TV Spotlight: Supernatural by Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green

(I tried my best to be spoiler free for those of you who haven?t yet experienced the awesomeness!)

There are some shows you watch just to be entertained.? These are superficial, pass-the-time programs that leave no mark on you.? In fact, by the end of the season, you have trouble recalling some of the episodes.? You do not relate to the characters at all.

Supernatural isn?t that show.

Take two brothers who have daddy issues, mix-in their opposites-are-fun-to-watch chemistry, put them on a road trip filled with ghost stories, pathos, demons, and the apocalypse, add a dash of gorgeous hunk of men and you?ve got a Thursday night full of awesome.? And lest this all should sound very glossy, it?s not.? This show has made me laugh because I love the characters so much.? This show has thrown me into the pit of despair because of the decisions those characters make.? This show has scared me because, unlike some mainstream TV programs,?Supernatural refuses to pull its punches?there are always consequences for actions, and that?s the genius of the drama here.? We go through the hole to a dark, frightening, sometimes hilarious Wonderland with our avatars, the Winchester brothers, and we suffer right along with them.

I?m only a recent convert.? For some reason, I didn?t know how fantastic this show was at first.? But then I heard all the whisperings on the ?net about this storyline or that character on?Supernatural, and I was intrigued.? People would tell me that I?need to tune in, so I obeyed.? And happy I am.

Why?? Here are a few reasons:
1.The storytelling doesn?t get any better than this.

The seasons all have their own arcs and climaxes, but the creator, Eric Kripke, had a full vision for the entire series.? That means we have a lot of satisfying continuity, such as the payoff of several mysterious elements that showed up in earlier seasons (for example, Croatoan and the Meg demon).? Also, along with the longer arcs, we get great twists on ghost stories and urban legends we?ve heard before, but they?re all solved Winchester style, with smart-ass cracks from brother Dean and puppy-dog sympathy from brother Sam.? The series treats its audience with respect; I mentioned that it pulls no punches, but it also strives to be clever.
2. The series never lingers too long on a mystery.

Supernatural knows just how and when to solve something.? Just when you think a plot is played out, another twist will come along and keep you very, very interested.
3. The writers have juevos.

They have the guts to explore things that might scare a lot of other staffs.? For those who?ve seen the series, I point in particular to Sam in season 4.? And Ruby.? And Bela.

4. And just in case you?re not yet convinced?

Dean and Sam are hot.

I recommend first renting the DVDs.? You?ll want to know everything about the Winchester brothers and what they?re facing.? Believe me, it?ll be worth the investment.? : )

Chris Marie Green, who writes urban fantasy, also creates romances as Crystal Green and writes a blog entry about Supernatural every time a new one airs ( Her latest release is?The Path of Razors, Vampire Babylon, Book Five, which continues the adventures of Dawn Madison and her vampire hunting team.? Book Six,?Deep in the Woods, will be released March 2, 2010.? To learn more, you can go to her Web site at? or follow her at Twitter at?

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