Sunday Snippet: Blood Claim 2: Prelude

Blood Claim 2: Prelude Snippet:
The carriage felt too small, the enclosed space was like a furnace. He swallowed as his cock twitched. “I have several things planned to help you celebrate your induction. You just have to trust me. Can you do that?”
He waited for her response, excitement pumping through his veins. The games were really about to begin.
“Yes, I can do that. Could you please take off the mask?” She gave him a hopeful look and he shifted in his seat, the leather creaking with his movement.
He smiled at her and shook his head.
“I wish to see your face. I wish to know what you look like.”
He shook his head again. “No. This is part of the present I give to you. Tonight, you must trust me. Do you trust me?”
He watched her face. Emotions moved and swirled in her eyes, but he saw no doubts or hesitations, much to his relief. He had to play his part, and he would play it in full tonight.
“All right. I trust you, Sen. I put myself in your hands.” She leaned forward, giving him the perfect view of her cleavage. “Now give me my present.”
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