Menage Week: Triangle of Love by Jet Mykles

1, 2, 3… menages, mmmmmm. What’s not to love? One girl getting special lovin’ from two guys, or one guy getting lovin’ from a girl and a guy. Yum. Okay, you can go the other way with two girls and a guy and I know for some that’d be the bomb, but I happen to prefer dreaming about the former.

For you see, I’m a romantic. Those who’ve read my books probably won’t find that at all surprising. I’m all for finding that one special person that’s the one for you and living happily ever after. In real life, I’m very much a realist and don’t expect such things to happen, but in my fiction, oh yeah. At least in my romantic fiction. So, while I’m fantasizing, why not go all the way? I like the idea of two men in a romantic relationship, but I also happen to be a woman and I certainly appreciate the wonders of sex between a man and a woman. With a menage, I’ve got it all. Besides, doesn’t it seem fair? You’ve got two guys who happen to like sex with men, why can’t they like and enjoy sex with women too? Men who like men want to have children too, they may want to share intimacies with women, they may like the variety. And a woman has so many varied orifices to play with (yes, I did say that), why not play with two men? You think I’ve given this some thought?

I will also be the first to point out that menages can’t always work. I’ve read plenty of menage stories that don’t ring true for me, and that ruins the sexiness. If I get the feeling that two of the players are more into each other and the one is a third wheel, I’ll tune out of the menage part of the story and hope that it ends up with the pair on their own. If it’s one of those deals where he likes him but he likes her and she likes the first guy, well, I guess that could work but it just seems like years of therapy or mental abuse in the making. No thanks. So what kind of menage works for me? A proper triad. A triangle doesn’t work without all three sides and a menage should be the same. There has to be a reason that the possible pairings just won’t work, but then you add the third to give the pair what they need and it works. I’ll use my own menages as examples.


  • In my Leashed series, Michael and Rudy are a pair before they ever meet Meg. They have a history and they shared a dark time in their life, so there’s a love based on shared experience. Plus, Rudy’s something of a submissive and Michael has definite dominant tendencies. Together, they work. But Michael is sometimes too much for Rudy and Rudy doesn’t always give Michael the fight or, rather, resistence he craves. So here comes Meg. She’s not really dominant but she’s not exactly submissive. She stands up for herself but she stays out of the way. She often needs a good, hard shove to get her to move forward and even once she gets going, she needs a safe haven to retreat to. Perfect. Michael is more than up to challenging Meg and Rudy is happy to provide the haven. In addition, Meg’s got abilities that make her perfect for Michael. Can’t go into detail about those because it would spoil the series.


  • The one serious menage from my Dark Elves series happened in the third book, Salvation. Like Michael and Rudy, Radin and Savous have a past. They’ve been friends and more than friends for centuries (the elves live for several hundred years). Radin is a full-fledged sorcerer and Savous is his apprentice. They have a firmly established, happy relationship, but neither thought they were a happily-ever-after type of pair. They were with each other mainly because of friendship and would relinquish once one or the other truemated. To be honest, both knew that once a truematch happened, the other would be more than welcome into threesomes, but neither forsaw any lasting triad. But then comes Irin. They both have a hand in raising her (again, they’re long lived and she’s human) and have come to care about her. By the time she reaches sexual maturity, there’s no question in either of their minds that one of them would be her first. But the unexpected happens (of course). Irin turns out to be much more than even they thought she could be and, in striving to protect her, they fall deeper in love. In this case, Irin loves both men for similar but somewhat different reasons, mainly because they have different personalities. But it’s well into the book before she’s forced to show a preference. Again, I’ll stop lest I give away the book’s story.
  • My latest menage has yet to be released. It’ll be another book in my Heaven Sent series. I guess, technically, it’s book six but since it’s not about any of the band members, I kind of view it as an off shoot. Revelations takes place a few months after Genesis and it’s about Gretchen, the band’s long-time manager. This menage is different than the previous two in that none of the players really know each other well before hand. Owen works for Gretchen and is secretly in love with her and she admired him but thinks he’s too young for her. Then she meets Archer. Archer is, I have to say it, a pushy bastard, but in a good way (at least I think so). He doesn’t see the sense in not going for what he wants. First he wants Gretchen. Then, when he meets Owen and detects the feelings between them, he finds that unbearably exciting. Like in my Leashed trio, the girl and one of the guys are very dominant and the other guy just isn’t. The girl and the guy have the constant push and pull that they need, but they also have the other guy to look out for.

A triangle. It has to be a triangle or it’s just going to fall apart.

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3 Responses to “Menage Week: Triangle of Love by Jet Mykles”

  • dameange:

    Hey Jet,

    What do you think about threesomes where its mostly about one of the three? Like say, Suzie and Bob are both in love with John and John want both of them, so the other two decide to give him what he wants and shares him? And since Bob and Suzie are healthy sexual adults, they don’t mind hot sex with each other either, they just don’t engage in it unless John’s there. Is this a relationship that would work?

  • Rift:

    M/M/F is definitely my favorite erotica and you’ve with all the reasons why. And it does have to be an equilateral triangle (all sides equal, sorry i got a degree in math) or it just doesn’t work and is not rewarding to read. The other thing about an equilateral triangle is all the angles are equal 😛
    You get a m/f scene, an m/m scene and (hopefully) several m/m/f scenes. Best of all worlds. I’ve only read your 3somes in the Leashed series and they are the best m/m/f i’ve read, exactly for the reasons you’ve stated. m/m/f bisexual porn is also my favorite porn but we won’t go into that 😛

  • Mountie:

    I totally agree Jet, the menage to truly work has to have an energy flow between all the partners. Meg, Micheal and Rudy are excellent examples of this. Each has to offer something to each other, as well as receiving something out of the relationship. For a menage to work it has to be additive, so that together as a three they are stronger than the pairings themselves alone. When an author can create that and have the reader believe, that is when I enjoy a menage.