Cougar Challenge Week Part 2: Amber Skyze

I’ve always been fascinated by the cougar craze. I even tried it on for size – once. I much prefer to write about it. Though I have to admit younger can be better in a lot of ways. In fact the DH is younger, but only by a few years.

When the ladies of the Cougar Challenge asked if I’d be interested in writing a book I jumped at the offer. I’ve written a few older women/younger men stories, so I was up for the challenge.

My story – Gettin’ Lucky will be available from Ellora’s Cave on November 17th. Here is a little interview I did with my heroine.

Amber: Marcy what made you decide to take the challenge?

Marcy: Lucky is a massage therapist and knows what to do with his hands. Need I say more?

Amber: I heard your husband left you for a younger woman, was this your way of revenge?

Marcy: No. I was hesitant to go after Lucky because I didn’t want people calling me a cradle robber like my ex, but again, Lucky’s a massage therapist and he finds all the right spots.

Amber: So how did you find out about the cougar challenge?

Marcy: Through my mother if you can believe that. My mom was in the recovery room and flirting with the young doctor. I was so embarrassed, but the nurse said it was normal. She gave me a card for my mom to visit the Tempt the Cougar blog. Needless to say I kept the business card for myself. *grins*

Amber: So do you ?get? Lucky?

Marcy: You’ll have to read to book to find out. Oh and for those of you who like m?nage, Lucky has a brother. *wink*

You can find this and all the other Cougar Challenge books at Ellora’s Cave.

Amber’s Bio:

Amber is a multi-published author who spends her time crafty sexy, steaming romances for readers to indulge in. When away from creating fantasies she spends time with her husband, kids and three dogs.

Amber can be found in the following places:

email: amberskyze AT gmail DOT com


A standalone story in the Cougar Challenge series.

Marcy Brown can’t get enough of Lucky, her massage therapist. Lucky’s fingers linger dangerously close to her womanhood and ignite a fire deep within. Marcy isn’t looking for a relationship, but a friend with benefits would be right up her alley. The women of Tempt the Cougar blog swear by younger men, but Marcy doesn’t want to train someone. She wants a man who can give her orgasm after orgasm.

Lucky offers to be her secret lover and help her realize all her fantasies. Marcy will discover the excitement of being taken from behind and unexpectedly. She also savors the deliciousness of being with two men.

All bets are off when this Cougar is challenged to get her growl on.

An Excerpt From: GETTIN’ LUCKY

Copyright ? AMBER SKYZE, 2010

All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.

Chapter One

?Isn’t he hot, sweetie??

?Mom!? Marcy groaned.

?What? Is there something wrong with me thinking the young doctor is sexy??

?Mother, please.? Not that there was anything wrong with her admiring the younger doctor. Shit Marcy fantasized about younger men, but she kept it under wraps. She didn’t speak the words out loud.

Marcy wished she could crawl under a rock and die. They were in the recovery room. Her mother had just undergone surgery for her broken wrist. It wasn’t like they were alone. The room was full of other people who had come from surgery too, along with their family members. Marcy looked around to see if anyone else was listening to her mother’s tirade. She couldn’t believe her mother was talking about how hot the doctor was in front of all these people. Christ, he was young enough to be her son, possibly grandson.

?Thank you,? the doctor said. ?Now I want you to rest for the next few days. No using those fingers, either. You need to give your body time to recuperate.?

?Anything you say, Doctor.?

Marcy watched as her mother made googly eyes at the doctor.

?Do you make house calls?? she asked, reaching out with her good hand to touch him.

He chuckled.

?They don’t allow us to go to patients’ homes, but I’ll see you in a few days at my office. All right??

?If you insist.?

?I’ll see you soon.? He patted her mother’s leg before rushing off to his next patient.

Marcy looked down at her mother.

?I can’t believe you just said those things to the doctor, Mother,? she whispered.

?It’s all right, Ms. Brown,? the nurse said. ?There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Lots of women enjoy the company of younger men.?

Not my mother and certainly not me. Though she couldn’t deny the growing attraction she’d been feeling for Lucky. Lately every time he massaged her he came dangerously close to her pussy, stirring up tingling sensations she hadn’t felt in a very long time. Thankfully her vibrator gave her the relief she craved after leaving her weekly massages, because she couldn’t risk losing Lucky. Entering into anything sexual with him would cross too many boundaries for her. She might have to change massage therapists and that would be a pity.

?I appreciate your understanding, but that doctor could be her grandson.? She knew she was exaggerating, but seriously. Her mother was too old to be drooling over the doctor.

The nurse laughed.

Marcy didn’t find anything funny about her mother fawning over the young stud. Yes, he was cute, not her type, but nice-looking.

?Stop being so uptight, Marcy. Just because Dan wasn’t smart enough to stick around doesn’t mean you’re a dead fish. You can have a little fun if you know what I mean.? Her mother winked.

Marcy wanted to flee the recovery room.

?It’s the anesthesia.? The nurse patted her hand.

?Thanks.? Marcy looked at her name tag. ?Elizabeth.?

?No problem. I have a few things to check on, but I’ll be back shortly. Don’t worry about your mother. Once the anesthesia wears off she’ll probably forget the things she said.?

God she prayed the nurse was right. She couldn’t have her mother talking like this.

?I appreciate your understanding.?

The nurse nodded before heading off. She returned an hour later.

?Here are your discharge papers,? Elizabeth said. ?And here’s something just in case your mom is serious.?

Marcy took the business card.

?Tempt the Cougar? What’s this??

In a hushed tone, Elizabeth explained. ?It’s a blog where women who want to experience the thrill of younger men gather.?

?Oh no. My mother definitely doesn’t need this.? Marcy attempted to hand the card back to her.

?Take it. You never know.?

?I’m sorry, but I do know. This is not something my mother would be interested in.?

Elizabeth shrugged.

?Then keep it for yourself. You never know, you might find it interesting.? She rushed off before Marcy could object.

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