28 Days of Heart: Barbara Hancock

There’s just something about a haunted abbey surrounded by the foggy moors of Northern England…especially when it’s home to a dark and dangerous vampire who’s waiting for his reluctant bride. In “A Shadow’s Kiss”, I decided to lean a little gothic and I enjoyed every minute of it. The atomosphere, the emotion, the sensuality–every element came together–making me fall in love with my tortured hero and the woman who doesn’t expect to love him.

I’m excited this story was chosen to be one of the novellas in the 28 Days of Heart campaign. I never knew my grandmother. She died as the result of a heart attack before I was born. But I’ve seen my mother’s battle with heart problems first hand and I’m so glad that I can help raise money for The American Heart Association by sharing something close to my own heart…paranormal romance.

Can their love overcome a legacy of evil?

Anna Benecia can’t escape her destiny. A promise signed in blood binds a Shadow for eternity even if the one bound longs to live in the sunny here and now.

Malcolm Hayes is the new host for the hunger of an evil spirit who has walked the earth for a thousand years. The Darkhaven shade must have the blood of innocents fed upon by the vampires he creates and controls in order to remain manifest. Freshly possessed and cursed to burn with a hunger only his Shadow bride can slake, Malcolm is determined to fight.

Can a young woman destined to marry into darkness bring the light of hope to a man newly cursed to walk the night?

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As the daughter of an alcoholic, Barbara learned at a young age to turn to fictional worlds for escape. She especially loved fantasy, romance and science fiction. When she decided to write, it was natural that she should combine her early loves. Barbara has a special affinity for characters who live in the shadows but refuse to be defined by the darkness that surrounds them. She loves exploring deep emotions, bringing happily ever afters to life on the page? and Glacier Mint ice cream.

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