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Lonely No More, Out Now at Liquid Silver Books!

Five years ago on Halloween, author William Moore carelessly broke up with a witch. Needless to say, she didn’t take it well. Cursed to a lonely non-life as a ghost, trapped in his own home, he never expected to do more than exist in the world his ex had created. Except now he’s got a new roommate in the form of fellow author, Alyssa Washington, and he doesn?t anticipate his strong attraction to her. As their simmering emotion sparks life within, he yearns to become mortal once again.

Can his newfound feelings give him what he wishes for most?

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William leaned against the door of his study and blew out a breath. He closed his eyes and an image of the petite woman sitting on the stairs formed in his mind. When he first saw her walk up with her friend, he had noticed her immediately. While her friend wore a sleek, figure-hugging suit, she wore jeans and an oversized sweat shirt that hid her curves. Black strands of hair slipped from the messy bun atop her head. Not a stitch of makeup decorated her mocha face. Next to her friend she appeared plain, frumpy almost.
He saw no life in her until she walked into his library. Her large brown eyes rounded, light and life flooding them for the first time. He?d watched, enthralled, as she leisurely circled around to take in the whole room. Then he became aroused by the hunger he saw in her eyes. He knew she wanted to start taking books off the shelves, curl up on the couch and read them. For some reason he wanted her to see him like that. It had been so long since a woman even glanced his way with hunger in her eyes.
Over the years he?d had his share of women, but for the first time in his life he wanted to pursue a woman instead of it being the other way around. He should have known better than to date a witch, but had wanted to be with her to learn more about her kind and scratch the sexual itch. It had nothing to do with romance. Now he was paying the price for his callousness.
His reasons had nothing to do with not wanting to be seen in public with her. He simply refused to do anything that she could perceive as him wanting a relationship. She assumed he had had an unusual attachment to his house. He never dissuaded her of her ideas, which was probably why she thought he should be cursed to roam this house and the surrounding property until he found true love, whatever that was. He doubted he would ever fall in love.
He phased through the floor until he was before her. He watched her stand and walk toward the door, open it and close it behind her. He smiled and floated toward a nearby window. Pulling the curtain back, he watched her talk to her friend before they both left. Getting into a car parked in the driveway, they drove off.
?She?s interesting,? a voice said behind him.
Swearing, he whirled around to find his brother behind him. ?Damn it, Deacon, don?t do that. I?m guessing you went around the back and used the door in the kitchen so the women wouldn?t see you?? William became solid, his feet drifting toward the ground until they both touched the wooden floor. Deacon wore black suit pants, a black silk shirt and black loafers, his long red hair pulled back into a ponytail. Deacon Moore looked every inch the businessman and heir of the Moore banking empire that he was. Shoeless, William wore worn jeans, a black button-up cotton shirt, the top two buttons undone, his long red hair hung loose, down to his waist.
Deacon shrugged, and headed toward the kitchen. One big bag of groceries sat on a counter. Floating toward his brother, William thought about the woman who would soon own the house. He didn?t want a roommate but knew the house couldn?t continue to go unoccupied. Deacon had told him their father refused to keep it in the family. The only other option had been selling it. As loathe as he had been to allow that, William went along with the plan.
?So, have you tracked down Irena yet?? William asked, hoping he would finally be rid of the curse.
?Nope, she?s disappeared completely. Don?t worry, we?ll find her eventually, and reverse whatever this is.?
?I know you will because you?ve never let me down, not once.?
Deacon gave him a rare smile.
William felt sad for his brother. Deacon had never done anything wrong, not in his whole life. William had always been the screwup and liked it that way. He hated growing up in a house that felt more like a mausoleum than a home. There were rules for everything and perfection was a requirement. William could never live like that, so at fifteen he left home. He moved in with his uncle and from there things went up. He got his first book deal at seventeen and had a best seller by nineteen. He juggled college and writing, and still managed to graduate at age twenty.
He had worked very hard for everything he got, and enjoyed life to the fullest. Now, at thirty-seven, life wasn?t as fun as it used to be. He spent most of his time keeping kids from destroying his property and keeping people from buying the house. He still managed to write, and with his brother?s help, by Deacon passing off all his manuscripts as being found in storage, he continued to get published, but life for him lacked something.
His thoughts drifted to the woman who was determined to buy the house. His brother puttered around the kitchen making dinner for himself while William thought about the current changes in his life.
Then something occurred to him. ?Shit.?
Deacon whirled around. ?What??
?How the hell am I going to live with her when I?m like this? Do I remain invisible the whole time or do I do the intermittent corporeal thing sometimes??
Deacon shook his head and went back to cooking.
With a thought, William pulled a chair out from under the kitchen table and sat down. ?And another thing, how?s my body doing??
?Just lying there, nothing rotting off, no smell. It?s like you?re asleep, only no breathing or vitals.?
After the initial shock of seeing his body on the bed, it took William some time to figure out what had happened. He hadn?t seen any white lights, fire or anything for that matter. It felt as if he had fallen into a dreamless sleep and awakened like any other person. The only difference, his spirit had been separated from his body and he was see-through and able to phase through objects. After trying many things, it took him three days to learn how to become corporeal, although he couldn?t hold that form for long. At that time, Deacon had been in the house cataloguing all of William?s worldly possessions, including the unfinished manuscript William had been working on before he ?died.? Deacon had been so shocked to see his brother standing before him that he?d fainted. Once Deacon had come to, William calmly explained things. At first Deacon had been hard to convince, but after mentioning Irena and the spell, things began to make sense and Deacon moved quickly to make sure that William?s body wouldn?t be destroyed.
The brothers felt that Irena hadn?t killed William, but had performed some sort of botched spell that caused William?s current situation. While Deacon searched for Irena, who had just vanished, William went about continuing to write. Five years later, William?s life had some semblance of calm.
Now he wanted to allow someone to share the house with him, the only problem was how to live with her in his current condition. ?Could you do me a favor and find out what you can about the woman moving in??
?Also, why the hell is Dad selling my house for a measly seventy thousand dollars?? William?s eyebrow rose in question.
?Because he didn?t want to give it away for free, and Mom insisted he put a price on the house. You know Dad wants nothing to do with anything involving you. He thought seventy thousand dollars was a reasonable price for your house, everything in it and the land it sits on.?
?So good to know I?m loved,? William said dryly.
?Hey, at least he hasn?t taken your portrait down from the sitting room.?
?Goody, I feel so loved now. How?s Maggie??
?Well, aren?t you the chatterbox today. Maggie is fine, enjoying her European vacation, all expenses paid, of course.?
?Of course.? William nodded.
?So what?s up? What?s with all the questions all of sudden? Normally we talk about your latest masterpiece, business, and my lack of a love life while eating, and then we part ways.?
William shrugged. He didn?t know why he wanted to know all these things. Normally, he had no interest in anything but himself. If he were honest, his encounter with the woman earlier left him craving some sort of human contact; a reintroduction to being a social creature, if you will. He had sensed the same loneliness in her that had gnawed at him his whole life. If it weren?t for Deacon he would truly be alone. ?I don?t know. Something about that woman calls to me,? William said softly.
?How so??
?I guess I see a bit of my loneliness in her. Things have become so monotonous. Write, scare people, write some more, not eat dinner with you, then go back to write or watch TV. That?s my day in a nutshell. The days just blend together. She?s like me, at least, I think she?s like me.?
?You like her,? Deacon teased.
?I never said that,? William said defensively.
?You?re attracted to her.?
William crossed his arms over his chest. ?I am not.?
?Look at you. You?re attracted to her and acting like you?re five.? Deacon laughed.
?I don?t even know her and I?m not acting like I?m five.?
?Yeah, but you said she calls to you,? Deacon teased again.
?Shut up. So how are things in the banking world?? William asked, trying to change the subject.
?Same as they were the last time you asked. So, what are you working on??
?I?m struggling. I need a sounding board. I?m not sure how this book is going. I like the storyline but it?s very different from what I usually write.?
?Do you want me to read it? I could read it but I?m not sure if I could help,? Deacon pointed out.
?Thanks, but I know you?re busy. Sometimes, I read it over and I start thinking the premise is horrible. That maybe it reads like porn,? William said, disgusted.
?Maybe this woman came at the right time. Maybe she?ll give you some of the insight you need.?
?I don?t know. I have to figure out how to interact with her first.?
Deacon shrugged. ?Very true.?
William sighed. ?I?m going back up to work on the story some more. I?ll see you tomorrow.?
?And I?ll clean up. Good luck with the book.?
?Thanks.? William pushed back his chair and walked away.
Six hours and many starts and stops later, William gave up. He just wasn?t sure what he was doing or if it was any good. He went to his bedroom, shut the door, undressed, got into bed and flicked on the TV. He zoned out after five minutes, his thoughts drifting to his soon-to-be roommate. Deacon?s words echoed around his head. Could it be? Can she help me?

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