Blood Claim: Tainted



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Syrus was seeking revenge. Jessye was just trying to adjust to having a new leader. Their desire burns hot, but the past and stubbornness stands between them.

Syrus will claim Jessye as his consort and gain the revenge for the murder of those he loved. Jessye will submit to him. Like hell, Jessye says. She is no one?s consort. She stands on her own and doesn?t need him. But her hunger for him haunts them both between the hunt for a murderer and political games.

Dark magick and blood, anger and desire will bring them together but also push them apart. Love, lust, need, revenge can all be tainted. Forgiveness and acceptance can heal it all.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual content and graphic language.

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Night Owl Reviews
4.5 Stars
“While reading the previous outings enrich this read, Tainted stands well on it?s own.”-Preternatura

Literary Nymphs Review

5 Nymphs

“The action scenes are well written and contain just enough gore to appease my blood thirsty side. Overall I found Tainted enthralling and I?m adding it to my collection of books to revisit in the future. “- Scandalous Nymph

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