Fire Mates 2: Passion Defrosted

Cover by Brandy Walker

Fire Mates 2: Passion Defrosted

Publisher: Selena Illyria
Release Date: Out Now!


Passion Defrosted

Fire Mates Book 2

4 Dragon shifter billionaire brothers. 4 Women destined to be their Fire Mates.

Ice—for Charlie De la Glace, it’s her power and her weakness. In dragon shifter Sean Ballantine, club manager of the Dragon’s Maw, it’s a gift.

Ice fuels Charlie’s magic, but keeps her apart from her fellow witches. In Sean, it’s an honored element, revered for its rarity in their species.

Shunned for her strange magic, Charlie doesn’t believe she’s capable of being loved. But Sean has other ideas about the sexy ice witch. His dragon has claimed her as his mate ignis—his fire mate.  The battle of wills is ON!

Warning: This book contains two stubborn people, an ice dragon determined to claim his mate ignis, an ice witch determined to resist him, sexy use of a blindfold, feather wands, and a bit of spanking.


Book 1: Reclaimed

Book 2: Passion Defrosted

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