Menage Week: Book Spotlight Sex With Strangers by Evangeline Anderson

sexwithstrangers_msrSex with Strangers by Evangeline Anderson

Blurb and a Naughty Excerpt

Sex with Strangers-Evangeline Anderson

Lissa Walker is an unwilling porn star. In order to pay off her uncle’s gambling debt she’s forced to perform on loan shark, Normal Scudder’s, X-rated webcasts. Touching herself for an Internet audience is awful but what Lissa really fears is her two best friends, Luke and Cal, seeing Scudder’s site.

Luke and Cal are two ordinary guys-for werewolves anyway. They’ve been a bonded pair for five years now and Lissa is the only female who can make their Triad complete. But how can they reveal their true nature without scaring her off forever?

Matters come to a head on Valentine’s Day when Scudder offers Lissa a deal-pose for his other website, Bound and Forced and he will consider her uncle’s debt paid. The last thing Lissa wants to do is have sex with strangers but she’s so desperate she agrees. What she doesn’t know is that the two men she’ll be having sex with aren’t strangers. They are Luke and Cal and this Valentine’s night just happens to be a full moon.


“Remember one thing, Lissa. No matter what happens, Cal and I will protect you. You just have to trust us, no matter what.”

“I trust you.” Lissa hoped the tremble in his voice wasn’t noticeable. Suddenly she wanted to do something bold, something to show them both how she really felt.

Pressing closer to Luke, she rubbing her bare breasts and hard nipples against his chest. At the same time she arched her back to rub the soft curve of her ass against Cal’s thick shaft. “Kiss me,” she whispered to both of them. “Don’t wait for Scudder to come over and point the gun at us again. Let’s just try to forget about him.”

“He’s already forgotten,” Cal breathed in her ear. “God, Lissa, you feel so good between us!”

“You don’t know how long we’ve wanted you like this,” Luke murmured in agreement before bending to take her mouth in a breathless kiss.

Dimly Lissa was aware of Scudder saying something about them starting before the camera was ready but she put it out of her mind and focused on the feeling of being held between the two hard, masculine bodies in back and front of her. As Luke kissed her mouth and Cal reached around to cup her breasts, she couldn’t help remembering the conversation they’d had when they thought she was asleep. About all the things they wanted to do to her. Would they do those things now?

As if in answer to her question she felt Cal trailing kisses down her back. His mouth moved in a slow, hot pattern, making her moan softly into Luke’s mouth. Luke growled in approval and kissed her harder, sucking her tongue possessively. She could feel the hot, hard length of his cock branding her belly and suddenly she wanted it inside her no matter what the circumstances were. But before she could break the kiss and let him know, she felt Cal’s mouth travel even lower.

He’d already licked and sucked a tingling trail over her lower back and the rounded curve of her ass but somehow Lissa was still taken by surprise when she felt his large warm hands spreading her legs from behind. She stiffened against Luke, unsure what to think. Where exactly was Cal planning on kissing her next?

Sensing her anxiety, Luke broke their kiss and whispered softly in her ear. “It’s all right, Lissa. Just let Cal in.”

“But what…why…?” Lissa felt tongue-tied and uncertain but Luke seemed to understand what she needed to know.

“Cal’s the Beta in our pair,” he murmured into her ear. “It’s his job to get you ready to have my cock inside you. So you need to open up for him and let him taste you, let him make you wet and hot enough to take me deep in your pussy.”

Lissa bit her lip, trying not to feel embarrassed. Trying to remember that they were only doing this until they could put Cal’s plan into action. Surely she could open herself enough to go with the flow until then, couldn’t she? “I’ll try,” she whispered to Luke. “But…can you help me?”

“Of course, honey.” He kissed her softly again and then she felt his big, warm hands traveling down her body to cup the rounded curves of her buttocks. Lifting gently he spread her open, supporting some of her weight so she was free to arch her back and give Cal access to the area between her thighs.

She heard Cal murmur approvingly and then he was opening her even wider and pressing his face against her cleft. He spread the puffy lips of her pussy with his fingers and Lissa gasped and moaned when she felt him sucking gently at the swollen bud of her clit.

“God, Lissa, you’re so beautiful when you moan like that,” Luke murmured, his golden eyes half-lidded with lust. “Tell me what he’s doing right now that’s getting you all hot and bothered.”

“He’s…” Lissa pressed her mouth to his ear, ashamed to say it out loud. “He’s licking me…sucking my pussy…my clit. It feels…oh, God, it feels so good.”

“Of course it does,” Luke growled approvingly. “Tell me, Lissa, do you like it when Cal licks your pussy? Is he making you wet?”

Lissa felt the heat of a blush climbing her cheeks but she couldn’t deny the truth. “I…yes. Yes, he is,” she admitted. “His mouth on me feels so good…so right.”

“That’s because it is right,” Luke assured her, kissing the side of her neck. “This is where you need to be, between Cal and me, naked and open for both of us.”

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