Happy September!

So here’s some updates. I’ve finished Dragon Ugly (a menage) the second in the Dragon New Year series and have turned that into my editor. I’ve also turned in the genie story that I’ve had on backburner for over two years. And I’ve turned in a Halloween Quickie (a menage) to Etopia Press. This month I hope to finally finish my next Draven Crossings book, the first in my Bachelor Auction series and do some revisions on the stories that I’ve taken back, such as add up to 15k to With His Mind. You’ll be getting more news about some stories and their rights later on in the week, hopefully it’ll be good news.


This month I’ll be appear at:

Sept 12th- Talking Two Lips Yahoo Group

Sept 15th- Love Romance Club Yahoo Group

Sept 30th- Etopia Chat at LRC Yahoo Group


And this month’s pick for the Offerings Book Club, in honor of Cynnara Tregarth’s birthday is:


Holding The Cards by Joey W. Hill!


I’ll also be trying to convince Cynnie to do a BDSM workshop for the Group. And I’m mulling over a few other workshops for the month.

My foray into self-pub has been put on hold. I’ve learned that I can’t bounce back as quickly as I used to when I accomplish finishing two books back to back. So, I have to, much to my annoyance, take it slow and take my time. Not that great an idea when your brain keeps dumping plot bunnies in your lap.


What I’m reading for this month on Bertha (my Nook):

Holding the Cards by Joey W. Hill

Kim by Rudyard Kipling

Letting off Steam by Sahara Kelly

Menage on a Train by Alice Gaines

Crazy in the Blood by Lucienne Driver

Napoleon’s Pyramids by William Dietrich


A long list, I know, but I’m almost done with Kim and Menage on Train. :-). So whats on your reading list? Authors what are you working on? I do need more books to read and I see that Lissa Matthews and Miranda Baker have new books coming soon. *Grins* As well as Rhian Cahill. New yummies to read. 🙂

Until Next Time!



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