Bewitching the Vampire Excerpt

Flushed and Fevered 1: Bewitching the Vampire Excerpt

Goosebumps rippled over her skin as the memories welled up within her. She could hear the vague whispers in head. The words were indecipherable and yet she understood them. She shivered as the nausea rose up. For a second, she thought she’d throw up the little soda she’d managed to drink.
Joe was out of his seat and by her side before the chair hit the floor with a hard thud. His hands gripped her bare arms, sending shivers and shocks of electricity over her skin. Her nipples beaded to tight points. Moisture filled her pussy as her clit hardened and throbbed for relief. Tingles raced along her inner thighs and through the base of her back. She squirmed against her chair and licked her lips.
He rubbed her arms, pouring warmth into the cold limbs with just his touch. Joe’s unique cologne became her air. Every breath brought his scent into her body. On her tongue, she could taste something cool with a hint of heat and sweetness. And there was another flavor there as well—something with a dark tang that rolled over her taste buds and made her mouth water. It only added to the sexual hunger crawling through her body and slipping through her veins. Her pussy became heavy and throbbed with a need that only the glide of his cock could satisfy.
She moved her hands to grip the edges of the armrest on her seat and clutched the wood tightly until it dug into her fingers. Her palms prickled with the urge to reach out and touch him, to cover his hands with hers and guide him to where her body needed his touch the most.
His breath whispered against her neck and her heartbeat increased. “Tell me what you need, Bridget.”
She swallowed as his palms slid down her arms to grip her hands and hold them in place. His touch was cool but held electricity that poured into her, heating her body up until sweat pearled and slipped down her temples.
“Joe?” she whispered.
“What do you want, Bridget?” This time his fangs were a light scrape along the side of her neck, worrying over her pulse point before continuing on down and then back up. Her nipples pulsed and her tummy fluttered as her arousal increased in pitch and fervor.
“I can smell your desire, your need, hear your heartbeat in my head, like it is mine. And it is mine, isn’t it Bridge? All of it for me?” His fangs pressed into her flesh but didn’t break the vulnerable skin. His voice was a tender rasp that soothed as well as abraded her skin and inflamed her insides.
Fear tainted her desire for him. She yanked her hands from under his and shoved her chair back into his midsection. He stumbled back. She didn’t wait to see if he was okay. She stood up and rushed to the doorway. Joe grabbed her wrist and jerked her back. He whirled her around until she hit the wall. He sifted his fingers into her hair, cushioning her head from the hard surface.
She gazed up into eyes the color of the night’s skies. Ruby flecks glittered back at her. His skin had taken on a paler pallor and his fangs were fully extended.
Her heart hammered against her chest as her lungs strained to take in enough air. He held her head still and held her wrist in a strong grip. His thumb traced circles over her pulse point.
She swallowed as fear and desire flashed on and off inside of her. Any spells to get her out of this situation evaporated. Her mind was a fogged world where only sensation existed. She could feel her magic spark and flare but could do nothing to control it, all her hard-fought focus gone. She couldn’t even bring herself to send a distress message to Mysta or Sera or Lana. Joe’s voice pulled her from the mists of her mind. She latched onto the sound but it only made things worse.
“Trying to escape me, Bridge? You know that can’t happen. Besides, we’re not done here yet.” He brought his face down until his lips were a whisper away. The warm humidity of his breath against her mouth caused the sensitive skin to tingle. Her tongue darted to soothe the sensation.
“Joe, we can’t.” Her voice trembled. She hated how weak she sounded. She’d walked in here all business…and now? Her knees wanted to give out, her breasts ached for his touch, her pussy wanted him to fuck her like there was no tomorrow. The insistent throb of her clit only made things worse.
“Why? Because you’re a witch and I’m a vampire? Or is it because you know once you have a taste of me, you won’t be able to walk away? Good, because I have no intention of ever letting you go.” His face moved closer and his eyelids dropped until all she could see of his eyes were thin slits of inky blackness. “Mine, Bridget.”

-End of Excerpt-

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