Bachelor Auction 2: Goal: A Mate Excerpt

Bachelor Auction 2: Goal: A Mate

Excerpt (PG-13)
“Brandon?” Her voice shook as she said his name. Something about the way he stood, the silence and stillness, made her nervous.

The wolf flashed in his eyes, a spark of copper, before melting away to color of midnight skies.

She licked her lips. “Bran?” A tremble of fear caused her stomach muscles to flutter. She’d seen that expression on his face during a face-off on the ice, but he’d never turned that look on her.

“You gonna come with me quietly, or do I have to make you?” He crossed his arms over his chest, one finger tapped against his bicep.

She narrowed her eyes until she watched him through a veil of dark lashes. “What the fuck are you talking about?” Despite her words, a damning thrill zipped along her spine. This had to be the moment she had been waiting for. He was here to see what would happen between them before she gave into the needs her pack and let Alberto claim her.

“You’re my mate. Mine.” His voice had become deeper, rougher, and sexier. “I’m not gonna let some fucknuts try and claim what belongs to me. Yet I know that I don’t have what it takes to be alpha, and I don’t want either of us to be exiled from the pack. So the only thing I can give you is myself. For whatever time we have before fate takes you away from me.”
She ruminated over his declaration. This really was the only time they could be together. He didn’t want to be alpha, and neither of them wanted to let the pack down. This merger would increase their size but offer them much-needed income. She couldn’t put it off much longer. But neither could she put off her date with Brandon.

-End of Excerpt-

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