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So much to update on and yet not enough time. Seven Sins Inn: Pietro & Callisto has been pushed back, when I have more info I’ll let you know. Right now I’m in the middle of re-writing Dragon Ugly, this time around is smoother but the characters weren’t talking as much before, it was like forcing blood from a stone. Now I have a better feel for the story. I’ve also got a good start on on Bachelor Auction: Mate Not Wanted?, at least 10k on that. I’m hoping it will get up to 30k and over. I know Dragon Ugly will at least be 40k. I’m going for writing longer books now.

As to other series, I’m really thinking about doing a prequel for Tartan Werewolves, a look at what happened at the wedding as well as a more formal introduction to some of the characters you know and love as well as some characters you have yet to meet and some you don’t even know about, which will include a new shifter and a vampire. I also have a genie story that I need to rip apart and redo and turn into my LI editor as well as a shifter story that I need to finish for anther publisher. So I’m really busy. My goal for July is to turn into both Dragon Ugly and Mate Not Wanted? as well as my genie story and if I’m lucky do the shifter story as well.

I’m also turning my attention to my Christmas story which has been talking a bit, that Jack Frost is in for a surprise. Or maybe it’s his heroine. I also have to finish The Hunt which is proving to be a bigger book than I thought.

As to the Offerings Group, we’re planning on doing a Christmas in July event with giveaways and if possible doing a BIG giveaway at the end of the month. Once that plan is cemented I’ll update you. To join click here. As to news for the Offerings Loop this month’s Book Club pick us: Lexxie Couper’s- The Sun Sword. I’ve wanted to read this book for a bit but I’ve never had the time. So with the Book Club I’m taking the time. Last month’s pick was The Princess Bride and Pink Butter Cream Frosting by Lissa Matthews, an excellent read that really made my understand the sub/dom relationship. I highly recommend it. Currently I’m catching up on old reads by tackling Cassandra Carr’s Talk to Me. A HOT little read that’s sure to heat up an already hot summer! I also highly recommend Cat Marsters’ Mad, Bad & Dangerous. I laughed, I cried and I could relate a lot to Kett.

I still need to do my newsletter, which is three months over due, sorry about that. I’ve been waiting for things and then other stuff got in the way.


All in all I had a good June, with a restful Birthday and now I’m looking forward to a productive July.


The recipe for the month is Lemon Mint Tea courtesy of Mr. Dawn Montgomery:



Also, Cynnara Tregarth has informed, i.e. insisted, that I tell you that she will be at Dragon Con Atlanta this year.


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