Vampiropolis Collection

Welcome to Vamp City were brushing up with the Paranormal and Mythical is every day. Look around, find your favorite spots and enjoy this Gothic City of delight.


Tartan Werewolves Series

Get ready to howl with the O’Keefe pack. A band of misfit werewolves who love life and are looking for mates who can complete.


Hades’ Helmet Crew

Something is always happening on the Hades Helmet spaceship. Come along on some of their sexy adventures and escapades.


Family Heirlooms

Some families have ornaments, others have recipes, this family has jewelry that help enhance their telepathic powers. In the wrong hands these gems could be dangerous in the right ones they can be a sexy delight.

Blood Claim

Under this Vampyric law if you can dominate your mate, you can claim them. The question is are you strong enough to make them submit? Find out in Blood Claim.

When You Wish Upon a Pixie

“Be careful what you wish for…”

A phrase Raven should have considered before wishing upon a Pixie.

Love’s Immortal Pantheon Anthology

To Love is Divine…


A page for the anthologies.

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