Dragon Ugly Update


First I’d like to say how excited and flattered I am that you guys can’t wait for Dragon Ugly. Now to the news about it.

The book has been pushed back for a bit, hopefully it will be out soon. The reason being has nothing to do with the fabu Etopia Press and more to do with me. My laptop has been giving me fits so I haven’t been able to do the edits that my editor has asked of me. Thankfully Etopia is so patient and awesome and understanding. But, I’ve been making progress and my first round of edits are almost done, 75% even! The edits that are required of me are really helping to improve the story and I’m all about improving my story and making it stronger. So that’s why the story isn’t out yet.

The issues also effect the progress of Bachelor Auction story which I’m about 65% done with and am so ready to get that story done and hopefully my computer will behave long enough that I can turn that one in by the end of the month. *fingers crossed*

I will say I have so many story ideas now that I could drive my editor crazy. 🙂

So, hopefully I’ll be able to report more positive news soon.

Thank You all so much for your patience and wanting to read my stories. Thank You!



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