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Blood Claim: Prelude
Excerpt (R), Encounter with Sen
Genre: Paranormal, Interracial
ISBN: 978-1-59632-866-2
It’s the anniversary of Kit being inducted into Vampyre society and Rysen has a few sexy plans up his sleeve — one of which is to reenact the first night he and Kit made love. He’s got the mask, had the room made up. The only problem? A misunderstanding with Kit.
Kit’s ready to for a nice lovers’ getaway with Rysen. The inn is almost done, Jessye hasn’t killed Syrus yet and life is good. That is, until she overhears Rysen on the phone sending roses to another woman. At first she’s confused then anger takes over. She’s not going to let Rysen make a fool of her.
Is he going to have to tie her down to unveil his surprise and explain it?
Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, ménage (m/m/f), spanking.


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Any minute now, Rysen’s heart was going to burst through his chest. Never in his life had he waited so long to go after a woman or been so afraid of the consequences. His spies had reported her every movement, every like and dislike. He knew practically everything about her, and yet it wasn’t enough. He wanted the woman herself to tell him all her secrets. Kit was a decadent treat he couldn’t wait to taste and savor.

There was an innocence and purity about her. He wanted to be careful, to hold his darker tastes back. Tonight he would seduce her, show her the delights that he, and only he, could offer her.

“So tell me, Sen, what do you have planned for me tonight? It is traditional to give the newly inducted a gift after six months of being part of vampyre society.” There was heat in her dark brown eyes. Her gaze stoked the fire burning within him.

The carriage felt too small, the enclosed space was like a furnace. He swallowed as his cock twitched. “I have several things planned to help you celebrate your induction. You just have to trust me. Can you do that?”

He waited for her response, excitement pumping through his veins. The games were really about to begin.

“Yes, I can do that. Could you please take off the mask?” She gave him a hopeful look and he shifted in his seat, the leather creaking with his movement.

He smiled at her and shook his head.

“I wish to see your face. I wish to know what you look like.”

He shook his head again. “No. This is part of the present I give to you. Tonight, you must trust me. Do you trust me?”

He watched her face. Emotions moved and swirled in her eyes, but he saw no doubts or hesitations, much to his relief. He had to play his part, and he would play it in full tonight.

“All right. I trust you, Sen. I put myself in your hands.” She leaned forward, giving him the perfect view of her cleavage. “Now give me my present.”

He swallowed. His plan was now tilting on its axis as she stared up at him. “Present?”

Kit nodded. “Present. I want my present now. Make me forget about what I have to go back to when morning comes. I don’t want to think about suitors or men who may or may not be interested in me.”

Rysen felt his control slipping from his hands as he gazed into her eyes. He needed to regain his composure fast. “I promise you, I will make you forget every last one of them.”

He brought his head down until their lips were only a few millimeters apart. “First, I plan on kissing you slowly. If you’ll allow me, I plan on undressing you, exploring this beautiful body with my mouth and hands. Do you like the sound of that?”

He waited for her answer. His heart was pounding so hard he was afraid it would burst through his rib cage. He had to tread slowly. Rysen was very sure she had never experienced anyone like him. He didn’t want to scare her or make her uncomfortable. Besides, he was in enough trouble as it was with Jessye.

Ignoring the demand of his body to close the distance and kiss her, drag her toward him, and feel her curves against him, Rysen watched her reaction to his words. His cock and fangs throbbed with need. He didn’t want to just taste her blood; he wanted to fuck her until she screamed. Clearing his thoughts, he took in a deep breath and waited for her response.

It didn’t take long. She brought her face closer to his and brushed her lips against his, once, twice, three times. The slight contact fired his blood. Growling, he took hold of her head and held it still. He kissed her with passion, nipping her bottom lip and sucking the plump flesh into his mouth.

His fangs burst forth, pain shot through his mouth, but he didn’t care; the thudding of his heart against his rib cage, the silken feel of her hair against his palms, the light vanilla scent of her were all he knew. Rysen bit down, his fangs sank into her lip, and her blood spilled into his mouth.

In the back of his mind he cautioned himself not to take too much of her blood, only a small taste. Too much would bind them together. He didn’t want that just yet. Closing his eyes, he lost himself in the salty, sweet taste of her. Inhaling deeply, he let himself drown in the musky perfume of her arousal.

Her soft cry made his groin tighten. His heart pounded against his chest as need surged through his veins. He sucked harder, drinking more of her blood into his mouth. The fiery liquid rushed over his taste buds. The sweet elixir was the thing that broke him.

He growled again. He used his vampyric quickness and strength to push her against the opposite seat. His body pressed hers into the cushions. Her hands clutched his biceps, her nails dug into the silk-covered flesh. That was all it took to regain his control. Swearing, he pulled back. He licked the last drop of her blood off his lips and bowed his head. “I’m sorry, Kit. I truly am. I lost myself.”

“Did I tell you to stop?” Her eyes flashed, glittering dangerously. She leaned forward, grabbed him by the lapels of his jacket, and pulled him to her.

Her strength surprised him. Then all his thoughts scattered when her breasts pressed against his chest.

He groaned. “I need to see you. I need to taste you.”

She let go of his lapels and untied the ribbon of her corset. He watched her hands deftly undo the silken strips, pulling the sides of the corset apart to reveal a camisole underneath. He let out a sound of frustration. “You women have far too much underclothing for my liking.”

Brushing aside her hands, he grabbed the delicate material and ripped it.

She gasped and then giggled. “You’re very eager, aren’t you?”

“To see and taste you? Yes, I’m more than eager.” He pushed the sides of the corset and camisole farther apart, exposing her small, high breasts. In the soft, golden light, her skin glowed. Her dark chocolate nipples beckoned to him. He lowered his head, swirling just the tip of his tongue around one dark brown areola. She squirmed underneath him; her hips ground against his. Her movements fanned the fire roaring through him. He could just imagine what it would be like to feel her body move underneath him as they made love.

He pulled his head back and blew, watching the tip tighten. Again, he circled the turgid peak before taking it between his teeth and sucking it into his mouth. Her moan inflamed him further. He ground his hips against her, but the friction was not enough. His cock pressed against his breeches, needing to be released.

He scraped a fang over her nipple. She gasped and shuddered beneath him. He transferred his attention to the other nipple. She buried her fingers into his hair, nails scraping his scalp as she held his head against her breast. Arching her back, she ground her hips harder against his. She moaned his name, and that nearly broke him.

The carriage rolled to a stop, and a moment later, there came a tap on the door. Releasing her nipple with a soft?pop, he kissed his way upward until he reached her lips. He pressed his mouth to hers softly, then shrugged out of his jacket and handed it to her. “Put this on. I don’t want anyone to see your beautiful breasts but me.”

She laughed. “Possessive, aren’t we?”

“You don’t know how much. Now hurry,” he murmured. “I need you, and I can smell the intoxicating scent of your arousal.”

She took his coat and pulled it on, then buttoned it up with deft fingers. He pushed open the door and got out before turning and helping her down from the carriage. In the dim light of the carriage house, he could see her hair was mussed. The silver ribbon was threatening to escape, weaving through the waves and curls that fell around her shoulders. He reached out and tucked a few strands behind her ear, letting his fingers run over the delicate strands.

Rysen watched her body shudder, and smiled. Whatever happened this night, he knew this would bind them together. She had mesmerized him, intoxicated him, and he didn’t want to let go of her. But he had to remain in control. If what he had heard was true, and Ryu really had abandoned his clan, it could lead to an alliance between their two houses, despite Jessye’s obvious dislike of him. Rysen wanted Kit to be his consort. He couldn’t picture anyone else at his side but her.

Kit looked up at him, a question in her eyes. “Are you going to stand there and let me freeze?” Her lips curved into a smile, and for a moment, he was caught off guard. “If you’re not careful, I shall need help warming up.”

Reaching out, he cupped her cheek, and she turned toward his touch. He brushed his thumb over her plump lower lip. The flesh looked bruised. He preened at that.?I will be her lover. No one else will be with her.

His stomach dropped at the thought, and a shiver raced up his spine. It felt almost as if someone were walking on his grave. Ignoring the sensation, he trailed his hand down, caressing her neck and shoulder, and let it glide down her arm to take hold of her hand. Their fingers threaded together. The feeling seemed honest and right, as if the world had fallen into place. Home.

“Come, darling; let’s go inside so I can warm you up properly.” His voice was surprisingly hoarse with emotion. He started to turn away and head to the door when she tugged on his arm.

“Is something wrong?” she asked.

He raised an eyebrow rose in question. “No, why?”

“Something happened between us, something I can’t name.” Her face scrunched in concentration.

“I’m not sure what you mean.” He knew he was lying, but to tell her what was on his mind would scare them both.

He turned and led her toward the door. Inside, the golden glow of the wall sconces led him upstairs and to his bedroom. He pushed open the door, pulled her inside, and then tugged her against his body. Using his mind, he closed the door and then wrapped his arms around her. “Ready for your presents?”

With a thought, he lit the room. Candles flared to life and bathed them in a soft, warm light. She gasped and looked around her. Rose petals and candles were everywhere. Her eyes wide, she looked up at him. “Is this all for me?”
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