore. And with Viktor’s best friend egging them on, Mysta knows she’s in deep trouble…

So when the boys suggest a game of truth or dare to pass the time, and then up the ante by adding a roll of the dice, Mysta can’t bring herself to refuse. Each roll exposes them in more ways than one—more hot, sexy, delicious ways—but uncomfortable truths, and long-buried desires, are revealed. Viktor has always wondered why his mate, Mysta, disappeared, and now he’s going to find out. But can he outfox the woman who’s an expert at slithering away?



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“The two make a sexy couple and the love that they feel for each other is evident in all that they do. I loved watching the two reconnect.” Gabrielle Lee, You Gotta Read This

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