Books to be Revised

Starting 2015 I hope to start re-releasing several books that I’ve gotten the Rights back. All of them will be revised and some will be broken up to be stand alone books. Here’s a list of all the books that I have the Rights back to and will be revised and re-released through self-publishing. I’ll post when I have more info on when some of the books will be out again.


Tartan Werewolves:

Tartan Surprise

Tartan Interlude

Tartan Twins

Tartan Mind

Tartan Mate


Family Heirlooms:

With His Mind

In Her Fantasies


Children of Earth:


Catering to Haley




Small Town Lovers:

Home Coming

First Snow



Fire Mates:


Binding Katrina




Lustful Myths:

Ba’al & Bondage

Orion’s Star

Cupid’s Bargain


Stand Alones:

Seducing the Wallflower (will kick off a new trilogy)

Chocolate Bliss (will kick off a new series)

Unsealed Desires (will be put into new series with Chocolate Bliss)

Dog Sled (New Title)

Chocolate Shock (will kick off a new series with a new title)

Demon’s Captive (will possibly start a new series or be a stand alone)


Mating Fever (Originally part of a charity anthology)

Dravian’s Seer

When You Wish Upon a Pixie



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